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What Have I Learned About Non-Profits

September 26, 2021

I took one SCORE nonprofit class. I feel hopeless in getting any kind of job right now even if that’s what SCORE said to do the last time.  I got mentor ship from a mentor and yes, that’s what passes for mentorship I guess because given my chronic illnesses I wasn’t telling him about, I didn’t get good advice.  I was with an Indian male and I’m thinking, wow, that’s totally incompatible with me because what do I have in common with him?  Not much common ground there.  I’d have to call SCORE Instead of going through their automated request system.  I feel like I have no help sometimes.

But anyway, non profits are organizations that are not for profit.  They don’t want to or stand to make much money.  Some organizations may be able to toe the line between profit and non profit though like Palo Alto Medical Foundation when they collect co-pays for insurance companies.  Although, let me stick with the non profit idea I have. I want to start a non profit housed in a warehouse type of building.  I want it to be a safe place for people with chronic illness who want to escape their families of origin.

Family is hard to break away from since there are limited resources that exist for this endeavor to become successful.  Why? Because society is set up to help those who escape abusive partners, by now there is more than enough help available for this goal.  It would seem that when it comes to family, there is limited assistance available.  I’m reading the child abuse sourcebook and there are resources in the back. If I read about a domestic violence situation, no doubt I’d be looking at resources for women who want to escape domestically abusive relationships.

As it is, I’m looking to provide people a means of escaping. My non-profit is a great pre-law school situation to put on my application.  I want more than one advanced degree than the next person.  Non profits are there to help people accomplish something they want to do in their lives but none of the nonprofits I have been to have helped me.  I’m dreaming of setting up mine only because I passionately believe that everybody can have a job if they want to with work life balance. I strongly believe that systems change when the change buster steps in to change them. 

Nonprofits are all about helping others by design and my nonprofit will also be designed to be a meeting place for other non-profit organizations who want to meet there without being in a religious environment not always accepting of diversity.  Diversity is the backbone of many a nonprofit anyway.  I need to set up a board for my nonprofit but I can’t pay anybody just yet.  I ran into an interesting little note on my computer my family left me. This note was simply put that I may not be able to support myself. In 2015, the judge ruled me competent to work someday if my illnesses were all treated, and yes, granted back then nobody knew about the hernia.  So I’m going to ignore this behind my back thing on the part of one of my old doctors and be like, whatever. I keep forging ahead, I don’t look back.

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