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How To Make $50,000 a Month

March 25, 2022

In order to pay all my medical bills and the HOA fee with leaving a few thousand left over to set up my businesses, I have to make $50,000 a month. $10,000 to start with, and hope nothing hospital worthy happens to me. I need to pay my own insurance for starters. I know what my expenses are but I have no idea how to make money although I know getting a job as a legal secretary would help me. I got a phone call from Robert Half Legal. They found my very old resume. I need to log into Robert Half Legal and start submitting but I plan on doing this tomorrow.

I’m thrilled I got a phone call at all but I hear they have hybrid options in terms of worksite. I’m going to wait until Tuesday to hear what they have. I think I’m a good fit for whatever it is they have in mind for me. I have got to get a job to finance my other businesses. I have read recently that there is a brain drain of sorts as people leave California for states with a cheaper cost of living. There is a vacuum because companies have had to deal with the Great Resignation. This is something I need to take advantage of big time. I can get and keep a job while taking my medication to stay stable.

I also have other avenues to resort to like publishing a book. I would get sold regular income from that, in terms of royalties but they still say that writing does not make any money. Or so I was told in creative writing school. This blog could make me $1,000 a month, along with Max Bounty which I need to log into. This blog is funny in a certain way, because when I don’t look at it, I get more readership.

I’m trying to figure out ways of paying my credit card bill through becoming a conversational English tutor. Yes, that is one way to make money along with Uedify, a website. I can also make art and I need a job to support my art habit. I want to start painting to earn a living through art sales. My research project file has grown to be quite long. I need to get real Word for this el Capitan-using computer that I upgraded myself.

I managed to get the operating system up and running by myself without outside help or interference. I did use some tech support help but in the end, this computer will last me three years longer than the other one. The one my parents gave me is old, almost to the point of being useless. I keep it off. This one can handle 10.11 El Capitan. I want to set up Medtronic to upload my insulin pump readings in a certain way.

I’m doing well with the insulin pump upgrade I’m using a 770G now, which not surprisingly, has many similar systems to the 630G. I need to go to the post office to drop off the old pump. That has to be sent back soon enough. Excuse me post office. I’m going to have to darken your door again. Yes, going out with schizoaffective is always so much fun. I’m glad I’m treated now give or take. Although by now I seriously want to work at an actual place. The pandemic has been a wild, crazy time and cases are way down. I’m wondering if we will eventually beat this thing. We should make the beginning and end of the pandemic a holiday. It should be a massive holiday. If there ever is an end to the pandemic since they always come to an end eventually.

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