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Why I’m Different From Other Psychics

I have a caring heart for one, and I only want to align myself with those who are similar to me, not those who would freak out about my schizoaffective and how bluntly I talk about my OCD.  Some day I’m going to put myself in Bridges to Recovery, where I have treatment for every mental illness I’m dealing with.  It is hard not to have concrete treatment for the MI, hard, because I’m muddling through without knowing fully what I’m doing.  I have self-help books, sure, I’m trying to use them as best I can.

None of my books bring into account the psychic stuff though.  I have to figure out on my own, some truly trailblazing things.  I’m busy trying to manifest a good job. I’m also trying to finish my books. How many people think I do nothing in my spare time? Um… no… I do a lot with my spare time.  But when I had the partial intestinal obstruction in 2018-2019, I felt really messed up yeah?  It was soul sucking pain.  I couldn’t focus. I just heard from the brass that I can have salad again. Salad. I ate salad for lunch because I really wanted salad for lunch.

Let’s see what happens, yes?  Other psychics don’t have to use plastic or metal materials with infusion equipment.  You don’t have to worry about your energy melting down equipment.  The reservoir has a blue piece that draws insulin through a needle into the tube. I have stepped on one and bent it with my energy coming out of my foot.  Normally I step on it, but nothing happens, although on that day I bent the device with my skin on my foot or my foot chakra, outright. 

Having an abundance of The Clairs, simply means I’m starseed.  Again, that is someone who feels their soul has incarnated on other planets or on earth for over a million years. For me, try billions.  This is not something I talk about in public using this identity much but I’m working on a book series with a secret identity I do not want to reveal in this blog.

 I came up with the name only in the last four years or so since I’ve been working consistently to publish my books.  My energy levels are holding together at this time of day right now since I’m not in as much pain from bowel problems anymore.  But then again I have to worry about my hiatal hernia triggering acid reflux.  I also have a small umbilical hernia that isn’t a big thing at all, but that might eventually need surgery give or take, somebody actually feels it.  Now how many rude questions will I get from that should it become visible and felt? Fun times.

Anyway,  yes, I’m different from other psychics.  I have a mental health diagnosis I don’t need to be stigmatized for.  Check your stigma card at the door, mofos.  I mean anybody who does that is rude anyway.  I’m trying to avoid toxic idiots right now. If someone shows their true colors quickly, then if that’s the case, its like, hell yeah we got you to admit that real fast.

One little psychic talent of mine is getting people to admit what they really want from me right away.  I mean this talent is kind of like Lucifer’s on Netflix’s Lucifer.  What is your deepest desire? What is it you want from me?  I get people to admit stuff.  One guy was like, I want Sex, well, I’d rather not wind up pregnant. Someone with as many mood problems as me?  I need to get myself sterilized.  Oh so you want sex from a demisexual who would like an emotional connection with someone you have sex with, since I’m not some allosexual who can just have a love connection without thinking about it.

The thing is my fellow psychics, I need my medication to control the expansion of my talents.   I can’t outpace my brain here.  That would exhaust me, make me very dysfunctional, and without my meds I’d need to live in an institution. But I have my  medication keeping me out of this sort of setting. See, one talent of mine is being able to blow up water glasses beside me in my nightstand. However, this power comes with a warning: I need to be really pissed off to use it. So the key is to not piss me off on purpose.  A big fat trigger would be seeing the Ex again after I told him to just leave me alone.  I said to him the last night I saw him that we aren’t friends.

Sometimes I wonder if it was his goal to trigger me on purpose, despite my meds. I can’t have interested parties telling me not to take my meds. You want to avoid nasty fighting? Don’t kick me around, let me take my medication on time and then we will always have a good time interested people who want to date a fragile person.  I mean gee, yeah, the hernia ain’t coming out any time soon bros. Not with blood platelet problems that are now under control with an iron tablet. You bet. Anyway, carry on people, I’m different from other psychics, the rumors are true, some of you are not nice people.

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