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Why I Don’t Have My Psych Degree Yet

May 22, 2022

Besides some people talking me out of it, I’m going to try to enroll in Foothill College’s psych program because I can no longer get out of taking statistics. I need to take summer Quarter this year because I have taken two quarters off per the semester I had last year. That semester really took a lot out of me. In particular, my root canal on top of a root canal to fix my crown. Then the menorrhea from hell overtook me. So I was like, unable to think straight for awhile. Then it stopped since it was caused by my thyroid. Yes, hypothyroidism is so much fun (sarcasm).

Anyway, I just don’t have degrees I want. I want more than one AA, more than one Masters, and maybe more than one Bachelor’s too. I’m rethinking the Bachelor’s situation. I’ve discovered I’m not a conventional anthropologist or archaeologist since I salivate at Ancient Aliens theory all the time. I mean wow. I can’t ever go through conventional schooling. I am also contemplating a meteorology degree. Yes, an actual B.S. Hey. I just want a job to supplement my SSI income which I need.

I just bent a needle while changing my infusion set. I have pictures I hesitate to reveal. The thickness of the metal totally change too. I had to get another needle from my existing supplies since I survived and got the shipment. Making real money will be interesting. I’ve had income before and saved up back when I attempted to work for a year, while not 100% stable, mid-caffeine addiction. Mid-addiction in general.

My psych degree is going to be followed up by an AA from San Jose City College in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Those with 22q can have addiction problems as well. This is something I have learned throughout my meanderings in the 22q community on Facebook. Many of us have concurrent addiction. Hey, why do I want to be an addiction counselor? Because of my family not wanting treatment for theirs, that’s why. I’ve come to the conclusion that they really want to avoid treatment and will never get help, so okay. I’m not going to bother with begging them anymore. But I hate feeling like I’m enabling people.

I’m just put in this position by my family when I’m forced to enable them or else. I’m done with the or else. I’m just done in general. I want to escape them financially and move to Santa Cruz, and then Los Angeles. I want to severe all ties and live under address protection. Yes, I have to fend off mom thinking she can just have my money. No babe, it is my money. No family is getting it. My half-sisters will get it, if anything. The rest of my family who never reads this blog, are not getting a dime. I’ve already made my decision. I’m not like Warren Buffett here. I’m not a cow you can just milk, eh? It is my money. Everybody who has ever believed any Munchhausen by Proxy lies is not getting a dime.

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