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Who Does We Help Help?

September 19, 2021

Why people with major chronic illness of course?!!! People whose illness keeps them trapped in their family of origin financially.  We are going to guide people in the steps of making money but first I’m the one who has to guide myself into making money.  Some people are stuck with their narcissist family members embroiled in embittering wars for their life.  If they do not pay for their own medical care or are in the care of the state like being on SSI/SSDI, then they have to put up with their family telling them what to do still even if they are grown.

I mean I want to help those with mental health diagnosis, because my warehouse would be a way nonprofits can have free meeting space given that we provide tables for this.  I want my warehouse to have a kitchen. We’d also have apartments for people in transition, who want to build their own lives. You have to understand that some people from abusive families have no idea how to make their own decisions.  I mean I still don’t and my family lives in Spain. With the pandemic as it is, they dare not come back right away because the risk of passing something infectious to me be it COVID, cold or flu is too high.

If they want to come back they certainly haven’t given me a date to come back yet.  At any rate, I’m just submitting my writing in another 10 week fit to submit my fiction material to literary agents I’ve made a list of.  I’m saving it under a writing submissions folder, because my freelance writing folder is huge.  I’m sometimes a touch disorganized although I’m working towards a paperless office.  It’s why I keep things on USB. 

I have another idea for a dry club I’d love to find time to work on but I’ve decided to take time off from business stuff for the rest of this year.  I’m submitting my work because I want to make real money.  I finally have doctors who support this goal.  I’m certainly not hearing them say, “maintain your benefits,” come again?  I need more treatments than SSI can single-handedly pay for.  I need to get back into acupuncture, which works very well at keeping me stable. Oh yes, it does my friends, bipolars swear by it.

I use medication and I want to renter the real of regular meditation I used to practice.  I had it down to 20 minutes a day.  Then my knee injury hit but this is the explanation I’m giving to Muggles.  Since I’m writing about ordinary subjects like business, I’m going to give you guys the Muggle explanation.  Yes, I could write a whole metaphysical tell all but I’m just waiting around for ELAC to come around again and get some free legal advice on my non profit.  I was wondering what to do about this until I wrote this post, thinking to myself that I indeed, have to make sure that I’m going to work on that.  This semester is well under way.  I’m looking forward to legal advice.

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