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Why I tried to be a diabetes mentor as my own business and failed  

June 15, 2022

Well, it failed because I didn’t have enough clients. I had one person I could have mentored but she wasn’t motivated enough because in order for a mentor relationship to work, one must be motivated. Sometimes people are not motivated to do the work. My medication helps a lot. I’ve never been totally short on motivation even when I was exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke. I mean I used to be able to tolerate chocolate but right now I can’t touch it. I have a hiatal hernia and there is a list of acid reflux triggering foods. The good news is that I have achieved my diabetes management goals. I have succeeded but I’m wondering if it will last and if I can maintain it for a week.

                If that whole keep it up thing happens, I’m going to coast on that for a while as my A1c is due. I’m a type 1 diabetic for reference’s sake.  I’m a brittle actually. It means that slight things trigger changes in my blood glucose. Frustration is running a bit high for me right now in terms of my finances, seeing as I don’t have a real source of extra income besides SSI. This is so frustrating but I’m trying not to lose sleep over it. I occasionally send out a lot of Upwork applications. I also hit up Indeed really hard although I don’t trust Monster. LinkedIn is another one I use to network with Angel Investors who should start coming out of the woodwork to fund my business ideas.

                Type 1 diabetes is manageable, very, but not impossible to deal with. I have managed to successfully bring my average down to where it is now, which is 134 7 days. I’ve worked a whole lifetime for this day. I have worked very hard to get these results.  I mean I had some highs last night given that my set failed on me, but I changed it just now. I’m good at infusion but some people can’t take it. Some people can’t hack infusion at all because it is very technical, and the needle is large. The needle can freak people out on occasion. I wish I could throw myself a huge house party, but I don’t have the energy. I should try to given that I just hit major diabetes management milestones, although, like I said, I am in reclusive mode which means I don’t want to talk to Tech support either. I should be calling them in order to ask for how to connect my CGM to my pump. I also have to change my CareLink password and set up CareLink the website on this computer because Windows 10 can take it.

                This laptop is working nicely. I’m ready to work as a diabetes mentor considering I wanted to start it as a business originally. I want to become a life coach in business for myself which means I can take on clients I choose to take on. Training as a diabetes mentor would offset that path. Anyway, yes, I’m looking forward to talking to people at this company. My a1c is perfect right now, making me feel better even if I was awake from 1:00 a.m.- 4:00 a.m. this morning. I went and fell asleep when my blood sugar came down. I’m consciously working on this stuff since I have mental health situations in addition to type 1 diabetes. It was plenty scary not being on meds from age 1-20, not knowing what relaxation felt like, let alone actual sleep until I took Zyprexa for the first time. But that medication did cause me weight gain, which is something to look out for. Martial arts can burn 321 calories for one hour of exercise. I need to work on my weight right now anyway.

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