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I have a B.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. I have two A.A. degrees, one in anthropology with honors, and one in creative writing. I want more degrees. I’m currently paying off web design and will get my diploma in the mail eventually. I earned a grade of 95% in web design.

I’m on Geodon 140, buspar 20, and lexapro 10. I have schizoaffective bipolar 1, type 1 diabetes, and hypothyroidism. My genetic condition is called Velocardiofacial syndrome. I was in a study and I’m on the schizophrenia spectrum, the bipolar spectrum and the OCD spectrum, however, I do not have autism and am therefore not on the autism spectrum.

I appreciate probably being able to help whoever sees my advertising on Indeed, Linkedin, and Facebook. Of course, I have to set up a Craigslist too. I am taking advantage of free advertising.

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