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The Writing Business Is Tough

Don’t get me wrong, I like it, I work hard, and my neighborhood knows it.  But the thing is, one of my old doctors remarked that I’m in the wrong business.  Then again, she has a point, although I’m learning how to manage stress so that fact doesn’t get to me.  Therapy helps you learn stress management.  As it is, I have like three therapists right now.  The thing about life in general is that you have to make an effort, to succeed.  It is not random- the thing about success is that it is planned.  I’m working on learning how to pitch my writing, it will take time to learn-eventually I’m going to publish stuff.  Working hard eventually pays off even if there are no guarantees.

Energetic Boundaries- Cyndi Dale technique/approach

I have to say that I’m trying to read a lot about my energy boundary issues, although I’m trying not to slip into Mule mode, which means my parents get their energy work done for them by me. The mere fact that I have work to do on my own, means that I have to quit doing mom and dad’s work as though my life depends on it. Really, I’m trying to route their energy needs to the Divine even as right now I’m working on my chakra issues using a chakra book that the self-isolation has given me enough time to get done with. If anything, I’m working on that chakra self-help book. I’m working on getting myself the insights I need, but I may start booking readings with psychics at East West bookshop only because I have to start schmoozing more with more than one kind of person, although due to Mr. Hernia I have to be wary of pagans, or for that matter, anybody carrying around the title of “witch.”

Google Adsense for Beginners and Pay

I’m confused as to how Google Adsense works, and I’m trying to sort it out using Google itself, while also writing this article.  Google says you paste ad code on the site in order to attract people, with the highest paid ads appearing on your site.  Then you get paid?  You get paid from Google billing all the advertisements and networks for ads on your site, while you receive your payments.  I understand that Adsense is free, since you display the advertisements next to your online content.  Adsense can be used in conjunction with Blogger, where I do have a blog that focuses exclusively on pagan things and that I keep separate from my WordPress blog.

Google pays you for the advertising based on user clicks, but the payment depends on the type of ad.  I’m still confused as to how Google Adsense works but this article has somewhat helped.  Adsense is an automatic process that targets Google advertisements directed at your content or audience where you learn how Google targets advertisements on the site itself.  Adsense may or may not work with WordPress, I’m confused about this one too although another article says that 10 million websites use Adsense.

Adsense has different ad formats such as text, images, HTML ads, video ads and more.  Advertisements can also be run in different sizes.  Google Adsense is all about cost-per-click and revenue sharing.  Niches in the United States are insurance, online education, and marketing and advertising.  A blog needs to cover various different types of topics.  Blogs only succeed because of how much traffic a blog can generate.  Make sure you are writing as a participant of a niche you are an expert on since that determines how much money you make.

If I was using my Blogger blog daily, I could make money off of it, but I pay attention to and have monetized my WordPress blog, which has not made significant income yet.  I’m just working on getting 10 views a day or more right now.  Google has to be made aware that your website has fresh content on it daily.  This is because people expect to read new posts about the subject you are writing about.  For example, if you are a therapist, writing about mental health, your readers expect to read pieces about mental health topics.

I have to start using Blogger more to make more money if it is even possible to make money off of Blogger.  This article; suggest to go to the Monetize and Set up Adsense tab.  I don’t know if there is a fee.  There are instructions to sign up for Adsense.  A blog can be set up free at times, although WordPress charges for Monetization since I did wind up paying for my blog.  I eventually have to march down to Social Security to talk to them about my PASS plan, and my get off low-income health care ideas.

I want to make $100,000 a month.  For that, I’ve estimated needing 10,000 readers a month?  I’m not sure about this number.  But that is the impression I get when I look at my readership statistics.  So I guess if I keep plugging away at it, I will eventually make significant income.  The next step would be to log into Blogger.  I suppose I should upkeep Blogger more if I expect to turn it into an income stream.  And I logged into Adsense just now to see if this article helped me figure it out.  It did.  Sunday should be my update Blogger day since my blog is about religious topics.

I left one post on Blogger for my work this year with the website.  My WordPress blog could offer services, the psychic services I want to offer, as well as virtual assisting.  Pay Per Click is a type of Internet marketing, where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads gets a click.  The ad sends a visitor to a website.  Paying a $3 ad can lead to a $300 sale, which is an encouraging form of profit.  Pay per click works as a type of auction.  Pay per click comes in several different forms, such as a search engine that requires you pay a fee.  The advertising is part of a useful pay-per-click technique,  Google determines what to pay with PPC.  The flow of the situation begins with the price you’ve been given, and the ad rank of the person below you, with your quality score, linked to 1 cent.  To create a way to search for words, the PPC user must work on keyword lists that they also have to create tight keyword groups surrounding those lists.

A landing page is then judged by the quality it has been customized, but not limited to the relevance of keywords, their ultimate goal is reflected as a clear call-to-action.  Quality scores are what Google does to rank your page’s advertising design.  The page is tailored to specific search queries that will be made by the searcher, a search query that is linked to the keyword.  Pay per click is something that can make money if the web traffic stays linked to your business’s topic.  Making money online is an easy, because the Internet is a total advantage in this day and age.

Pay per click simply involves clicking on an advertisement on one site that will lead you to the next site.  You have to pay something to earn the right to propagate a click but that single click can lead to a $1,000 sale.  If your ad is useful, Google lets you pay less for the clicks you will get.  If you want to start using PPC, you simply have to learn how to do it properly.  Google Ads operate on a pay-per-click model, where users need to bid, and then create ads that appear in the Google search engine with Google properties.  Pay-per-click, the model pays for each click on their advertisements.

Your Pay-Per-Click advertisements have to have a quality score.  The core is a metric that determines if your ad is relevant or not, all without having to study advertising, in intense detail.  The higher a quality score, the better the advertisement.  Google determines what you pay, because the advertisers bid on the ad.  Depending on the ad rank, actual CPC becomes income cash flow.  Ad words by Google has a way of being triggered by a “placement” on Google Adsense pages, because a publisher has to make ad space ready for the Ad Words advertisers.  PPC keywords can get expensive, and do require a review that is necessary to shut off if they really become useless.  PPC keywords must be adapted to the landing page.  I hope this article means I’ve figured out how to use PPC.

PPC comes in different advertising formats.  Google Ad words are thus an Ad network.  The Paid search is an advertising model, which pays the platform host.  Advertising online can come in many formats.  Google Ads operates under the assumption that people are going to work on real-time bidding, because advertising inventory is sold into private automated action that relies on data generated in the immediate present.  Advertising is ranked while Google considers the bid amount.  The context of the search is laid out with the user’s device keeping in mind the time of day it is when that device is being used.  PPC is something very easy to learn, and works depending on the format you are working on.  A quality score is a way to rank performance, as well as relevance of the keyword to the ad.

In order to make PPC work for you, you have to research proper keywords just to make sure the hits arise, as they need to.  One click could cost $3 with the click resulting in a $300 sale.  This works on the principle behind Google ads that operate on a pay-per-click model, which means each click yields a profit.  PPC is relevant to your business and what you are trying to sell.  You have a niche you need to sell your product in.  This means having keywords that are relevant. Pay per click changes while expanding its campaign reach, as this is the only way to make sure your keywords are adapting to the flexibility of the campaign.

I set up my Blogger blog with an Adsense account. I have a goal to update this blog once a week to see if that helps me make money. I realize I have limited financial opportunities right now despite working on my business plans, and looking for jobs. I know I have to be patient about making significant income some day. It will happen when I least expect it, or force it to happen. I have to take it slow, and not be in a rush to make money here. I’m a decent writer who can finish her work on time.

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Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Plastic can mean anything from credit card use to a fake personality.  Right now, it is  the biggest environmental hazard on this planet to date.  Sometimes the more successful you are, the more credit cards a person has.  A credit card is, not surprisingly, made of plastic.  Credit cards are pretty much a waste of money at some point. Plastic is something that is a huge part of our lives, taking up space in landfill after landfill. It poisons our environment.  I have jugs of purified drinking water in my house made of plastic although some of it is made of recycled plastic, seemingly a step forward in the right direction.

Plastic pollution is a huge problem on this planet right now.  Forget about coronavirus for a minute.  While plastic is the material in an IV, it is a material found in most commercial packaging.  When you open a box of crackers you find a plastic bag housing the crackers. This bag is what you tear at to get to the food.  We each have to be careful with how much we use our carbon footprint.  Plastic is in everything.  We have got to focus on recycling programs that make a difference in what is going on with how badly we are polluting this planet.

Our use of plastic is everywhere and many times it is not biodegradeable.  There are chemicals that can biodegrade plastic, turning it back into oil. Indeed, this problem is not as dire as it may seem to continue getting.  But it could get a lot worse, given the situation with not putting out biodegradeable plastic more. The ocean is filthy from all the plastic on this planet.  This is why we need to work on better plastic materials.

What is being done about plastic getting into the ocean and being cleaned?  Plenty, such as reducing your use of single use plastic products. There are organizations out there addressing plastic pollution. We do not have good waste management on this planet, and that is something, which has to change now. Plastic pollution has its effect on ocean life, affecting sea turtles, whales, seabirds, fish, coral reefs and other types of animals.  This is why the people of this planet want to start something about healing the planet’s oceans. For now only 9% of plastic is recycable worldwide.

Another step is to organize a beach clean up day. Don’t use single-use plastic bags to get groceries.  Avoiding products containing microbeads, or devices found in face scrubs, toothbrushes, and bodywashes, with microbeads labeled “polythelene” on the materials used in whatever product you are using.  Support organizations that combat plastic pollution.  Cleaning up after ourselves has to become a routine on this planet.  We don’t do enough of that. Creating a chemical that can biodegrade plastic in a landfill is a next step.

We need to use existing plastic for fuel.  How is this? By breaking it down into an oil form that can power cars.  We really don’t need to use fossil fuels anymore but this is something happening anyway. There are more options now for cars that use a different type of fuel, be it electric, or diesel oil. If public transit were better in different regions of our planet, more people would use it. Public transit is great in big cities but bad in rural communities where you need a car.  

This inequality needs to be fixed.  People get stranded by the bus all the time.  There are many ways to fix global warming and climate change.  By far you fix it first by making your mind understand that global warming is real.  This cold winter the Midwest is having is directly affected by climate change.  California is only having a normal winter now, and has for the last three years if only because somehow our drought is over.

Plastic pollution is a drastic problem, we have to find ways of disposing our plastic without contributing to global warming by burning it.  Getting into the habit of using reusable plastics is a first step towards mitigating plastic pollution.  Plastic water bottles are a huge problem. The resolution is to not buy them, to use reusable materials in your drinking utensils. There are many ways to fix this planet. To fix the rising sea levels, all we need are fleets of ships designed to collect water.  The water collection can then be desalinated and shipped to desert regions or to California where there is a drought so we have enough water for our crops.

We face water shortages in the 21st.  We have to deal with pollution.  There may be a way to rid us of everything, but only if we put our minds to it and make an effort at it as a planet.  We need to be rid of fossil fuels also at some point.  Haven’t we all had enough of global warming causing very cold winters and very hot summers?  We cannot afford to put this stuff on ignore.  We need to start doing something about impactful climate change scenarios.  We will be awash in situations for the next decade.  People are not making progress ignoring plastic pollution that comes from buying water bottles that leave an impact.  Having to throw out many home goods because they are wrapped in plastic is not helpful either.

Less plastic is more plastic.  Plastic as mentioned above, takes forever to biodegrade.  Chemicals that cause it to break down would take care of the problem, particularly if they can be able to fade into the environment.  I don’t know enough about the problem in this present moment.  All problems on this planet can be worked on if people took the time to think things through and work on them.  Anything can be fixed rightfully so, if we are able to sit there to think about it.  Some people don’t think much can be fixed.  But the thing is we can, just like the guy who cured Ebola because he spent his life working on one problem.  We have got to start dealing with our environmental problems.  It does us no good to avoid it.  Not when this winter has been so cold for certain parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

We have got to start solving our plastic pollution situation.  The oceans are polluted, COVID-19 has brought many global climate change crisis to life that we need solutions for.  Some people could make it their full time job to find them, namely billionaires.  We need think tanks devoted to solving the climate crises since there are multiple ones brewing.  There have to be jobs created to help staff efforts like water mining in the Antarctic region and then desalinating the water.  This would solve California’s water crisis indefinitely.  Not every article out there is focused on solutions.  No, many articles written are written in an alarmist way. Some of that content can be downright depressing to read.  We need to focus on the positive scientific breakthroughs that are being made not the negative news cycles coming up, causing the reader to feel angst like nothing is being done.

I’m done with my business plans

I’m done with my business plans for 2016-2020.  My entire business plan list is finished save the final three group ideas that I want to put together.  I’m working on the vegetable garden/farm business plan idea.  I’m trying to grow a vegetable garden in a small space.  Hanging gardens have existed on this planet for thousands if not millions of years.  I’m going to figure out how to grow a full service vegetable garden on my property including root vegetables.  I want to grow herbs and sell them at my kiosk in dried form. 

I’m thrilled I’m done with the entire list.  The next step is to ask for funds,  we need to connect to those partners who have money, so I can stay covered a while longer. The time will come for me to make real money.  I will eventually make real money and succeed at making real money.  I need angel investors/equal partners. I want to stay covered/low income a bit longer but after that I will have to start raising funds.  This means learning some grantwriting.  This means locating equal business partners, and filing for incorporation.  I have some idea about how this is done.  I need to get my plans off the ground.  The time is now.

Goals for February 2021

My goals for this month are simple:

  1. Make extra income copywriting/one article a day
  2. Set Udeify up without making a goddamn typo and having to delete my account.  Work out tutoring goals there.
  3. Begin citations for Chapter 6, psychic attack book written under a pen name that must remain separate from this account.
  4. Send How to Give Bullies What they deserve to writer’s digest, first 50 pages
  5. The Anti-Dating book, finish chapter 7… and do verbal ranting to get choice lines from on Quiktime.

I’m wondering how to navigate my chronic pancreatitis.  I have chronic illness, make no mistake about that.  I’m stressed at being low income on top of that.  I should however, consider myself lucky I’m not on narcotics for chronic pancreatitis.  I wouldn’t be able to get anything done if I were.  But as it is, I’m using every pain control method I know how to use.  I’m learning new ones.  This is yet another pen name book to write.  I have many books swirling around in my poor head.  The Anti-dating book will come out eventually as will all my other writing.  I need to have patience I will build that literary empire I’ve always wanted to have.

What are Advertising Banners and How Do They Help Your Blog?

Using a banner is a form of Internet advertising. Banners are a way to advertise a business in a digital fashion. Each banner has images and text rather than just images. Banner design plays a role in how banners as advertising are perceived. My business for psychics to get paid a salary will function as a series of banners that are linked to a profile. I need to find a programmer I can pay since my skills are a bit rusty. Banners do also function well on specific color schemes. A banner has to be clicked on in order to prove it is working instead of annoying a customer.

There are multiple ways of using banner advertising for your content marketing since the banner is dissected as being an advertisement displayed onto a web page.  Web advertising links to the website of the individual or company doing the advertising. A banner consists of a visual image that attracts people to your website. What my business idea that currently has no name, although it is merely a concept, is doing is to provide psychics with a salary so they can afford to lower their prices. No bookshop thinks of doing that since psychics count as self-employed people.

In order to legitimize the field, I’d like to make sure that a psychic can get a regular paycheck but also they would have to interview with people who want to be hired to make sure they aren’t arrogant with pricing. The arrogant sort will demand a higher salary although my vision is to give everybody an equal salary of $1,000 a month that is justified. So on months or weeks they get no work, the salary will help them stay afloat with their income.

The banner is an advertising medium intent on attracting traffic to your webpage. It is like print media advertising only in the digital world. A banner would serve to increase customer traffic. Banner ads help sell a product. My banners would serve the purpose to attract clients to the psychic network. Clients need to be able to access a psychic’s services in an affordable manner. As an example, Airbnb succeeded when Google featured display ads that target to what people are searching for. Advertising is meant to catch the customer’s attention, and my idea for banners is one way to get business. The banner would generally link to a profile.

We get exposed to thousands if not tens of thousands of advertisements a day. It can be exhausting to cop with but you’d have to live under a rock to not see it. Commercials are a way of standing out and being creative. My business idea for using banners and a web page advertising psychic services that are affordable for the average person is to design a website that helps this community get business while maintaining a stable income. My idea is to approach metaphysical bookshops with this idea.

People need to be able to access the services of a psychic for less than what is charged now. Even people with their own businesses charge a lot for life coaching, health coaching and what have you. There could even be a phone application in this business as I have a separate idea for that. I have to present this idea to metaphysical bookshops. Psychics simply need a better salary. If they buy the idea, the idea has to be priced a certain way, and I need to see a lawyer and a business broker to figure out the pricing.

It is time to send out a notice to SCORE to get somebody’s advice. But first I need ink for the printer so I can print out my business plan. That plan also needs to be edited. It just popped into my claircognizant head that this idea is the easiest to pull off, because then the money will come in for the T-shirt business, which will be started after I sell half this business to a partner and the other half to a bookshop. At this point, I’m reading a book on how to sell a business from Nolo press.

I have an idea for a phone application that comes with the psychic website. This phone app would mean more ways of getting business. I feel a strong need to talk to a metaphysical bookshop in my area, only because I feel that they can help me. I want to set myself up as the HR person with a salary, for the website for psychics I want to start. I named the business Shadow of the Phoenix Rising. This could be a temporary name since I’m rather stumped on names at the moment. Normally that comes as easily as a title, but this business is different.

For this website, the idea remains to charge a membership and a monthly fee, but also paying the psychics a decent salary of $1,000 a month. We need people with money to pull this off. Will the bookshops in the Bay Area like my idea or not? I’m not sure. There are many questions that need to be answered so it is time for me to ask SCORE to send me someone I can talk to. I need to print my business plan so I can place it in front of that person who will give me business advice for free, as SCORE has really great access to business mentorship and is a subset of the U.S. Small Business Administration organization.

I’m going to start using SCORE’s webinars and courses on demand since I cannot afford classes just yet. The online library is useful, as is the real world library. But yes, the phone application is a project I should try to pitch to the metaphysical bookshops. I need to start making money to pay for various stress-reduction treatments, as well as to be able to start driving again. I need to feel secure financially in order for this to happen.

The Shadow of the Rising is a website that should be accessible to anybody who needs services at a reduced rate. The profile and banner should have a location of where the psychic is so that the client can find them. Developing an easily accessible psychic service platform is our goal. I need to find business partners who are calm, rational, and able to function types of people. Yes, I need to start telling people my ideas. I want to do this. I am busy being paranoid somebody may steal my idea. I’m that much of a beginner here.

I’ve thought about writing this idea out in snail mail format as my true age that I do not look remembers the era of writing snail mail letters. It might yet work to present to potential business partner’s, both the phone application and website idea. My website service is unique because it fosters collaboration not competition. While other metaphysical groups may be the competition, some may yet be interested in my proposal. We need to come up with an on-boarding scenario and fee for these groups only because I have to figure out how much money I could make through business partners.

My direct competitors have a website attached to their bookshops. I’m not sure of their past strategies. I want to set myself up as the HR person for the company.  I can imagine the competition as being existing bookshops although I feel this idea is unique because psychics charge way too much for services. They do this because they don’t have a salary backing them up, or helping a psychic by bailing them out. It is possible to sell this business idea. How do you price a business to sell half of it? I need to read that angel investor book I got.

I’m overwhelmed with reading my Nolo Press book on how to sell a business. Starting and selling a business in my home State of California may yet be easy. My business would not have stocks as an entity sale would only because it is a private company. If I sold this business to a bookshop, I’d be selling their assets and liabilities also. I need to find a good document preparer to even begin doing the sales presentation.

In California you have to sell a business with a promissory note, security agreement, confidentiality agreement, non-compete agreements, company resolutions or stock transfer certificate. A business has to have a bank account but selling it means you have to close your bank account. There you have an outlined strategy on how I’m going to go about selling my business. The system demands a PASS plan that will detail how I make money. I will eventually complete this project. I also need to get myself evaluated to prove I’m stable enough to manage my money properly, for more on that head to my blog,, and read in more detail.

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What is next with the business plans inside my head?

I started a post 2021 list.  I have written down almost all the 2016 list, and now I have to play catch up to my after 2020 list.  I call it the 2021 business ideas list.  I have many business plans I’m done with and need to put together at this point.  I also have to find equal partners who are willing to politely question my judgment as needed. I need to raise money by now also.  I need to raise enough money to support myself from angel investors who are willing to put a stake of their own in the company.  I want to get funding for some of my ideas, not all of them, only the ones meant to succeed.  

            I don’t want to get a loan only because loans are going to mess up my credit if I can’t pay it back.  This is why I need to show good judgment.  I’m pretty much going to find partners in the present.  I need to find them in order to move forward with some ideas.  I’m trying to figure out how to move forward.  I try to be a regular at the SCORE legal advice clinic.

            If only I had enough money for SCORE paid online classes.  I need some extra income here.  I’m going to blow my stimulus check on a life coach job I applied at months ago.  There is an entry fee but when I sign up I get a nice discount.  I’ll make a good life coach because I’m not into the act of babying people.  Its like, okay, well, I’m a busy bee who doesn’t waste my time anymore.  I lost good years to stress or at the very least living my life a certain way that kept it low stress. 

            Now I’m trying to fake it until I make it.  I’m dealing with less stress in the immediate present, since I have my work planned out, I’ve got ideas, and I’m working on stress management.  I’m good at stress management give or take.  A note to family who doesn’t read my blog: My business idea, my money, that’s just the way it is.  I’m not inclined to give it to you freeloaders free.  Sure my parents expect me to buy the condo out.  Silly people, what made you think I’d do that right away?

            Certain populations are still waiting around on the vaccine.  I’m in a somewhat high-risk category.  As a high-risk category, I’m paranoid, naturally, and I’m trying not to get too paranoid. Anyway, it will be nice to be able to pay for everything myself with my own money for once.  I work diligently on applying for jobs with few people biting.  I’m getting nowhere near enough interviews.  I guess you could say I have the whole myth of “I have a disability and can’t work” on the brain.  I’m trying to uncurse myself with this because I realize a lot of it is a mental blockage.  With my creative blocks due to mr. hernia and now chronic pancreatitis,  I’m wondering if I ever will be healthy enough to work full-time.

            I’m better off selling my businesses maybe.  Who knows? I want a conventional job though even if some refuse to hire me because I have an obvious disability.  Yes, let’s talk about this employment issue that haunts my entire existence.  I’m way too considerate to people who don’t hire me right away.  I’m wondering at that life pattern that persists no matter how much positive thinking I do.  I want a work from home job, this much is certain in the immediate present.  I also just paid for this blog.  I paid only because I want to pay in the immediate present.  I succeeded at sending my payment in.  I’m trying to keep my head above water, which is why I’m glad Textbroker decided to let Californians work for them again.  A law made this difficult, California AB 5, freelancer rules about someone not being able to write more than 35 pieces a year.

            It’s a relief to me this weird law was overturned or amended or fixed.  I’m busy trying to make money with very little possible streams of income.  I’m looking at other websites like Textbroker, such as Contena, but I need actual income for that.  I applied at a book proposal contest only because this contest promises the winner $100,000 by May of this year.  I applied to get the publishing contract.  I put my book in there only because the outline has been done for months.  It says I have 7 months to finish this book.  The word count at the phrase 7 months read 777.  This is an angel sign that I’m publishing the book. 

            An angel sign such as this is a powerful omen actually, because I’ve read some Doreen Virtue by now.  She can’t disappear her old books even if she is Christian now.  Anyway, I’m learning a lot about angel signs, since my seeing 1111, 222, 333, and 444 etc. around mean that I’m going to get my stimulus check in the mail soon.  It happened with the last stimulus check.  The pandemic has been hard on everybody, even those who have jobs.  I’m used to being by myself and even that has been getting to me.  These are strange days.

            As it is, the vaccine coming out is great.  I feel much better knowing it is out even with new strains of COVID circulating that are much more contagious than they initially thought.  So the answer is to continue to come up with vaccines.  Way back I’ve had a family friend who was a survivor of polio.  Polio used to tear through communities until the vaccine wiped it out.  I got a pneumonia vaccine in my 20s since I was getting it so often in the winter.  Just this year I got a flu vaccine.  I got myself a flu vaccine only because I was like, there is no way in hell I’m getting this virus because zombie movies all teach to stay the hell away from sick people.  I’m eventually going to get a job and get off SSI; I just need to be patient with myself.

43 Business Plans Finished

Since the year 2016 I’ve written 43 business plans.  I was on a quest to get all my ideas down on paper.  In 2016, I had that knee injury to worry about.  It came out of nowhere, and I ascribe metaphysical sources to this injury since it was so random because I had nothing else going on during that time when it happened.  I was about to start getting myself a real job at a real company barring the drama that my mother might have visited on me had I actually gotten a chance to work the way I had envisioned myself working during this time.

This is why I worked so hard on the business plans.  Now it is time to secure partners, and angel investors rather than loans, because the only debt I have is credit card debt that I need to fix.  My driver’s license is currently suspended because I haven’t driven in so long I’ve forgotten how.  With a recent diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis coming from either birth control use, type 1 diabetes catching up with me, my alcoholism catching up with me I’d say I’m stuck with work from home jobs.

I read 64 library books last year, but I seem to have misplaced one library book in my house that I’ve been looking for like mad.  I’ve written a post 2020 business idealist but I have one idea blurb left and one business plan left to write.  Now it is time to have meetings with metaphysical bookstores to pitch my idea but not before setting up a non-disclosure agreement with them.  I also have ideas for Meetups groups.  A travel group can’t happen right now but I have to write this business plan down soon enough.  My herbal remedies franchise idea comes from a friend of mien who casually mentioned she had an herb garden.

I even want to start a teaching group dedicated to pagans and other mentally ill magickal folk on medications to learn witchcraft and psychic arts. I’m going to use my writing to make money this year in more ways than one.  I want to get started in freelancing because I’m free from corporate drama.  My kiosk at the mall idea can provide two seamstresses I know with jobs.  I want to sell the heat packs, bookmarks, and eventually psychokinesis sheet metal art. Yes, using my energy I’m going to melt metal in order to make paper crane origami art.

I want to sell lavender pillows made with herbs from my own herb farm grown in a small space utilizing space saving technologies.  I’m not sure about making my own essential oils because I’m not sure how much space I have in my yard for this stuff.  It is a big yard, I have no idea what measurements, but that has to be in my business plan.  It is the final business plan for the business ideas list that I started in 2016.  I have spent 5 years working on plans.  Now I have to start working on Kickstarter campaigns and raising actual funds, as well as finding business partners.  I need coherent, rational partners who make it a point to politely question my judgment.  I know of at least two seamstresses and a third at the mall that can help me with my insulin pump ice pack this summer. 

It is time to make my dreams come true even at the age of 40.  I feel motivated because I’ve spent the last 5 years in low income planning mode, since my knee injury.  Now that my knee is passably better and I’m walking better, I have the right to seek real funding.

I’m going to start getting the ball rolling with metaphysical bookshops I can present my idea to.  It might even require this idea be made into a presentation to attract outside interest besides those who run the shops.  Making money is one way to protect myself from my family because I can come up with ways of legally protecting myself, eventually changing my phone number.  I have to make real money sometime, because I need to.  I can’t stand staying low income anymore just to protect my family from their mental health problems.

Psychically, the second I make money my parent’s relationship falls apart.  Or they both lose their minds.  I have to make money though because I have got to get myself financially together.  There are many ways out of the trap that I’ve worked out. My list of how to get myself self-employed, that is one way to make money.  I’m going to try to make money for my own sake.  I want to make money. I feel an urge to make money. I want a healthy income and to pay for my own insurance.

Staying low income no longer serves me.  It demeans me.  I have to make money sometime this year.  I have to.  I’m trying.  The stimulus check is necessary for me.  I don’t have much income right now, it’d be great to make real money.  My business ideas are a revolving door.  I have many of them, they pop in on a regular basis, at least one idea a day.  I’m willing to pay for my medical care on my own.   But glucagon is at least $100.  That is very expensive.  I still have no income though which is why I need my EBT benefits. 

EBT is quite useful for us low-income sorts because we get to pay for groceries for free.  I remind myself that I owe nobody an explanation about how I decide to take care of myself, how I decide to rest daily.  I owe nobody an explanation.  I can make decisions for myself and you know what? I do.  I don’t have to overwork myself with no pay off.  It is why I need to create a good support system for myself in Los Angeles. This is why I want to divide my time and live in mental health rehab facilities. I also want to pack up my books when it is time, when I have to move all my stuff to Los Angeles for safety’s sake.

Why Fiction Causes Me Creative Blocks

As the first time I’m updating my blog in the New Year, I’m still in the hazy headspace that New Years puts me in even if I haven’t had drop of alcohol or sugar.  I make the assumption I have forever to write my fiction.  I have to force myself to write lately because the creative flow is not there.  I’m stressed over my financial situation but I need to write those books if I’m ever going to right my money scene.  My 2020 anxiety from the pandemic is paralyzing me.  I’m freaking out daily, making my usual extraordinary effort to stay well.  You only get the virus if you go near people, who otherwise are infected.  The more infected people are right wing, but then the Chinese knew what would happen.

Yes, since I get a lot of blog readers in China.  Anyway, I’m trying to write all my books at once, which is making me crazy stressed.  I’m trying to plug away at my work.  I get commission when the thing is published.  That is something my mother does not understand about the writing business.  You get paid when you deliver the finished product.  You do not get a salary, you get commission even on articles for online outlets.

Money eventually does come with writing, if you can market your well-written book because you have to make actual sense. This is why I’m relieved I’m stable.  I need to stay stable, I have to stay stable, I’m trying to stay stable.  Mr. hernia is making me feel terrible. I see germs, I see dead people, I’m trying to stay away from sick people.  I find my non-fiction is coming out easier because I tell myself I can make money with it.  My fiction is about stuff I keep suppressed. 

Science fiction is actually more like fact but I do not want to be specific as to how.  Fiction is something that relies on pure imagination.  My brain is stressed from the virus going around, from all the suffering going on.  I keep trying to keep myself well.  I have access to an herbal antiviral made of lemongrass, ginger, and cinnamon.  So far, I’ve stayed well. I can’t have a cold prevention remedy of lemon juice, cinnamon and pepper because that can trigger my heartburn. I’m frustrated, because I have to make money but I’m stuck in a low-income lifestyle.

I finally convinced my doctor to let me make money.  My books could very well make me a lot of money.  I do not need to live pay check to pay check.  I’m trying to keep myself from getting depressed.  My fiction is out on Amazon, Opening New Dimensions, Iria Vasquez-Paez.  You can look it up if you want to.  No guarantees you will buy it but it is out there nonetheless.  So I have a book out that I’m scared of people buying.  How silly, it is ridiculous.

Anyway, I’m going to try to finish writing all my projects this year, as Opening New Dimensions is a science fiction novel I envision having 7 books in the series total.  My second book, Journey to Atlantis is going to be 1,000 pages.  I’m half-way through this book. I’m trying to think “what next?”  A guide to developing plot is thinking: “what is next?”  I’m trying to piece together the plot but I feel like I’m slogging through the work. I’m trying to not get depressed about my creative tendencies.

I’m using a computer that needs an updated operating system.  I got the new phone, I have to set up my equipment for the continuous glucose monitor.  But anyway, this stuff that is definitely distracting from working on my book.  Journey to Atlantis is the title of my sequel because it will involve time travel.  As if my life isn’t saturated in the paranormal, and to degree I enjoy the metaphysical stuff although my damn brain could use a break from the intensity I feel in it. This is my rapid cycling bipolar trying to stay in control.  Otherwise, I’m very stressed lately, as I’m trying to burn the candles at both ends.

Yes, taking time off is a good thing.  I need to chill on occasion anyhow, but I don’t read my own stress levels very well to see when I need a break.  My phobias are sky high right now from the mess that the US government has become because of seditionist Republicans.  I’m trying to ride my wave without getting too stressed out. The great part is that I’m making progress with all books.  I’m trying to take time off from this blog.  I’m trying to make money here in a variety of ways.  I feel unsuccessful and staying low income is brutal.

At the same time, I do not want my mental landscape to turn into a hot mess.  I really do not want to cause myself a nervous break down.  These days I know how to get myself to appointments on time because I can think my way through the process of getting ready so much better.  With my parents not around to drive me crazy before I’m leaving the house, I can get out of the house on a regular basis now.  I like leaving whenever I feel like it, but see mr. hernia is causing me major symptoms right now, I’m tired, easily made tired, and I feel run down.  Yes, I’m having trouble getting things done.

I’m having trouble focusing on anything, even ordinary TV.  I have the energy for at least that, and I work in the mornings.  I’m trying to keep my head from going far into my hat, I’m trying to make something of myself.  The struggle is real.  I have a doctors appointment today, to see if something can be done about this infernal hernia.  I find this situation aggravating at best, because I want to focus on writing fiction.  Sure, recovering from hernia surgery will be something.  But hey, that is my real distraction right now, Mr. hernia.  It is my #1 distraction.  The pain.  Oh yes, I now recognize it for what it is.  I’m stressed because I’m low income.  Lol. I’m trying to navigate my stress levels.  Eventually I will win all the wars though, the hernia war, the sleep war, the money war, the diabetes war.  I will win everything. I’m trying.

 I bought a copywriting class on Udemy, a great class that has taught me about different forms of copywriting such as press release copywriting.  I’m trying to learn to trust my instincts in every possible way this year.  My instincts matter a lot only because if I trust them, I do well.  Copywriting has taught me that I need to find a niche and that is health and wellness.  I’m learning from a prosperity podcast that in order to manifest things happening, I’m going to have to learn to manifest money by trusting my universe as being friendly.  I’m working on getting myself a good copywriting job.

I’ve been looking at both paid and unpaid internships.  This blog is out there; it presents the facts of my life.  My reality is being expressed here.  If you can’t take the reality of how my reality works, then fine.  I’m a productive person though, who wants a regular dayside job in addition to that of psychic. My copywriting class has taught me that you have to market to folks in a way that makes them want your services.  Your copywriting services will be sold.  It can be sold at any rate.

I’m looking for a real job, so each cover letter is offering my experience.  I’m working on creating a good job for myself.  This is only because I have survived on the SSI cushion too long.  I’m trying my best to finish my books; one is a book on psychic attack using a pen name.  The other is my anti-dating book written for unconventional people.

At any rate, I’m trying my best to get something done with my life to please Green man and what he wants for me.  I’m working myself to death on a holiday week, with high anxiety floating around in my head.  I’m trying to make sure I am keeping my head unafraid since wonderful things can happen soon enough.  I’m scared of my future.  My driver’s license is probably suspended right now but that is because I do not have the energy to drive.

I’m doing the work that I need to get done though in order to stay sane.  My writing keeps me sane no matter what kind of writing it is.  I’m working towards a spectacular life when I start making real money.  All I need money for are books, food, clothing, and school.  That’s it.  I also need to go on hiking adventures, and I’m going to have to pay for insurance.  Anyway, I’m pretty much learning right now that I want money, that I need money, that it is okay to have money.  Mom said it was bad enough I get free medical care; do I have to have a stipend I paid for myself too?  I’m seeing that my mother is her usual off her rocker, crazy with that comment as she needs help but is not getting any.  This is why I avoid people.  But anyway, I’m going to make real money this year, stimulus check or no stimulus check, that’s coming January 11th.  I’m stressing, majorly stressing.  I’m trying not to freak myself out.  It is the end of the month; I always get money guilt at this time.

I managed to manage my money guilt this month very well, and I’m past it now.  I preserved my EBT benefits.  I’m trying to keep my head out of my hat, but I’m feeling holiday depression settling in.  I have to get my hands on that vaccine, only because I feel that I need it.

I’m not paranoid about the vaccine, but being low income is making me paranoid.  Wanting money, I’m scared of losing my pure-heartedness knowing however, that I can’t give it away.  I can’t do that, I have to set furious boundaries.  Yes, I have to have airtight boundaries like- the parents won’t get my money, at all.  I pay for stuff myself, give me the control.  Money causes me anxiety, it causes me paranoia.  I am afraid of money I guess you could say.  I’m learning that I do not have to be paranoid about money, wanting more, earning more, saving it.  I’m trying to make my peace with it.  Copywriting is one way I have to make money.

Ways of Using Self-Employment to My Advantage and Resources I Have Found But Not Limited To Job Pages, and Internet Website With How-Tos


  1. Research one type of business per day, look into any resource you can find, leave an impression paragraph and a link.
  2. Make sure this is thorough since a business plan will come out of this additional to the Tough B, Inc. business.
  3. These must be jobs I’m qualified to do now, in the present, without attaining extra degrees.
  1. Internet Researcher –

 Becoming an internet researcher is very easy, and requires being handy with Google.  I can research the Internet in my sleep, having done so since it was invented in 1993.  Only now I have the stability to seek a career in this-that can be added to my resume.  Internet researchers can find work at companies who hire them to do online research, especially if they have a specific kind of expertise.  Keywords include internet research, online research, work at home research jobs, internet/online research jobs as you begin by searching the Internet for jobs. I ran a search on internet research jobs, and I found some on

I have known of, for a long time, or the Association of Internet Researchers, which has scholarships, and classes in the field, based on an email I got from them. They have a webinar or two on the subject of starting your own internet research business, even with one webinar for Online Investigative Research.

I applied at one Internet Researcher/Academic Writer at an job, since I logged in. This job is a three month long $20 an hour position at Career Blog, because I’m sure there are others out there. This is just a research paper file I’m working on. Ask Wonder is another such company, in which you have control over the number of research requests. Flex Jobs is a useless resource that some websites count as a useful one, and I used to spend $29.95 on it.

Wonder hires independent contractors at $15-18 an hour, as a general average since applicants have to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. At the extent I want to start my own researcher business as I tried to do in 2001, which means that this time around I know to set up and write a business plan. Also, this sort of angle requires a social media presence which includes having a website. Finding clients involves using marketing techniques to sell your business. Here is a huge list of free resources on the work at home woman website,, because you have to own your own domain name, if you want to use a free option. As I already have a wordpress site, we should set up advertising my services, in order to gain clients, who are actually going to pay me something I’m worth for doing their Internet research.

  • Private Investigator/psychic private investigator:

I already took private investigator classes with Penn, although as it is now, I’m still too unhealthy to do the externship with a private investigator that the school offers. Private investigators are private detectives if you will, only because they have the skill to investigate crimes, identities, businesses, occupation, or character of a person. I’m building my skill set right now by investigating my own health problems, and the doctors who saw me as a child, since I was in diabetic coma at 10 years old from not being treated with insulin. My mother not surprisingly, has a Munchausen by Proxy diagnosis, untreated mental health issues such as schizoaffective and OCD, and untreated personality problems that make me want to avoid her fight-picking stupidity. So I’m starting investigating/freeing myself from the low-income trap that my parents have me in.

I’m also wanting to start a private investigation firm, that allows my employees to use their psychic talent to investigate crimes. Getting a license involves having 2,000 hours of investigative work under my belt, not to mention passing a two-hour multiple-choice test. In California, I have learned how to become a private detective, and work 6,000 hours in three years, with paid experience at that. Also, 5,000 hours and an Associate in criminal justice is another way while 4,000 hours over two years with a bachelor’s degree in law or police science. So if I get a J.D. I will be able to fulfill a lot of the requirements, you apply for a PI license and pass an 8 hour “power to arrest course”, and a 14-hour course on carrying and using firearms, with 8 classroom and six range hours. If I had my way, I would substitute a taser or a staff weapon for a gun.

            You train under a licensed PI, attorney, repossession firm, public records

Researcher, or arson investigation unit. What doesn’t work is being a process server, public records researcher, or debt collector. The second step is to get fingerprinted in California. You have to submit California’s application packet, and pass the California Private Investigator Test.

And as for the psychic component of my work, I’ve read a lot of Sylvia Browne, Doreen Virtue, and Cyndi Dale.  Why? Because I’m gathering knowledge and trying to figure out how to be a stable mentally ill psychic. I also take Sarah Wiseman classes, and there are plenty of Udemy classes. I want other certifications such as my Qigong, Theta healing, and Reiki Level 2, 3, and Grandmaster certificates. I have other certificates in mind like a massage therapist, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalist, and etc.  These certificates will be explored in the professional psychic category in this document. I need to train with a spiritualist church, training group, or private teacher to even begin getting a handle on psychic insight to be used in my law enforcement private investigation activities.

  • Blogger –

I need more blog readers, so this means coming up with content they would like to read.  It would seem I get the most hits when I write about business related subjects. I have a blog I update every day, during the week while taking a break on weekends, when I think I can recycle other writings that I’ve done during the week. My blogging is done in an hour, give or take that I write a paragraph of more than 100 words.  I apply at ProBlogger a lot but never get any job being advertised. I’m not going to settle for just any blogging job.  There are many ways of using a blogger blogging job give or take the economic situation, and the possibility that there are jobs out there.

  • Proofreader

I have researched the world of Internet proofreading time and again. Some jobs require a Ph.D., which I simply do not have. So I will try to find jobs that don’t require that. I can start my own proofreading business, I can start my own business on many levels. Proofreading is something that can be advertised on my blog as a service. I’ve calculated my start-up and ongoing costs of my proofreading business, as next to nothing save paying up for my blog $96 a year to keep it a paid URL. I already have a computer, I already have Microsoft Office, and I already have Word. My target market is other business owners. My proofreading business should fall under LLC, which I will have to form under Zen Business, which has passable state fees. I an Employee Identification Number, registered for taxes for Iria the Irrepressible. I do not have a business bank account or credit card, and I need to set up business accounting, and more.

The Balance has an article about the pros and cons of starting a proofreading business, since it refers to deadlines being tight.  I’m wondering how to market my business, which is why I have ordered marketing books from the library.  I need some kind of job right now and I’m up at 3:00 a.m. on 8/5/20 to find a job, of any kind, so I can finance my existence, adding to my financial situation. Proofreading is something I can do, provided I prove worthy by passing a proofreading test. My proofreading/English grammar and spelling book is proving quite useful to help with this.  There are always Udemy, or Khan Academy free proofreading classes out there. Also, this website has a link to work from home proofreading job options. EditFast, FlexJobs, Gramlee, Kelly Services, Kibin,, Scribendi, Upwork, Wordvice, are all examples of proofreading websites.         business-2951500

  • Copywriter (My work for

There is another way to become a copywriter online, but I do not know what branding is, and I’m trying to figure out how to break into the business part-time.  I have to look for copywriting sites similar to I’ve applied as a copywriter, this list serves to remind me that I have many skills. I have a very hireable skillset here, if I could stop saying to myself nobody wants me, I will never be hired. I want to be hired. I know I can be hired. Copywriting is easy, it is something I did for

I applied at many copywriting jobs this morning, 8/5/20, only because I feel the       need to get a paid gig and an internship, totaling to around 15-20 hours a week. This file serves as a place to write notes in about how the search is going. I found an Udemy class on how to start your own copywriting business, a class worth $16.99. Indeed, my missing business skill is actually marketing, only because marketing is something I need to learn about, perhaps taking a class, also found on Udemy. There are many classes with more information in it than I need right now. I have a book called The Wealthy Writer, How To Earn a Six-Figure Income as a Freelance Writer. 

This valuable resource was found at Savers, is written by an Australian, and tells     of how to make this money. I’ve read it, or at least am almost done reading it. I’m trying to create handy resources for myself to make money with. As a copywriter, there are jobs out there. I can make a good living if I want to.  Textbroker had useful copywriting guidelines available, which I learned to follow.

I get two emails from Contena in two days, from Onboarding, which means they know I’m a great fit.  This is one way to earn extra income. So yes, this may be the start of a new job, a new way to make money, and a new way to gain experience in a writing job.  Contena is also a content writing job that I have plenty of past experiences I can write about.

  • Journalist

I’m a journalist for Vocal Media, since there are so many articles to write swirling around in my head. I’m working on my Drake Equation article just now because I’m needing to write this article seeing as it is coming out slowly and will be finished and posted by this Sunday. It is a complicated piece that will require slow work, as well as editing.  I need to edit the piece quite often. My blog has a journalism section only because it means that I write stylist pieces in that writing style.  There is money to be made as a journalist.  See Fact Checker. I’m finding journalist jobs on Indeed.

  • Due Diligence Researcher  

A due diligence researcher is someone who investigates a target company’s assets before making an acquisition. The investigative nature of the job is used to prepare the business owner to make an informed decision that enhances the quality of information that is available to the company making the decisions.  A company that is selling their equity has to be investigated to make sure it is worth buying. The due diligence researcher is a third party that investigates on behalf of a company that is being taken to market. The key questions a researcher needs to find for the company are, how do we buy?  How do we structure an acquisition?  How do we pay?  This investigation needs to include practices of process and company policies. The acquisition decision revolves around the principles of valuation and shareholder value analysis. There are 9 audit areas used to evaluate the situation: the compatibility of the business, the financial status of the business, the macro-environment audit, the legal-environmental audit, the marketing audit, the production audit, the management audit, the information systems audit, and the reconciliation audit. Any business being acquired needs to also feature cybersecurity as another means of analysis.  Due diligence as we have seen here, is research into the structure of how a company operates. The key is to figure out if any foreign official is involved in the company, along with what other illegal activity may be researched as happening during the time the research is being conducted.

The due diligence researcher also researches company stock.  A broker-dealer conduct due diligence on a security before selling it, since a due diligence researcher wants to know how much revenue a company is making so that their client can have that information at hand.  Profit is calculated by dividing its net income by its revenue. The researcher needs to also look at competitor industries to see what the company being researched has in terms of its competition.  A projection of the future earnings growth of that company needs to be made.  The company balance sheet needs to show its assets and liabilities to check the level of the companies’ debt, as well as accumulated earnings over time.  Due diligence is a complicated field and I’m wondering what kind of job training is out there for it.

There are actually due diligence courses out there. Udemy has 600 due diligence classes alone.  They have classes on how to buy a business, how to acquire a business and how to sell your business. It’s worth asking Marky how to find due diligence classes.  Some classes are in the thousands, and wisely I think I can’t afford it.  I will eventually find classes that are worth taking, with maybe using Youtube as a resource.

  • Writer

I write both fiction and non-fiction.  This is a way to make time-delayed money although writing on the Internet for the Internet can work to make money also. I have to send out my work to publishers.  I also write articles for Vocal Media, and Hub Pages. These articles could make money depending on number of views.  I can’t get my readership up on Vocal Media, but Hub Pages has options on how to get good article scores.  I have a list pages long of articles I can write for various magazines online.  I can write books under my actual name, and when I get my MD I will be writing more books, although getting my MS will also be about writing self-help books.  For now, I have fiction rattling around in my head, multiple ideas, and I want to get stuff done, but I find I only have so much energy with my current set of health problems, like Mr. Hernia. This means I have to press on finding a job as a copywriter/writer/proofreader/editor.

Cayla did say find a job as a proofreader, which I have tried to do but sometimes fell short of.  I’m working on finding myself a compatible job.  I have many options for self-employment gigs, all I need to do is market myself better, only because I don’t know much about marketing.  Actually that is a huge weak point I need to fix. I have books on marketing like Marketing for Dummies, and another book called Mastering Your Small Business Marketing.  All of my self-employment ideas mean one thing, have an ability to work for yourself whenever you want. 

  • Ghostwriter (working for Personal Trainer AJ)

Ghostwriting is another way I have of making money, because ghostwriting is about writing as though you are the actual author but you aren’t and you don’t get paid for being an author. and Upwork have ghostwriting jobs.  Ghostwriting can be a self-employment rap because my words can be attached to someone else’s words. I’m going to find myself a job as anything on this list, which I can get done. I’ve seen these jobs on Upwork so it would be useful to buy connects with the stimulus check.

  1. Editing

I type in Editing into Indeed and get a bunch of copywriting jobs. Editing or becoming an editor is one way to use my Bachelor’s, in particular if I want to be a self-employed writer or editor.  But then again I could wind up a managing editor although I have little experience with managing. I’m looking for contract jobs for everything since I have to do an income report with my tax return. As an editor of my own work, I know what that involves. When I edit, I destroy my previous wording of something I have written, in order to rearrange everything.  As an editor, I know what I’m doing with my own work.  Other people would listen to me. I’m getting ideas together for my own Vocal Media pieces, and I am going to start a Hub Pages piece today.

  1. Content Writing

 Elna Cain has this blog she wrote. Content writing can imply that the writer is responsible for articles to write for a company with either your byline or someone else’s.

  1. E commerce writing

There are some Indeed jobs available in this category. Ecommerce is a way to tell customers something about what they are buying. It is a blurb underneath a product link online. ECommerce tells the world what your brand is about, and why someone should buy it. This kind of writing style can boost sales, through using tone to enhance word choice. Copy can improve website sales. Words must reflect how great your product is, but not provide useless information, as you have to stick with the facts, ecommerce is about writing up something useful for a product launch using magnetic headlines, to draw readers in. Ecommerce writing is difficult to develop as a skill because it takes a long time to according to this blogger:

  1. Grant Writing

A grant writer is someone who gathers information about a possible grant, and then goes and collects money for organizations.  I have my own nonprofit to worry about, called WeHelp.  It is in my head for now, and it’s rattling around in there.  Grants are easy to get when you write compelling grant copy.  Yes, I have ideas for many things rattling around in my head. Grant writing is something I need to take classes to learn. I’m looking at Udemy just to see what is out there. Udemy has classes like Grant Writing for Non profits and Freelance Writers, Grant Writing: Keys to a Successful Proposal. Comprehensive Grant Writing for Beginners: 7 simple steps. It has a Grant writing full course, and basic grant proposal writing for Non profits, all in the affordable $12.99 range.

Here is another link, about how you can break into entry level grant writing, which is something I need o to do.  With grant writing all you have to do is follow the directions, since not following the guidelines for the application is something that makes a grant proposal fail.  Proofreading is also a necessary part of navigating the madness that is grant writing. Education grant writers work for schools, and they ask for equipment, new staff members, or school building improvements. Environmental grant writing is done to help protect the environment, making an effort to conserve habitats. Health grants are used for people in quit smoking programs or other addiction programs. Housing grants help low-income families find housing, while other grant writing programs try to provide homeless with food, shelter and hygiene products. Animal welfare grants involve pet maintenance education, pet shelter safety, and preventing overpopulation. Art grants cover dance, music, performing arts, local arts, events, literature, and the visual arts such as a Latin dance center, which is also covered under community development. Human and civil rights grants help people with disability rights, racial and gender equality, justice systems need to reform, and ways of making sure young people are not incarcerated as much. Grant researchers are available to help doctoral students complete their dissertation research. There are grants for international aid and business grants to get enough money an individual business owner needs to start a business.

Getting grant writing jobs only happens when you tell people although I have asked NAMI in the past, which makes starting locally difficult because they didn’t give me the time of day. Having an English degree can only help me. You can find grant writing jobs on many different websites, but Glassdoor didn’t work yesterday for some reason.

  1. Business Plan Writing/Marketing Plan Writing:

Business plan writing is something I’m interested in, that I do in the present constantly.  The table of contents is easy to work out but I lack some resources like knowledge on marketing. There is such thing as making a marketing plan, for a book or a business. I don’t know how to do this. I managed to fix Glassdoor using Scylla Andara 8/12/20 as an email since my other ones didn’t work at all. Give or take I’m finding remote jobs that I may or may not be qualified for. But anyway, business plan writing is a service that can be provided although I feel compelled to finish all my business plans first. I have to work on my entertainment ideas, only because I have many of them.

  1. Legal Writing – Court Reporter

I want to get a paralegal degree before I get my law degree so I can have that under my belt. I’m interested in the paralegal program at De Anza, which is now  online now and will be for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. I  will find it easy to take online class, business 18 at De Anza or Foothill only because that class is necessary for the business program at either school. A business administration Associates is useful so that would put me at three AA degrees. I need to get a business administration associates to get done MBA stuff, and I totally forgot about this desire.

This is the link to the Foothill College business administration program. Taking early accounting classes online would get a lot of those MBA prerequisites out of the way. I need to take business law 18 and business law 19, because that is a great pre-law class anyway besides being a class necessary for my MBA. The  De Anza paralegal certificate is fully online now, because of COVID, so in which case it is something I could easily wind up getting. Legal writing careers require a paralegal background at least, and could transfer nicely into a J.D. program credits. A paralegal AA is 90 units total, while a business administration associates is something to have, in particular the marketing course certification. Total units necessary for a certificate is 34 units while the core business administration classes are 33 units, which adds up to a 60-unit total. School factors into these job titles, as I’m going to need it.

But consequently you can get into legal writing as a career, and even certified    court reporting, which is something else I need to look into under this category.  I looked up a legal writing Youtube video.

And anyway, there is also such thing as a court reporter in this category, which is      why I added it onto this list.  Court reporting is verbatim transcription,  something I have bare-bones skill in from training with Transcription for Everyone and having some experience with Rev.  A court reporter has to be 18, with a high school diploma, who has completed a court reporter educational program. Court reports have to pass a state test where you can transcribe 200 words per minute, with a 97.5% accuracy rate at the minimum. There is also a dictation and transcription part of the exam. Here is a link to a blog I found this and it discusses various steps to take in order to become a court reporter. California has a series of court reporting schools I would have to go to. Court reporters must have 660 academic hours and 2,300 machine hours, The licensing exam has a filing fee of $40, a certificate fee of $75, requires two current passport photos, 2 fingerprint cards, and a $49 fingerprinting processing fee for out of state applicants. You have to take a dictation and transcription, and a written examination in California with a PSI testing center in Santa Clara. You then can look for a job with the California Court Reporters Association, which can help you find a job in the court system, either with the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, or the Superior Courts. You need to maintain your California license, and the salary could easily be $118,000 a year for those certified, who have experience.

  1. News Writing

To become a news writer, I have had to say I need to get Bachelor’s in psychology- and anthropology, and journalism as a minor, and film and television. At the very least an associate degree is an equivalency degree. I already have an AA in anthropology; having decided it is easiest to get a Bachelor’s in that first, while pursuing transferable credits in psychology. But anyway, to become a news writer, I would have to enroll at San Jose State, and take their newspaper class.  I’ve taken at least three journalism classes, but that is not enough for another bachelor’s let alone a minor.

Writing news is a specified type of writing that delves closely into facts.  Writing has many different sub groupings like technical writing versus news writing.  We have to add technical writing to this list.  News is supposed to be in the second/ third person not using the pronoun “I,” which is first person.  I am interested in journalism, because it fascinates me and is not boring.  I also got interested in this field because of Smallville and anything Superman related anyhow.  I’m trying to figure out how to get this list done.

I’m looking at how to become a journalist in this respect, I have a Bachelor’s, which is about English and creative writing, but this website says to get another one. I had long suspected this.

  1. Resume Writing

  A new field in some ways, I’ve written my own resume more than once but can I write a resume for other people?  I have applied at every resume-writing job in sight.  There is always the option of getting into business myself, with Fiverr like it says here  I could help friends with their resumes, writing glowing compliments, good things, and in general making them look fabulous. I could find a job as a freelance resume writer, making $10-$12 an hour. In this article, a company called Resume Genius is highlighted as a good way to get started.  This website is worth visiting to see what is actually going to happen with this.  Freelance is another possible starting point because Craigslist has a small business ads section, which might prove fruitful. After visiting Resume Genius, on 8/16/20, I see that it is about how to write a resume on your own without help.  The article made it sound like it was a way to get someone else to write your resume for you.  That is misleading.  I think I need to log back into Fiverr just to make sure that I can put resume writer on my list of services I provide. I found Freelance, which I need to set up an account for. There is a way to get certified as a freelance resume writer, This article says to register on Elance, and I need to add this offering to my Upwork, and even Linkedin has some resources, for recruitment agencies that hire freelance resume writers.

The website, the Work At Home Woman has an entry about resume writing. The National Resume Writers Association is mentioned as a resource, Boardroom Resumes, FlexJobs, RiseSmart, Talent Inc., and Upwork are cited as resources to begin look into opportunities.  There is a way to choose a niche in fields I’m interested in like legal resume writing, or healthcare.  This page is  stating that you need to start a website that will showcase your portfolio featuring other examples of resume writing. You have to market any business in order to be successful, only because marketing tells people your business exists.  Seeing as I got myself books on marketing, I’d better read them to get it through my head how marketing works. This is a glaring weak spot of my entrepreneurship skills, so investing in resume writing conferences, or webinars may help me gain a foothold into the business.

  1. Quiz and standardized test writing jobs

Looking for a job in this niche field proves difficult as it is right now with coronavirus, mass sickness, and all the stress floating around the planet right now.

Time 4 teaches children how to write with many classes available.  I found an Indeed link to test writing jobs, but here is the link of Time 4 Writing before I forget. I found a link to ACT test writers, which is found on At the very least this stuff does work, and Sarah Behling does do test question writing from home.

Another web page I found is the Side Hustle Series,, which says that you shouldn’t count on the income from standardized test writing. The major testing companies I should apply at are highlighted in this link, They are Harcourt Educational Measurement, CTB McGraw-Hill, Riverside Publishing, and NCS Pearson. This is the website for Pearson, This is the website for Harcourt, Here is the CTB McGraw-Hill, and then Riverside Publishing,  So anyway, more research is necessary as to how to register as a test question writer for these tests.

  1. Greeting Card Writing

Blue Mountain is about writing new, original greeting cards.  It was started 40 years ago, and it pays $300 per poem.  I have submitted my work in the past. They pay between 12 and18 months.  Calypso Cards pays $50 per idea, and I’m under the impression they pay faster than Blue Mountain. Oatmeal Studios has submission details, under the writer guidelines link. Here are the writer guidelines…, although pay is not mentioned.  RSVP has its standards here,, and I haven’t found any relevant contact information. Smart Alex demands PG humor but pays $50-$75 per submission. Viabla submissions happen within seasonal guidelines. Other options include Card Gnome that pays $10 or 5% of the card, in a check, while The Greeting Card Shop also offers a similar service, because you get 24 cents for each card purchase.

  • Ebook writing

Ebook writing can come in handy as a career choice, as my first novel is already an eBook.  I’m working on a psychic attack book that could wind up an eBook, as I want to make simultaneous submissions to Llwellyn, the pagan book publisher. Ebooks are saved under specific file formats such as Adobe PDF, EPUB, MOBI, which doesn’t support audio or video, AZW for the Kindle-e reader, ODF, and IBA which comes from Apple iBooks supporting sound, video, images, and interactive elements. I’d be writing topics for the pagan audience, and I could publish my Lazarus books first as eBooks and then submit them to Llwellyn. Now that is one way to make quick money. I already have 2 full chapters ready to go and I’m working on Chapter 3. Lazarus is also the name I will be lecturing under to keep my pagan stuff separate from my business stuff.  The book has to be converted into a PDF file, which is why you need a landing page for your book.  I can then advertise my book on my blog. Here is a new idea, interview Marcia Pickands, author of The Psychic Self-Defense Personal Training Manual, which I’m reading/citing in the Psychic Attack book.  I’m not going to start flipping through all my books and citing stuff until I finish all the chapters filled in with the writing.  I plan on starting heavy editing this winter, if I can hold out that long or somehow get more productive after hernia surgery.

  •  Article Writing – Vocal Media and Hub Pages/major publications

Trying to write and publish is hard, yes, some people have made note of that.  The writing business is a hard business to be in, but I’m in the right business.  My Vocal Media pieces are out there, so are my Hub Pages pieces, but not many are making money for me right now.  Hub Pages functions in a specific way, moving around certain cells that contain the writing you can copy into it.  I paste Vocal Media one paragraph at a time so my computer doesn’t overload.  I also feel that writing for major publications is something I could get done, while getting well paid for it.  I keep a list I have called the 2020 Submission Tracker that I keep on USB.  It contains a list of articles I’ve submitted to publications.  I submit queries and that goes on this list.  Vocal Media submissions that are accepted goes on the list, whether it is accepted or not.  Hub Pages accepts a variety of work from various publications. I have a list of publications to write for and a top 10 list of possible article writing topics.

  • Fact Checking

Fact checkers are someone who works in the research department of magazines or for television news shows.  Their job is to confirm all the facts in a story, such as the subject’s age or what they’ve said. The details have to be checked without watering down the story. A fact checker also fixes spelling, grammar, and punctuation, along with historical information, data, and not to mention identities of the people in the piece. Fact checkers get paid based on years of experience.  Fact checkers need at least a Bachelor’s degree in English, not just only a high school diploma. Fact checkers talk to sources to confirm the information, while also needing to know some basic math. Internet search skills are a plus, as is attention to detail since details are the bread and butter of a fact checker.  The keyword “fact-checker” doesn’t always work on Indeed.

  • Life Coach

There are many ways to gain experience on the job as a life coach, I have an interview with a company today at 2:00 p.m. about  at Kay Journal Coaching. This job is a business of sorts,

Do you want to help people achieve more out of life? Do you want to build your own Life Coaching business? Kay Journal Coaching will do just that. This proven process will allow you to help anyone looking to become their best self and achieve all they want out of life. This system will allow you to build your business from the ground up.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Commission

Pay: $0.00 per hour


  • Monday to Friday

Commission Only:

  • Yes

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Team-oriented — cooperative and collaborative

Company’s website:

Company’s Facebook page:

Work Remotely:

  • Yes

– 15 days ago

report job

If you require alternative methods of application or screening, you must approach the employer directly to request this as Indeed is not responsible for the employer’s application process.

This is the job description, which I found interesting enough to respond to, even if there is no salary.  If I have to buy something, I bow out. My life coaching niche should be spirituality and general wellness. Then I need to find a training program such as the International Coach Federation.  Earning a certificate such as a Professional Certified Coach certification requires 500 hours of coaching experience of which 450 must be paid with at least 25 clients. The Master Masteries Coach designation from the ICF, provides applicants with a series of tests that demonstrate the candidates’ existing knowledge of coaching principles. A business classification can be set up, such as Limited Liability Corporation, or Corporation designation. You also need business insurance to even begin to strike it out on your own.  Going to conferences, advertising life coach services, and establishing an online presence are the next steps necessary to take, to become a self-employed life coach.

Life coaching certificates can be found on Udemy, and they can be taken in order to have proven certification. I have life experience and work experience enough to become a life coach.  Getting the interview I got today is just dumb luck but necessary to explore the field further.  I would take notes after the interview.  There are different kinds of coaching certifications that you can earn from a teaching organization, because accreditation is not required.

  • Health Coach

Becoming a health coach requires at least a Bachelor’s.  I also have life experience with many a different health problem.  I know someone who says I give good advice about these scenarios anyway, good, and truly knowledgeable medical intuitive advice. Health coaches are everywhere these days.  Some have an MD background like I want but others do not necessarily have that, if they are a practicing medical intuitive, also called a medical medium. Some companies like, offer a comprehensive nutrition, coaching skills, and business development training package. Health coaches offer guidance to us so that we get to a specific place in our health. Health coach is a job title, found on, which I’m going to search now. I find 602 jobs, some of which require a mental health Master’s degree, which I do not have yet.  Some of these jobs are virtual and some may even require only a Bachelor’s Degree. I can have some fun applying for this.  I applied as a Life Coach using the one-way video interview.  I have to get my degrees in psychology before I even begin to work as a health coach, I need an associate’s, a bachelor’s and a master’s.  Eventually I will have that Ph.D.

  •  Bookkeeper – knowledge of Quickbooks

  I have experience from a long Work 2 Future class in 2017, Quickbooks, having taken Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced in one month.  To further my experience, I need to take a lot of accounting classes for my business administration associates. I still don’t feel I have a full understanding of Quickbooks but I can learn it at home for my own business if I can ever afford a new computer. I’m not sure I feel comfortable with Quickbooks until I know how to use it for my own businesses, only because I took that one Work 2 Future class, while in the present, I can look into other online classes.

  • professional psychic/energy healer

I have the talent of claircognizance, and every day there is a new idea coming into my brain.  I can make sense of it now, in the present only because I’m treated.  My brain is not running at lightning fast speeds anymore.  I get things, I can understand what is going on around me, I can also read for people. I can learn enough Reiki to heal people, since I can also heal myself.  There are many jobs whose requirement is a Bachelor’s in English, only because there are also many roads to self-employment.  This document serves as an exploration of this situation.  I’m starting to build those roads to take since I need to narrow the irons in the fire down to a few. I need to focus and specialize.  A psychic coach is a common career at this point in the 21st, I have to start my own website to see if I can get business that way.  As has been pointed out by SCORE, I need a normal job, that I can stay put in for a year.  I can also buy insurance because the Affordable Care Act was not repealed.  If I can pay my own self-employment insurance, and 401K, I will be fine financially in months. I have other clairs besides claircognizance, see pamphlet for more information.

  • motivational speaker

As it is, I feel very unmotivated at 6:16 a.m. on August 27th, 2020.  I try to motivate myself but my blood sugar average is high, and I feel depressed.  I’m trying to keep myself stable, here, but it is hard.  But now that I have looked at my latest Greyschool grade, seeing as it is 100% and that perks me up.  Waiting around for the grade was worth it.  I went to Toastmasters in Mountain View for three years, from 2013-2016 when I had my knee injury. I can motivate myself and anybody else.  This would be a great self-employment position provided I get speaking engagements. When I become CEO, I will be an on demand motivational speaker who can earn money from these engagements.

  • Fact Checker

Assuming magazines hire fact checkers still the thing is that newspapers will hire article writers or researchers. The job requirement is that I have at least a Bachelor’s, which I have.  There is no reason not to hire me because of my disability. I’m searching on Zip Recruiter today.  I suppose individual magazines could be offering a proofreading job to someone.

  • Herbalist/Gardener/Home farmer

I want to start my own herb garden, vegetable garden and home farm capable of growing corn in a small space, using a variety of inventions to do so.  I’d sell this product on Amazon seeing as it has to go on the 2020 business plan list.  I also want to grow witchcraft protection herbs to sell to people in the pagan community. But anyway, that’s supposed to go on the post 2020 business idea list which is somewhere.

  • Literary agent

I’m sure Udemy has stellar courses on how to become a literary agent.  With this stimulus check, let’s not overdo courses but let’s enroll in one.  A literary agent is all about being self-employed, with finding your own clients. The salary is $31,000 for a literary agent but it can also be up to $59,000 a year.  People in San Jose who are literary agents also make $67,000 a year.  I’m a be my own boss sort in everything.   I like firing the boss, I prefer to be my own boss. I don’t need an MFA to become a literary agent but many jobs I have found in the field of publishing require one.  This is another have my own business sort of field. If only I knew more writers…

  • Personal Assistant –

A freelance personal assistant is one option, or also called a virtual assistant.  There are many jobs available right now for this type of field.  I want to be a self-employed personal assistant because of wanting control over my time. I’d rather be hired for a day to do various tasks, as opposed to hired by a company for a length of time.  I want my jobs to be varied and I want to be hired by other writers. Yes, I should update my linked in to show that I’m hired as a personal assistant to writers.  They will teach me the ropes of finding literary agents and I could just as easily be hired as a personal assistant to one.

  •  Entrepreneur/Business Life Coach  

I sense that Udemy may be cheaper for classes than SCORE although SCORE is useful too.  I want to become an entrepreneur and business life coach since I’m able to do both. At least when I have business experience I can help mentor other business people.  As far as that goes, I have business ideas crawling out of my ears. I have so many ideas I can’t keep up with it. That is the life of a claircognizant, which I want to use in my other business ideas to help people.  I have many ideas that I have to start narrowing down at any rate, and I have business ideas going on a business idea list for 2016-2020. I have to start working on my business ideas for the psychic training laboratory.

  • transcription, medical and legal

There are perfectly sound transcription courses on Udemy at accessible prices.  The stimulus check and any extra income this month made as a personal assistant/virtual assistant have to go to that.  Medical transcription is a complicated field and Career Step has it, along with Penn Foster as a subject you can take.  Legal transcription is even more heinous and will require a class to be taken on Udemy big time.  A lot can also be learned from Youtube videos.

  • Technical writing

Technical writing can also be learned from an Udemy class or Youtube.  I’m trying to build multiple streams of income here during an enormous pandemic.  These are trying times.  Yes, I know there is a brief technical writing program at San Jose State that is three classes.  I can enroll in, with three classes I need that must be filed under the Excel file of academic path.  Technical writing is once again, a very easy field for me to gain experience with.

  • Udemy classes- teaching

I have major ideas for Udemy classes on psychic ability and mental illness.  I don’t have a podcast yet, but I will only because I want to be able to talk about my genetic disability in the podcast.  Udemy leaves ample room to teach other people my skills, in particular to have a class for other claircognizants.  But I need to take Cayla’s class consistently first, so this will be quite a development process. This process will not be ready until 2021, or 2022.

  • Acting

I have martial arts TV shows marching through my head.  I mean another TV show along the lines of Xena Warrior Princess could be produced, in the same universe, only with different, younger actors. I have martial arts movie ideas too.  Acting will be easy since I do not look a day above 20 even if I’m like almost forty, with people constantly mistaking me for generation Z all the time. When they discover my real age, they flip out.  Wow.  Yes.

  • Weather girl

I can get myself an anchor job with local news stations.  I don’t watch weather reports as much anymore, but I need to put myself in such a position.  Although I worry about my skin problems, and my health problems in general, as to how I can do this.  I know there are books in the library about film and television jobs, acting, and etc. I need to start reading books on the industries I’m interested in getting into, and planning my career/use of a BA in creative writing, as needed, which is why I feel I need the whole BA psychology, anthropology and film and television.  With school being online in this brave new COVID-19 world, I’m going to be able to do a lot of class online in the near future.  School is online right now, and may be for the foreseeable future until there is a vaccine, or a way to contain the virus through mask wearing that average people don’t want to do.

  • Director

I know that I want to study TV show directing and to an extent, movie making.  I want to be able to produce my own movies that I have some twisted ideas for.  Director jobs are few and far between right now only because of the way COVID is messing with the world.  But I did take three cinema classes in college just to learn about the business. I wasn’t stable with the brain chemicals long enough to stay put in cinema school, since I know that my academic work goes bad the second I skirt to unstable. There are online bachelor’s degrees in film that I can take in the present although I think I need to be in a San Jose State film program. Eventually I will go back to school.

  • Producer

I’ve also contemplated becoming a film producer.  I’m good at working as a team, I may have a future in this career but I need to be stable, healthy, and well to even begin to make this happen.  I want to put myself in mental health rehab, damn it.  I need to.  A producer is a manager of sorts, who is involved in every stage of the production process, which is why I need to get a film and television Bachelors and eventually an MFA with some film classes at the master’s level. I can find Indeed producer jobs in San Jose, CA just by typing in producer.

  • Anchor

I have always been curious in becoming my own Youtube anchor on my own show.    I have some ideas as to what that show would look like, give or take I make it comedic.  I’d need help with setting this up, given that Mountain View has its own television studio, accessible to many.  I’m sure San Jose may have a local television studio to use also.  But I’m afraid of being the one in charge, of people, since nobody listens to me anyway. I need that film and television AA/BA.

  • Talk show host

A talk show host on Youtube could be my start into the field in general although I know how dad feels about me having this sort of job, I can’t hack it.  Whatever. That’s just insecurity about my disability coming out.  I could make a great talk show host.  This requires more book reading at the library.

  •  Medical Intuitive

A medical intuitive is someone who can psychically know what a medical condition is.  I feel I’d be really good at this, even if there are limited how to guides.  I have to read more Carolyn Myss, or join this school,  I am working on stuff like getting certificates in healing which is an entirely different, separate list. Here is another option for training, see the energy healing careers list.

  • podcaster

I have an idea for a podcast, my So-called paranormal life.  It will serve to educate others, and as an addition to my blog, about my paranormal experiences in my life.  I’m trying to sort out the psychic talent I do have, in my head.