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Energetic Boundaries- Cyndi Dale technique/approach

I have to say that I’m trying to read a lot about my energy boundary issues, although I’m trying not to slip into Mule mode, which means my parents get their energy work done for them by me. The mere fact that I have work to do on my own, means that I have to quit doing mom and dad’s work as though my life depends on it. Really, I’m trying to route their energy needs to the Divine even as right now I’m working on my chakra issues using a chakra book that the self-isolation has given me enough time to get done with. If anything, I’m working on that chakra self-help book. I’m working on getting myself the insights I need, but I may start booking readings with psychics at East West bookshop only because I have to start schmoozing more with more than one kind of person, although due to Mr. Hernia I have to be wary of pagans, or for that matter, anybody carrying around the title of “witch.”

What It’s Like to Have a Binge Eating Disorder

I can’t keep food I make myself in the house for long. I wake up in the middle of the night and I eat. Yes, wild, yes, bizarre, I’m wondering if that’s a leftover habit from high school. I wasn’t always able to eat breakfast, in high school. I’m trying to keep my weight under control; I also binge when my mother picks fights with me over email, or text. My binge eating is something that happened a lot on Zyprexa back when I was in college, although Zyprexa gave me great sleep. I’m doing my best to keep my head above water, with regard to my disabilities, and in particular my mental health. I’m also working on my finances.

Other Udacity Classes I Need to Work On

My Intro to Computer science class is about Python, and I nailed the first Quiz. I guess that may mean I’m good at programming, as I’m self-taught. I have a Chrome book laptop sitting here doing nothing. I’d really like to turn it on, and start working on Code Academy again. It’s a PC at any rate, so there I go, learning my programming again. Udacity specializes in classes on computer programming languages, so I can learn more about those easily. I’m trying to get a lot done this summer. I’m just not lazy, and that is something you cannot say about me, no.

Why I Live By Myself

I live by myself because I had roommates harass me and make things up in college. They were narcissist so they’d claim that it was my fault. I live by myself so germs don’t infect me for one, and for another, I just don’t want to have roommates around to see my pain and suffering. I’d rather live by myself than live with someone who could infect me with COVID-19 and if they can’t come to California right now, I understand. If I get a roommate, family can’t come back though, and I will eventually find a roommate. I mean I’m not a fight picker, but family is and they ignore the no fighting rule.

The Joys of Freelancing

Freelancing means you can get whatever assignment you want, finish it, in a timely way, and be your own boss or consultant-like figure. Freelancing can be worked deciding your own hours. It would seem that freelancers are engaged in deciding what projects to take on. It is easier for them than having an assignment hoisted onto you. Freelancing can make just as much money as normal employment. It’s why I want to look at freelancing opportunities. Freelancing is a great way to make money without having a boss breathing down your neck or having to work certain hours for that company. I’m also considering a franchise.

Self-Employment Versus Real Employment

I would like a job, and to be self-employed as I’m the sort of person who has many irons in the fire. This is simply the way I am. I’m trying to keep my head above water financially right now, as I like doing different things with my day, not sticking to just one item. I’m a scanner-it means I change careers a lot, due to having multiple interests. Real employment is a let down sometimes because I work for someone else, but like my SCORE mentor said, get a job first, and then start my businesses. I’m also tempted to get a franchise going, if it isn’t too expensive. First order of business though is to get my hernia out, so that will happen before my career settles down into something organized and recognizable.

Narcissistic Behavior – The Entitlement Complex

Narcissists feel entitled to do whatever they want, like leave their cars parked where they shouldn’t, even as they will pay the fine. A narcissist loves to remind their victims just how entitled they are. Narcissistic people expect special treatment, because they think good things will come their way if they are always deserving of it. I just have decided after a certain point to stay away from narcissistic people. There are narcissists out there who simply expect to have it better than the next person, since they feel that they are number one. Narcissists are unrealistic about who they are, what they deserve and why they deserve it. Narcissists sometimes show psychopathic behaviors, such as antisocial behavior, lack of showing empathy, and the tendency to cheat. Narcissists have trouble accepting themselves for who they are, and I’m very grateful I’m not one at all.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder In adults

An adult with oppositional defiant disorder shows a belligerent attitude towards all authority. While I was a child, I had traits of oppositional defiant disorder, but I now recognize that it also runs in my family, and maybe the ex had a bit of it too. Adults with this disorder struggle to relate to people they perceive as authority figures, and all too often with my family, I feel like I’m the mature, rational and responsible one while they are not since they refuse to take medication for their schizoaffective. I just took a test on Attitude Mag to see if I still have oppositional defiant disorder, I got an 8 out of 72 so I don’t but see my family would outright refuse to take this quiz. I try to say, no picking fights, quit drinking, etc. I’m setting rules, but she balks at it. Okay, enough already, I feel like I’ve always been the parent.

Academic Addiction

I call it school addiction but I googled it and I got stuff about addiction resources for people in high school. Okay, so school addicts are addicted to grades, prestige of getting good grades, the act of going to class in general, and trying to do a good job. I have to say, I love school and learning in general but I stress over grades. This worries me when I return to regular school as treated as I am. Work 2 Future gave me a taste of what I’m capable of doing in the classroom, as a centered student. I was driving with a bad knee though, and going to class, which made 2017 stressful but I stuck it out and in 2018, jumped ship to start therapy. So when I started therapy my knee bent more. That is not entirely coincidental as I was learning how to kick my parent’s energy out.

Workaholism Treatment

When you die, the Gods are not impressed with your fixation on work. They feel they’d rather focus on how you treated people, so take it from me because I’ve come back from the dead a few times The term “workaholic” is derived from the term alcoholic, and it was invented in 1971, by psychologist Wayne Oates, who came up with the description that workaholism is working too much to the point of obsession. Working can be detrimental to your physical body, your mental health, and your anxiety.

When it comes to my own work habits, I’m not big on taking breaks. I need to get better at this, plain and simple. I’m obsessed with work only because I find myself feeling inadequate if I don’t work since my family gave support when we would overwork. Both parents used to be chronic overworkers, I say used to only because retiring probably has given them a break to do the things they want to do while with me writing is not necessarily a job I can retire from. I cannot work for a workaholic work place but I cannot be self-employed and a work junkie too. If any readers from Japan care to comment about overworking, I’m willing to hear it.

To American readers: we are also about overwork while it really depends on what part of the country you live, and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where workaholism is rampant as part of the lifestyle and company culture. Even us work from home people, have trouble keeping up. Workaholics have immense trouble with boundaries about their work hors, and growing up I wasn’t allowed to respect my own boundaries so I functioned exhausted because my schizoaffective was overlooked until I was 20. I know I should have interests outside of work, because the pagan thing is not a full time job? Neither is being psychic.

How To Use Psychic C4

C4 is something that is used on Stargate SG1 to cause explosions. Psychic C4 is an imagined explosive device that can clear stagnant energy. Psychic C4 is mean to be heard using clairaudience. The clairaudient faculty that makes it work, is heard through your ears, and through your psychic ears. The more explosions you set off, the more negative energy you clear away. You need to blow up the stagnant energy in your house. Psychic C4 gives you an edge over the energy. I find myself often enmeshed with toxic energy from family in my condo, I can see it, but then I psychically blow it up and I feel better.