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Gemstone Healing is Not Bullshit

Gemstone healing is not the crap I thought it was. It actually isn’t. Every gemstone has a purpose. I want to study this stuff? To my objectivity, this feels bizarre, but I’m interested in this stuff anyway. To which I ask myself, why? I’m confused since I had this interest years ago but I gave up on it. I’m still interested in all manner of witchcraft stuff, since I’m someone with a great deal of knowledge and experience. I have come to realize that practicing with a coven right now would suck, because of my hernia, and my knee injury. My knee injury was 9 years of yoga wiped out in a split second. The situation was something that taught me how to give myself what I need without listening to the input of fragile, toxic, and hazardous to my health others. I pay attention to my own instincts in order to do what is right.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a very real force in this world that some people have to deal with already. Sex addiction is defined as a medical condition in which an individual has compulsions to have sex, while being unable to control their problem. Their sexual thoughts interfere with their life, rendering them unable to work. The sex drive takes them over, leaving room for precious little else. They have little outside interests about other activities let alone being a responsible person. Sex addiction is something impulsive, that some people have no interest in reducing their need for come to think of it, because hypersexual people need to masturbate a lot, while going after multiple sex partners, having multiple affairs, and having compulsive one night stands. Sex addiction is a compulsion that can destroy the victims’ life, causing many breakups, financial situations, and sexually transmitted infections. Depression may be what triggers compulsions to have sex, in particular with bipolar people in mind. Medication such as SSRIs like Prozac, can help with this situation. These help reduce sexual urges.

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Mania Causes Hypersexuality

Mania has a thing with causing hypersexuality or an increased sex drive that cannot be stopped. The thing is, if you are with another bipolar both of ya’ll want it. You can’t stop horny men with hypersexuailty sometime. They just get obsessional about wanting it. In fact, they get really obsessional while doing bizarre things or resorting to outright manipulation to get sex. When both partners are hypersexual, sex becomes mutually arranged. But when one person has a higher sex drive than the other, things becoming toxic, weird, and crazy really fast. Hypersexuality causes people to act out, among other things, like finding some random person to sleep with. I’m just grateful I don’t have energy to do this right now, or for that matter, a desire to do that to myself since medication does give you more self-control, although caffeine addiction made me unstable back when I was with the Ex. I’m stable in the present, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

How Much Was I Bullied For Having Diabetes?

My family refused to take me out of a toxic environment or to stop the bullying often enough. I was bullied night and day for like 4 years, so from 4th grade to 8th grade about having diabetes, as if I felt bad enough from the diabetes. Having diabetes is not easy, managing diabetes isn’t easy, and the whole thing is just plain messy. I knew early on that while I was irrational not being on medication for my schizoaffective, I’d have to make decisions that reflect good judgment anyway. I realized that my family wasn’t right in the head, and rarely did my dad get involved. He truly left it up to mom and I. The thing is, I felt that I could make better decisions than her, only because I thought, well, I listen to my doctors but who knows what’s getting through that thick, stubborn skull? So I eventually just said, hey, diabetes is my domain.

Why Having a Mental Health Situation and Getting Picked On Is Traumatic

People who pick on those who have a mental illness are causing the victim of this bullying further suffering because their symptoms can’t be helped. In college, I didn’t have a formal diagnosis beyond major depressive disorder. As it is, I’m more stable now than I was back then while trying to get stable without a psychiatrist’s help since I wasn’t allowed to see one. Of course my family would gaslight their way through this little fact. But anyway, in college, I had to blow up at the kids in my holistic health class for harassing me passing a pen around to me that had the names of mediations on it.

I blew up and stated that you do not know my situation so why are you pestering me when I was talked out of taking medication that semester. I didn’t apply for SSI until 2008. I got it in April 2009. But for starters, I was fed up with them implying I should get medication, since it would be on my family’s whim to get it or not with their blessing or not. Somebody flat out deserved my aggression that day since I found their behavior aggravating, and lacking in compassion. I went all out with “you do not know my situation, so quit pestering me.” I had to remind her that nobody in school is allowed to take me to the hospital, if I needed to go. Today will be an exercise in dropping off my sharps containers, and finding the psych ward. I may have to look into escaping certain people when they come, by hospitalizing myself since their mental health symptoms impact my mind, body, and spirit.

Why Mania Makes A Bipolar Spend Money

Okay, so at NAMI I learned about how bipolar people spend money weird sometimes, like too much of it, or get an urge to spend money somehow. A confusing urge they have to follow-through on. I don’t know if I’ve ever been super irresponsible like that. I keep a tight lid on my spending habits as a low-income person. But anyway, bipolars like me rack up a credit card bill such as what I’ve been doing this last year. So my bill is due on the 11th of March and I’m going to have to go to the on-campus ATM the next few months to pay the thing off. I will state that I want my bill to be at $850 by March 21st. This is just to get me to take more responsibility for paying off the bill before it gets to $1,000. I do have a credit limit.

TV Habits Betray My Age

I like all of Star Trek, I try to keep up, but sometimes I fail. I remember Charmed, which was hilarious while it was there, and the new series is just as funny but much darker. Also, I remember Friends, Sex in the City, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is not in keeping with the original at all. But anyway, I get to watch TV these days. I’m contemplating buying a new laptop so I can watch TV with it if I go places. I have found nice old 2015 laptops. I send out an application to Coalition Technologies, with the entire application filled out. On a whim, I logged into Craigslist this morning. And anyway, the 1990s was not such a dark time as now, because optimism was in the air due to the invention of the Internet.