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My Plan to get a Psychology Masters

January 26, 2022

While I want an MFA, I also want a Master’s in Psychology because I want to become a researcher and a therapist.  I’m trying to sort through my trauma however, and this is impacting the way I make career choices. My trauma, now that’s a loaded subject.  My blog tends to be about career stuff only but I have to point out that my family caused me immense trauma.  A B+ in psychology while psychotic was frowned upon and I had a B+ in biology. My family didn’t get the memo that medication can help a mentally ill person be stable in order  to get good grades.

They really didn’t get this. They couldn’t put two and two together.  This what happens when you drink, are not right in the head, and do coffee.  Now that my head is on straight but I’m prone to trauma blocking. Yes, I deal with immense trauma. I’m working on finding myself help for that, and how to make $70,000 a year which is $5,000 a month more or less. I’m trying to make streams of income happen.  I’m supposed to be realistic knowing this blog could full well become a stream of income.

I want to become a researcher and therapist. This is but one idea  on what to do with the rest of my life.  I call it the Ooh Shiny effect that bipolar people are very much prone to having to deal with. We get interested in one thing and then we lose interest when something else pops in and tempts us.  I’m someone who in reality, has an average to above average IQ but I can’t stress myself into getting perfect grades. This is a death trap that will bring on stress.

I’m trying to get degrees without getting myself too stressed. I just feel inadequate. All too often companies are willing to take advantage of workaholics. I want to find a least stress causing job. I want to become a therapist, who uses my psychic talent on people but in a therapeutic  context without overdoing it or having bad boundaries. I’m just fed up with my life lacking direction though and I need focus like working as a library page, a job I applied at yesterday.

I’m more than qualified as I have a Bachelors in English with a concentration in creative writing, an AA in the same, and an AA in anthropology. I’m very confused as to what I want at this point and I’m trying to come up with a concrete solution to this confusion. I would think my Tarot reading skills helps me figure stuff out, unblock energy and yadda yadda. As such I need to make some concrete decisions. I also want to use a master’s degree to become a psychiatric technician, maybe. I’m working on the psychology jobs research project.

I’ve got to come up with concrete decision here. I’m struggling to make decisions because according to someone I was speaking with in light of ditching occupational therapy, I am recovering from not being guided by adults in my life. If I can set proper boundaries with people and not get burned out, I could make for being a good therapist.  But right now as it is, I need access to therapists. I also have to take the GRE to get into some master’s programs. I need to continue talking to other therapists who have helped  me because I’m inclined to try to take it easy if I do get a library page job with the degrees I have now.

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