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Realistically I’m Still Low Income

March 29, 2022

Iria Vasquez-Paez



Realistically I’m Still Low Income

Okay, I’m still low income for now only because that is the case. I worked on my copywriting business plan. I have no idea how they begin to cut you but they do when your account shows a certain amount of money. I’m not ready for this yet. But eventually I will be. They look for steady income. I’m working on my non profit job descriptions because I figured out that I need to have psychiatrists and other doctors on staff. People escaping Munchausen by Proxy family are a hot mess. They don’t know up from down or rightful diagnosis from lie. They are confused. I want to provide clarity and an application for disability should they need one. I’m a lucky person for having the resources I have but the stimulus checks were very helpful. I was told they do count so I spent a certain amount of it. I’m planning on starting internet businesses using Etsy but I’m not going to go all out. Etsy is a huge resource for supplies. In the interests of staying organized I have to get desk drawers for my stuff. I have the paperwork for a pension from the deceased since I need that and to stay covered by my insurance. This blog is a type of record as to how someone dirt poor got off the low income dole. It is part of my non profit only because I’m using it to solidify my ideas in my head. I’m trying to keep up with life without drinking a drop of coffee too. Coffee does not help my brain at all. Period. So I quit it.

My non profit is going to be carved into a warehouse somewhere in San Jose if I can find one that can be zoned into living situations. Next Door Solutions for domestic violence is another example of a domestic violence shelter I need to look at as a clone or something that has already been done. I visited a shelter for women way back when I was looking for alternative living situations just in case the condo mom and dad got didn’t work out. Now that my left knee is recovered as it gets, I’m going to be able to go to more places. Well, given my anxiety doesn’t take me out. Or my infusion set works when I go to wherever. I risk the darn thing going down every time I leave the house. That’s possible but I don’t want to live in fear of this. So off I go this Thursday to drop off my sharps since that needs to be done and otherwise I’m just feeling the clutter putting me on edge.

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