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The Non-Profit, I Finally Found a Mentor

January 19, 2022

Certain aspects of being chronically ill wiped me out after I talked to him but he put me on the right path.  I’m keeping up with cleaning the house, and staying home a lot due  to the pandemic. I’m vaccinated for a lot of different things like the flu and COVID. For goodness’ sake, get the booster. I’m not sick right now as the case may be, precisely because I got vaccinated. Anyway, I found a mentor for my non-profit at long last. Sometimes you have to make noise. SCORE put all its Silicon Valley webinars online. They also made them freeish? I’m confused.

And my next step is to buy some more Nolo press  books on non-profits. I got my usual $25 from ProductReportCard. You can get decent surveys, make actual Amazon certificates, and get stuff. I ordered this one book I needed for my own personal sanity.  I have a lot of other survey companies I’m a member of but of course I can’t do all of them in one day.  I have to pick and choose.

For ThriftyPig, I’m almost at 50 coins which can be redeemed also. I need potting soil but Amazon doesn’t get what brand Miracle Grow while eBay does. I’m working on my research project for owning franchises but of course, I’m doing the ooh shiny thing again with my interests, my many interests. By Ooh Shiny I mean that it is the Ooh Shiny Effect. No sooner do I find one interest, then I get easily bored, going, what am I doing? I’m deciding to take social psychology in Spring Quarter at Foothill College . I have to kick my own ass into dealing with the counseling department at said school.

I can multi-task despite my schizoaffective, probably better because of it.  Chronic illness is simply our narrative in this society. I found a decent mentor who gets me. I had one session with him and it is time to arrange another one . I need to get that book, so today I’ve decided to find a copy on Amazon .  I mean I’m just a productive person who is still meeting my work goals despite my chronic illnesses. Type 1 diabetes can be hard to deal with even if you infuse.

I’m trying to get this particular beast under control. I’m out of sensors to use with my continuous glucose  monitor I’m keeping in the charger as Instructed to by tech support. My shipment is coming after January 30th. As far as my hernia-trapped body with its crazy limited diet goes, I can no longer have jam with citric acid in it. This causes me acid reflux. I am trying to find brands without it, organic brands from Etsy. 

I’m losing my mind as my diet is becoming more limited by the day. I’d have to be on a liquid diet after hernia surgery, I’d also need a roommate. Someone sane who will not treat me badly.  I’d also live with someone who works outside of the house during the day.  I mean I’d charge a cheap rent.  I cannot live with someone who works front lines but who is vaccinated and masked.  I am a business of one but I got my booster.  It is the height of stupidity not to get a booster. I went and got one for myself to stay well.

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