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Time And Everything Turns

I’ve been 38 now for like four days, and I don’t feel terribly different, just that much more determined to be responsible. I’m incredibly responsible as it is, although I’m being far more responsible than Satan, since they do not take responsibility for their own illnesses. I have worked very hard to stay stable through the years I’ve been living by myself. I already deal with enough fear and stress, what more fear do I want if I do not do certain things? It is high time I make money though. Holidays make me stir crazy, and Easter Sunday is no different although tonight I got enough sleep for once or twice in the last two days. I’m actually awake right now, feeling good but calm and slow thinking even if last night I had to deal with holiday-racing-thoughts mode. I’m okay now but I have a thing for programming my wake up times naturally, so I woke up at 1:00 a.m. at the same instant my alarm went off. Waking up was okay and I was 222 mg/dl so I raised my basal. Tonight we experiment yet again.


My life can suck sometimes. I deal with constant illness on occasion. There are days I do not have the wherewithal to give people shit. Try as I might, these are the types of days that people kick me while I’m down for. People who formerly had the power of attorney informally prescribed, they were the ones kicking me while I was down. Some people like doing this to me for sport. My formal power of attorney is not to be someone who has done this to me. We need to get this notarized in front of a notary. Passing the quiz with a 95% or better is necessary to obtain my power of attorney in a legal format.

You also have to understand my psychic talents and why I need to take my medication in order to control them since they are directly tied to emotion. Pain can make me manic as shit. So in which case, you have to have a grasp on that too. Granted some of you have a snowball’s chanced in hell of passing the quiz. While others might view this thing as a personal gain kind of situation, it would seem that until I find my supposedly real sisters, I need a backup power of attorney spread amongst something like three people, just in case one or all of you are busy. If my sisters turn out to be real, then in which case, they will also hold my power of attorney. I’m the sort of person who says keep me alive at all costs until all possible solutions have been exhausted. You see, I plan on getting as old as St. Germaine. That gives me plenty of time to get a bunch of degrees. As it is, I’m academically frustrated, as well as frustrated in many areas of my life right now as my knee injury stays put although it is healing slowly as a type 1 diabetic might. I’m dealing with my shame of everything that makes me, me right now. So in which case, I’m okay by now.

Running for Office

Out here in San Jose, I decided I couldn’t run for anything that counts as an office except to volunteer as Parliamentarian for a stint. What really needs to be done is me running for office in Los Angeles when I do wind up moving there to study law and become a television producer if I can get both situations done. The thing is, I’ve decided against a Public health master’s degree. I want to study for a pure law degree only. Then I will get an MBA, and then I will get my M.S. I mean my academic plans are all Southern-California related. I have decided to do Southern Ca because of the warmer weather.

You see, San Francisco made me cold all the time, and I’d be taking warm showers to warm my body up. I’d have to come home for weekends to be in sunlight. Sure, the weather made me calmer. But I had only been treated for my hypothyroidism two years out back then. I was a part-time drinker too because I was sinking knee-deep into alcoholism at the time when I entered State as a junior. I went to San Francisco State, to be more specific.

I want to run for office to serve as mayor of Los Angeles, and then at the State of California Congress as soon as I get my Ph.D. There are many opportunities for writers in Los Angeles. So far as I can tell I need to get an A.A. in film and television along with finishing IGETC requirements. I already know what kinds of classes I need and I definitely have to go see an academic counselor. I mean I also want an MFA, dang it but my college transcript says I do not have graduate student standing yet so I have to go back to junior college in order to earn enough credits for this. I also have to get my Foothill College transcript but the danger exists in overloading myself. I’d plan it out like one online class, and one in person class? My limit could be two classes? I guess I’m just driven by a need to look impressive that I need to let go of. I can only do stuff within my limit because of stress. My time at has taught me that it takes time to get quality work done.

Your Social Class

Your social class or caste is determined by how much money you make, and this applies to every country in the world, not just the United States. If there is a money system in that country, you have to bet there is a class system. How much money you make is somewhat dependent on your education, but at the same time, it is also about how much money you can make regarding other sources of income that can be found on the Internets. Class struggle is about how low-income people are trapped by their income, despite maybe having access to the library which offers resources about how much money you can earn by starting a business, or making money on the Internet somehow.

Many bemoan being stuck in their income bracket, as some live pay-check to pay-check. This is terrifying for all involved. Commuting to work does not resolve the problem even if you are capable of withstanding the stress. As a species, we need to work on income options that do not involve commuting from locations far from your job. Income has to be made by all since money keeps us valuing what we need to buy, but at the same time, we need to distribute wealth more evenly.

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Don’t Be A Dick To Pagan Christians

Yes there are such people. In our community, it is sometimes a reason to leave people out of plans, in particular if you are left-hand path and say, screw Christianity. This is sad because it means you cannot accept somebody different from you. Don’t be a dick for goodness sake. If someone wants to stay somewhat Christian with streaks of it left in their belief system, let it go. Not everybody is content with all things Abrahamic, some want to wipe it out inside them as they dealt with a lot of religious abuse growing up for having different ideas and wanting to explore new ideas that they wanted to have which went against what they’ve been taught. Pagans view Christianity as oppressive in nature, which is why they don’t want anything to do with it. But some of them do retain some of it. So please, don’t give them shit. In particular if you are like me and find Satanism fascinating.

Changes to Our Work-Life Balance Structure

We working stiffs need a workday that is less than 8 hours long and a work week that is 35 hours a week. Stress causes damage to businesses. Long-term stress can really harm productivity when someone could be easily replaced as a drone. The human race as a species needs to change the fact that we do not get as much vacation time as we would like. The working world is designed to be very stressful on people with disabilities or if you survive working, innocents will wind up with stress related illness. The thing is, having to work is something that certain social classes need to do while rich people are snooty because they were born into money.

The glaring inequalities that happen on this planet are not something the 1% want to change. They’d like to continue having money but average people have many doors open to make money from real estate, to starting your own business, to working for someone else, and even blogging itself. If blogging can make me significant income, then I’m going to try. I have no idea how to make $100,000 a month from blogging but if it can happen, I will at least try.

April 8th, 2019 Equal Work for Equal Pay

The United States has been founded on the assumption that democracy is real and everybody is equal under the law but the glaring inequalities that exist make it otherwise. Women are lucky they get paid at all because minorities know all too well that a white person will make more money. We live in a country where freedom is an illusion. We are all trapped inside our class or income bracket. Some of us are low-income because I can get my medical care this way. Others do not have economic opportunities set aside. This is the era of the work from home job after all.

Some of us live paycheck to pay check as our job is our only source of income while the rich have the money. I’m going to try to make myself some more money if anything, because I feel I have more stuff I want to get done with my life that is not getting done, like my gardening and horticulture experiments since I have product ideas for those. I don’t suppose I can write a business plan for my gardening experiments. In Los Angeles, should I make money to be able to move, I’d be using the garage for indoor gardening as well as my land in that mansion I want to buy myself should I make billions to be able to afford such a thing. Equal pay for equal work is not something that exists for us in the United States but every other developed country including those in South America have it along with free health care. See, this is why we women have to start fighting for equal pay. We don’t get it now, and we will never get it until some female gets elected into office where she will meet with butt-head opposition from butt-head Republicans who are not in touch with their poor constituents who live off of social security, and vote for them blindly.

I want money so I can start my non-profit which I rant about constantly as well as to start scholarship funds for people with 22q, a free ride to any college really paid for by yours truly and anybody else who wants to donate like celebrities or rich people or whatever. This blog is one way to get in touch with me for that set.

I want money so as to make sure that paying for medical care is a non-issue and paying for the insulin of a friend of mine can always happen for her since she once ran out of insulin. I want to prevent that from ever happening to her again. We’re not going to say who she is but seriously, I want to help low-income people. I would also like to get my medical scientist, MD/Ph.D. without going into serious debt or paying student loans up the ass despite eventually making money. Why this very blog could make $100,000 a month, which I need to be able to pay up the ass for my condo here. To pay the lawyers I’d like to see is also something that is an immediate necessity. Hell, maybe James Randi would love to help out if I can teach him how to feel like a real empath someday since walking into any hospital if I’m not grounded or shielded is absolute hell for me. I feel physical pain from that. This is what I could teach him to be like someday. Equal pay exists in more normal countries than the United States whose health care system is ranked worst in the world. Not even female doctors get paid as well as their male counterparts. For a people whose constitution said “We the People,” and we have struggled to make things equal, things are not as equal as you may imagine.