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July 18th, 2019 – The State of the Union

I have plans to run for President in my 60s. I will attempt to be D.A. in my 50s, and eventually by the time I get my Ph.D. I’m moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento, as I want to be the Los Angeles congressional representative. I will have my law degree by then. I feel like I’m in a hurry, like time is rushing past me, but then again I have to be very stable to even begin working on this one. The state of our country right now is terrifying for many of us, even normal Republicans.

Without stepping on any toes, I can only say that we need to chill. Yes, the ICE stuff is frightening, even for a LEGAL person like me. I taped a color copy of my U.S. passport to my window. Crazy much? Sure, but anyway, shall we say that 45 is headed for a massive meltdown. He deals with relentless criticism. The mind and life of a narcissist is destroyed when they have a melt down from all the stress they are under. If they see they have a serious problem, they get help. Not my family though, with their brand of narcissism, as well as their lack of basic mental health knowledge, they are not the sorts of people who seek help.


Remodeling Job

The shower in my condo will be remodeled Thursday. I may not have a shower on Friday. I will go to the library on Thursday, and do my work from there to see if I’m more focused with less distraction around such as food. Hopefully they will finish the job in like a day. I’m more functional today because the antibiotic is kicking in. I feel much better over all. I was feeling nauseated on Monday when I went to urgent care by myself, by bus. It was partly the high heat I was walking around in. This is why I do not often go out in direct sunlight when its summer.

I am a very independent person who takes my responsibility to my health seriously. It is why I dragged myself to urgent care earlier this week. I had to. Fortunately they discovered my infection was staph, and gave me antibiotic. But hey, I didn’t have a ride so I hitched a ride with the bus. This is the way my family wants things. It is a rule that I cannot ask for help or support. Silly rule that, isn’t it? I often find myself without help. But that could be another Cyndi Dale style X in my energy field, a marker that instructs others how to treat the marked.

How to Handle a Bully

The best way to handle a bully is to intimidate them back by ignoring them. They are trying to get a rise out of you in many ways. At Work 2 Future with that one mentally unstable person who was busy calling me a famoustard, while I figured out to call her manic person back. I said to her “because I’m so fucking retarded right?” to shut her up. This is why I’m not going to work 2 future right now, having a hernia is more than enough health-problem drama for me. I maintain a low profile because I do not want to risk people feeling sorry for me, ever.

Sure I have a lot of health problems, but I know how to show up for class. These last few years with work 2 future, I’ve been showing up to class, not feeling anxious with sweaty palms, and knowing how great medication can be. I have felt pretty good. See, I have an understanding with my doctor, I get to decide my Geodon dose for myself. I’ve decided to keep it high this summer, since my uncle passed away in December.

Bullies want to shame you. That woman who walked in on me in the bathroom at a restaurant in downtown San Jose, was watching me wipe my ass. I didn’t look at her, I just focused. She was the crazy one who opened the door. I used silence to intimidate her. When I got out, they had a table close to us. I simply sat down, and tried to validate myself. What the hell was she doing staring at me? I’ve tried to manifest a bully, domestic-violence, and stress-free life with dumping the ex. I also live mania and workaholic-free. A day doing nothing fills me with shame at the thought but I have that option now. I have business plans to organize, and write. I’m often very busy.

Funny That

Okay, bloggers, it appears that when I laugh too much, I get told to take my medication. But when Zod laughs too much (female family member), people think its funny. Why does the disparity between someone on meds and someone not on medication exist? Interesting really, because it means that me, the treated one gets treated differently than the untreated one. I’m able to drag myself to urgent care today while the others drive each other to the doctor. I have no support system while my family has a major support system. What is wrong with this picture? I was told not to ask family friends for help.

Well, gee, hmm, I have a huge pimple on my face, which may mean that the other pimples that aren’t going away are not infected, yet. I’m going to urgent care this morning to see if I can get antibiotic for the pimples again. I’m run down, tired, and feverish, but I have to take myself by bus. I’ve gotten all the copy writing done for the day that I need to do. There really are no excuses to avoid going to Urgent Care. Anubis and Sekhmet have kicked my ass into going to urgent care myself. I’m also running a low-grade fever, so in which case, I’m off to urgent care in a moment, by bus.

People Who Believe Zod’s Lies

My narcissistic family tells many lies about me. They scoff at the term narcissist, imagining they are right in the head when they aren’t. Plain and simple, do not believe what they say, that I’m incompetent with managing my own life, etc. This is loser territory. It is offensive to me because they are just that juvenile trying to make me feel bad about myself, imagining people think the worst of me when they do not. Also, I have been banned from asking for help. I might have to go to urgent care soon if my pimple gets worse, although it looks like it is healing well.

So anyway, yes, do not believe the lies told to you. I have enough trouble convincing people that I’m smart, capable of managing my own money, and able to save money. Seriously, my disabilities are so treated I got a five year renewal on my driver’s license. In which case, I’m stable, the whole, Iria’s unstable bit is a total lie of Zod’s. Also, I’m not an angry person with them not around. See, my parents live in Spain, so in which case, they do not keep up with my life anymore. The distance is great. I have a very calm, happy existence. Here is one final warning: if you have ever believed Zod’s lies, or cracked to her manipulation, you are no longer my friend.

The Medicinal and Protection Herb Garden I Want to Start

I would like to plant my own chamomile herb garden, rosemary, and lavender. I’d experiment with soil gardening and hydroponic gardening. For example, right now, I’m trying to grow beefsteak tomatoes in my yard that I can’t eat anyway because I have a hernia, and have been told to limit tomatoes in my diet. But anyway, aside from that particularly tragic circumstance since I love tomato soup, well, tomato anything really, I could grow mint, even if I’m allergic to mint. I’d plant herbs good for the immune system first, like Echinacea, as well as Elderberry, so I can make my own elderberry tinctures.

Oregano is yet another herb that is useful for your immune system, helping the body bolster its systematic response. I’d grow an aloe vera plant for skin problems, I’d grow edible herbs also like basil or parsley. I have wanted to grow my own herbs my entire life. But I never had the time, nor the inclination to do so. Now I do know I have plenty of time to attempt this project. I’d also grow herbs used in bipolar disorder so I can experiment. I would plant Black Cohosh, and ginseng, but see, I would figure out ways of marketing my herb garden to the world. I don’t believe bipolar gets better with herbs though, I feel that my condition is best treated with medicine. It takes some studying of medicinal herbs and how to start a garden, but it can be done. I cannot wait to get myself financially together enough to work on this project.

How to Make Money Using WordPress

Blogging allows you make money per visitor who reads and/or likes your blog post. I would like to manifest $100,000 a month from my blogging habit. This could happen to anybody. I want to make at least $100,000 a month so that I can wind up with $1,200,000 or 1.2 million dollars. This has to buy the condo off of mom and dad so I can have the deed. Funny that I don’t have my car title anymore though, I don’t know where that went off during our move three years ago. A moving process in which I lost my medal collection since Zod threw them out in order to get an extreme reaction from me.

You can make serious money blogging or with affiliate marketing. Blogs make money on autopilot if you treat it like a business. You may perceive WordPress as hard, but I started my blog on WordPress years ago, and monetized it one month when I was sick of being low-income. I’m still low-income but I’m trying to make more money online by writing copy. Today I have to buy a frying pan since I screwed up my frying pan yesterday morning by using a squeegee on it, having also forgotten how to use the PAM.

Blogging does make money. It can make enough money to be a livable wage. This is what I want. 80% of content should be about problems you are trying to solve for people, while 20% is about stuff you want to write about. This is how you get traffic to the blog. There are many ways to get readers to read your blog such as using Facebook. My blog is linked to my Facebook page, which is set to mutual friends only, sorry guys.