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Burnt at the Stake

In many of my past lives when I was a wise person, healer, or shaman, I was subjected to bullying by mob violence. In each lifetime, I was killed as a result, which is why in my present life I avoid bullies since I wonder if they will do the same thing to me. Once I went to Momentum for Mental Health and was accosted by counselors there who were shouting my name at me while surrounding me. I told them to shut up and then I met Tam Chandler who stopped them from harassing me further.


Of course, these days, I know how to stand up for myself. I fear large gatherings, crowds, and malls although I can walk to the mall by myself these days. In grade school, I feared that my classmates would try to kill me a lot with no rhyme or reason. I’d get paranoid in class easily since I was bullied within in an inch of my life. People were really mean to me, even my friends. There were few people who I was friends with, such as yearlong students who only did my school for one year because their parents knew it was a toxic environment.


Freshman year, I was in Spanish 2, my easy A, with sophomores who were absolutely rude. They would catcall my name. The teacher yelled at them to shut up. She would fight their many disruptive behaviors. My parents didn’t do anything about this harassment because it affected me, not them. My freshman year was one of the dark battles with my mind for supremacy over suicidal thoughts. I got picked on for having them and not being on medication. Of course, I kept to myself, and a friend from my old school, anybody from my school though. I built other friendships only to be bullied. I got Spanish honors because I attained fluency in high school Spanish. I mean couldn’t the bullies have stopped and left well enough alone? No, my book on bullies establishes that they mean to hurt you, that is what they want, to cause emotional harm. This is why they bully.

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