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What is Max Bounty and How Does it Make Money?

June 6, 2022

Max Bounty is a type of affiliate program that I haven’t used much out of sheer ignorance. In one Google search, I have found that Max Bounty is defined through acceleration partners as a “performance-based cost per action (CPA) network that specializes in maximizing the return-on-ad spending (ROAS), for both advertisers and affiliates. We accomplish this by partnering brands with a global network of online specialists who can help them increase their awareness, sales, and leads” (,awareness%2C%20sales%2C%20and%20leads). Max Bounty works with advertisers to generate leads. Eventually I have to put a link to their affiliates in this blog, sorry, it must be done. According to the Max Bounty FAQ, an advertiser paying for every surfer seeing their advertising, is known as CPM. The definition is not necessarily something making sense when I read it as a copywriter, but the blogger does get paid when the reader takes action by clicking and filling out a web form to get a product. (

Max Bounty’s pay out is at $100 dollars. They pay using Check, Intercash, eCheck, ACH, and Wire. Max Bounty is providing a tracking system to keep track of advertising clicks. As a performance based affiliate network, Max Bounty’s network is made up of 20,000 vetted affiliates. They have a cost-per-action pricing model, featuring over 200 advertisers on the network itself. ( There is a $1,000 bonus if affiliates earn $1,000 per month in their first three months online via the network. Having a cost-per-action going means advertiers pay for more leads and sales. You leave the link copy on your website in an organic manner, rather like I’m leaving the citation links now. As a lead company in the industry, Max Bounty could make me extra income give or take. Yes, early on I tried to leave links but nobody bit. Maybe they sense it is advertising and don’t want to click. I want to experiment with Max Bounty this year.

Max Bounty is interesting in that they pay in the currency of the user’s country. EPC stands for earnings per click, and that is what gets the user paid because of affiliate referrals. Leads are generated through visits to a campaign page when the link is clicked on, and this is a very simple way to generate extra income online. Max Bounty tries to maintain an accurate way of paid clicks. Scrubbing a lead happens when an advertiser doesn’t pay for invalid or duplicate leads that are generated through the clicks. As a Max Bounty user, you are not allowed to rebroker Max Bounty campaigns to other affiliates or sell your account to someone else. You are also not allowed to contact affiliates. They actually have quality assurance per lead so you are likely to make money. I like what I’m reading about. I feel like calling my representative to say I want to take Max Bounty seriously this year. I found it in 2017-2018 while looking for ways of promoting my blog. I had a Clickbank account for the longest time but they tend to terminate your account if you do not make money. I have calculated the fact I need $10,000 a month or more to live in the Bay Area, pay my HOA fee, and also take care of my dental. Come to think of it, factoring in dental I’d have to say I need $12,000 a month. Let’s hope I don’t need too much dental work. I have all my teeth at forty-one, not to mention all my major organs. That’s lucky.

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