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The Non-Profit, I Finally Found a Mentor

Certain aspects of being chronically ill wiped me out after I talked to him but he put me on the right path.  I’m keeping up with cleaning the house, and staying home a lot due  to the pandemic. I’m vaccinated for a lot of different things like the flu and COVID. For goodness’ sake, get the booster. I’m not sick right now as the case may be, precisely because I got vaccinated. Anyway, I found a mentor for my non-profit at long last. Sometimes you have to make noise. SCORE put all its Silicon Valley webinars online. They also made them freeish? I’m confused.

And my next step is to buy some more Nolo press  books on non-profits. I got my usual $25 from ProductReportCard. You can get decent surveys, make actual Amazon certificates, and get stuff. I ordered this one book I needed for my own personal sanity.  I have a lot of other survey companies I’m a member of but of course I can’t do all of them in one day.  I have to pick and choose.

For ThriftyPig, I’m almost at 50 coins which can be redeemed also. I need potting soil but Amazon doesn’t get what brand Miracle Grow while eBay does. I’m working on my research project for owning franchises but of course, I’m doing the ooh shiny thing again with my interests, my many interests. By Ooh Shiny I mean that it is the Ooh Shiny Effect. No sooner do I find one interest, then I get easily bored, going, what am I doing? I’m deciding to take social psychology in Spring Quarter at Foothill College . I have to kick my own ass into dealing with the counseling department at said school.

I can multi-task despite my schizoaffective, probably better because of it.  Chronic illness is simply our narrative in this society. I found a decent mentor who gets me. I had one session with him and it is time to arrange another one . I need to get that book, so today I’ve decided to find a copy on Amazon .  I mean I’m just a productive person who is still meeting my work goals despite my chronic illnesses. Type 1 diabetes can be hard to deal with even if you infuse.

I’m trying to get this particular beast under control. I’m out of sensors to use with my continuous glucose  monitor I’m keeping in the charger as Instructed to by tech support. My shipment is coming after January 30th. As far as my hernia-trapped body with its crazy limited diet goes, I can no longer have jam with citric acid in it. This causes me acid reflux. I am trying to find brands without it, organic brands from Etsy. 

I’m losing my mind as my diet is becoming more limited by the day. I’d have to be on a liquid diet after hernia surgery, I’d also need a roommate. Someone sane who will not treat me badly.  I’d also live with someone who works outside of the house during the day.  I mean I’d charge a cheap rent.  I cannot live with someone who works front lines but who is vaccinated and masked.  I am a business of one but I got my booster.  It is the height of stupidity not to get a booster. I went and got one for myself to stay well.

The Non-Profit We Help – Where Did this Idea Come from?

When I call domestic violence organizations for help, they assume that I’m calling about leaving an abusive partner.  They have limited resources for people trying to escape toxic families to none at all. If it’s your family, its like, bah, why should we help you? I’m a member of various Facebook groups I’m not going to mention here since my family never reads this blog anyway. See what I deal with? I have family on three continents and they think the problems are my fault.  Nobody helps me financially either.

My organization is going to try to help people financially. I envision buying and taking over a huge warehouse as our base of operations.  How many chronically ill and disabled people are stuck with their families?  How much abuse do we have to tolerate? Quite a lot.  I’m looking to start fundraising in the near future.  I’ve done at least one SCORE class on non-profits. The most useful advice I got was put everything in a separate account. 

What advice I get from SCORE is to get a real job.  But then again I’m a writer who wants to publish books.  That’s a real enough job for me considering how much money books can make?  It is easy to get a bestseller status,  which is 100,000 copies.  See, I work hard most days, but it goes unsung and unrecognized.  I keep trying to find a job but I feel honestly like I’m under a curse. 

You see, some people tell lies about my capabilities that my community believes.  I mean if my family worked in that community but no one from major companies is willing to hire me because of my disability that oh I’m not supposed to talk about but it unfortunately impacts my life.  Am I supposed to move about sight unseen, hidden, lurking and hiding my disability in plain sight, which would get me into serious trouble as some have suggested?

Is all of Mountain View aware that what they believe about me is a false narrative?  I was never retarded or on the autism spectrum, period.  I took a psychological test that proves I’m not ADD at all much less on the spectrum, and as it is I’m way more educated than both parents. I’m actually quite hard to frak with, take advantage of and I can spot a liar very quickly.  Why today I wasn’t necessarily hiding my psychic talent either? But apparently my local metaphysical shops believe bad things about me too.

Or maybe its just my own belief system screwing with my self-confidence because I’m under a don’t you dare get a job kind of psychic attack.  I have sent out so many applications and at times I don’t even get non-paid internships.  I mean I need to see a hypnotist to get rid of this crap.  Honestly, since my family apparently wants my money without earning it.  Out of the sheer goodness of my heart, wow, yeah, okay, nobody gets a dime until everybody gets tested for 22q.

You will be bribed into a blood test.  Yes, I mean from my mother to my father and everybody else in between.  You just never know which kid will be born schizoaffective next.  It could be my cousin’s children when they have children.  Yes, I think that far ahead.  I mean if some people got lucky with their daughter, it does not mean that someday she might have a child with the deletion.

I’d rest easier if I knew who carries the deletion and who doesn’t.  In 2014, I laid groundwork for eventually getting this project done, while putting it on film.  Not that I want to go to Spain right now, I have a hiatal hernia, which means my traveling options are limited.  I might run into massive complications.  We don’t want to be the sick passenger, ever because I can indefinitely keep my shit together.  I’m not setting foot in Spain without an entourage, including a huge security detail.  Since no family helps me financially, how the hell are they just going to help themselves to my money?  Some have said in private it isn’t necessary.  K, freeloaders?

Even when I make real money, it is not about give it to mommy and daddy syndrome yeah?  It is about me paying the HOA fee and the property taxes that’s what.  That’s all the mula you’ll be getting dumbasses. I’m not made of money? What makes you think I’m rich beehach?  What I want to do is impress the crap out of this planet and people who assume things are impossible for someone with 22q/Velocardiofacial syndrome to do. And a word, I know about the Ex’s situations, and I would like it if he stay away from me because he’s decompensating yeah?  He ain’t getting a freakin dime either. The siblings of the Ex ignore this blog and me also, and I’m really sick to death of not having real money around but hey I’ve got to keep plugging away stuff. 

The Writing Business Is Tough

Don’t get me wrong, I like it, I work hard, and my neighborhood knows it.  But the thing is, one of my old doctors remarked that I’m in the wrong business.  Then again, she has a point, although I’m learning how to manage stress so that fact doesn’t get to me.  Therapy helps you learn stress management.  As it is, I have like three therapists right now.  The thing about life in general is that you have to make an effort, to succeed.  It is not random- the thing about success is that it is planned.  I’m working on learning how to pitch my writing, it will take time to learn-eventually I’m going to publish stuff.  Working hard eventually pays off even if there are no guarantees.

Energetic Boundaries- Cyndi Dale technique/approach

I have to say that I’m trying to read a lot about my energy boundary issues, although I’m trying not to slip into Mule mode, which means my parents get their energy work done for them by me. The mere fact that I have work to do on my own, means that I have to quit doing mom and dad’s work as though my life depends on it. Really, I’m trying to route their energy needs to the Divine even as right now I’m working on my chakra issues using a chakra book that the self-isolation has given me enough time to get done with. If anything, I’m working on that chakra self-help book. I’m working on getting myself the insights I need, but I may start booking readings with psychics at East West bookshop only because I have to start schmoozing more with more than one kind of person, although due to Mr. Hernia I have to be wary of pagans, or for that matter, anybody carrying around the title of “witch.”

Your Nonprofit Start-up Companion

Starting and Building a Nonprofit: A practical Guide

Blog summaries chapter by chapter

Your Nonprofit Start-up Companion

A nonprofit is defined in Starting and Building A NonProfit, A Practical Guide by Peri H. Pakroo J.D. as being mission driven by the groups’ major aspiration or goal. A group of people keeping a park litter free, can call itself a nonprofit. Also, a group selling candy bars to fund children’s soccer trips in the state can also be called a nonprofit. My vision for my nonprofit is a group dedicated to providing support services for survivors of Munchausen by Proxy. We’d help children escape abusive families. We’d also help dependent adults get jobs to fund their lives away from their families. I need to escape my family financially, right? It has to happen this year. You have to realize that I have no idea what I’m doing here, and I want to file articles of incorporation with no money. This paperwork has to be filed with the secretary of state office given I find a minute to do this when I either have money or a partner who has been a Munchausen by Proxy survivor. The business structure needs to be put together in a way that limits owner’s personal liability. Taxation will be required as nonprofits are separate tax entities having more favorable tax rules than for profit corporations. Nonprofits serve the public interest, which includes the stipulation that they have to govern themselves according to specific rules. I need to set up a board of trustees or board of directors made entirely of Munchausen by Proxy professionals as well as survivors. We’d use Zoom for conferences and be a work from home scenario but eventually we need to plan for in person meetings.

On pg. 4 this book gets into alternatives to nonprofits. This business would not work as a for-profit, only because we use my dry club, the Trocadero Transfer to set up a fundraising branch of my organization. A low profit limited liability company or L3C is similar to a nonprofit. Its goal is to benefit the public in some way, making profit a secondary goal. This structure may serve my nonprofit social media website idea. Benefit corporations known as Certified B Corps is a state sponsored legal structure that is assessed to meet specific qualifications about a corporation needing to have a necessary impact on society. It is held accountable through what is called a fiduciary duty to both corporate shareholders and workers. Corporations like these have to file annual progress reports held to a third-party standard. A social purpose corporation is available in the State of California as a means of filing the status.  An SPC organization is not necessarily bound by the same rules as a Certified B Corps only because it is granted more flexibility with funding requirements.

As it stands right now, I need a rotating executive director who has survived Munchausen by Proxy, and three trustees. I’m clueless as to how to arrange either situation. I have to file papers one day but with what income? So I need to find a loaded business partner. Nonprofits are tax exempt organizations, most of them, but I’m fuzzy as to the rules still because I’ve only read one book. Is there a class? I can’t afford those either. Okay, so the federal tax code classes nonprofits a certain way. The 501c (4)  or 501c (6). I have no idea how properties people live in for free as a safe house to get away from their families will be taxed or classed or even if my nonprofit can stay a nonprofit. My nonprofit benefits people who want to escape their abusive families. I need to read How to Form A Nonprofit Corporation by Anthony Mancuso. This book covers the need to file a 501c (3) status. On this computer, 501 © is what comes out when I try to copy the book as a citation of sorts. So I am writing it 501c(3).

Businesses succeed at making money, which is what determines if society says they are successful. A nonprofit is judged on how it is fulfilling its mission. Nonprofits need donations to survive. I envision needing more than one director on a rotating basis who are mental health professionals that have survived Munchausen by Proxy or who are involved with people who have. I clearly need to visit a lawyer to ask questions about how to run a nonprofit as there are things I have no idea how to do. Volunteers do simple work for nonprofits, but I have an interesting plan to make sure all volunteers get paid a stipend. While fundraising is considered a difficult and time consuming situation by the author Peri H. Pakroo, J.D., I have some ideas. My martial arts fundraiser as I can push people twice my size with my Chi for one. I need to prove things to myself, do experiments and provide evidence for my assumptions. As it is right now, I feel too run down to go to a martial arts class, as I have to have Gatorade or juice with me for lows. Right now I can’t have citric acid. I check labels carefully. Bread has vinegar. Yes, hiatal hernias are so much fun, excuse my sarcasm. I’m having loads of fun with acid reflux. Yes, there are other Nolo press books I can find on Amazon. I bought the book I’m citing for $4. Yes, I know how to get good deals.

Why I tried to be a diabetes mentor as my own business and failed  

Well, it failed because I didn’t have enough clients. I had one person I could have mentored but she wasn’t motivated enough because in order for a mentor relationship to work, one must be motivated. Sometimes people are not motivated to do the work. My medication helps a lot. I’ve never been totally short on motivation even when I was exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke. I mean I used to be able to tolerate chocolate but right now I can’t touch it. I have a hiatal hernia and there is a list of acid reflux triggering foods. The good news is that I have achieved my diabetes management goals. I have succeeded but I’m wondering if it will last and if I can maintain it for a week.

                If that whole keep it up thing happens, I’m going to coast on that for a while as my A1c is due. I’m a type 1 diabetic for reference’s sake.  I’m a brittle actually. It means that slight things trigger changes in my blood glucose. Frustration is running a bit high for me right now in terms of my finances, seeing as I don’t have a real source of extra income besides SSI. This is so frustrating but I’m trying not to lose sleep over it. I occasionally send out a lot of Upwork applications. I also hit up Indeed really hard although I don’t trust Monster. LinkedIn is another one I use to network with Angel Investors who should start coming out of the woodwork to fund my business ideas.

                Type 1 diabetes is manageable, very, but not impossible to deal with. I have managed to successfully bring my average down to where it is now, which is 134 7 days. I’ve worked a whole lifetime for this day. I have worked very hard to get these results.  I mean I had some highs last night given that my set failed on me, but I changed it just now. I’m good at infusion but some people can’t take it. Some people can’t hack infusion at all because it is very technical, and the needle is large. The needle can freak people out on occasion. I wish I could throw myself a huge house party, but I don’t have the energy. I should try to given that I just hit major diabetes management milestones, although, like I said, I am in reclusive mode which means I don’t want to talk to Tech support either. I should be calling them in order to ask for how to connect my CGM to my pump. I also have to change my CareLink password and set up CareLink the website on this computer because Windows 10 can take it.

                This laptop is working nicely. I’m ready to work as a diabetes mentor considering I wanted to start it as a business originally. I want to become a life coach in business for myself which means I can take on clients I choose to take on. Training as a diabetes mentor would offset that path. Anyway, yes, I’m looking forward to talking to people at this company. My a1c is perfect right now, making me feel better even if I was awake from 1:00 a.m.- 4:00 a.m. this morning. I went and fell asleep when my blood sugar came down. I’m consciously working on this stuff since I have mental health situations in addition to type 1 diabetes. It was plenty scary not being on meds from age 1-20, not knowing what relaxation felt like, let alone actual sleep until I took Zyprexa for the first time. But that medication did cause me weight gain, which is something to look out for. Martial arts can burn 321 calories for one hour of exercise. I need to work on my weight right now anyway.

What is Max Bounty and How Does it Make Money?

Max Bounty is a type of affiliate program that I haven’t used much out of sheer ignorance. In one Google search, I have found that Max Bounty is defined through acceleration partners as a “performance-based cost per action (CPA) network that specializes in maximizing the return-on-ad spending (ROAS), for both advertisers and affiliates. We accomplish this by partnering brands with a global network of online specialists who can help them increase their awareness, sales, and leads” (,awareness%2C%20sales%2C%20and%20leads). Max Bounty works with advertisers to generate leads. Eventually I have to put a link to their affiliates in this blog, sorry, it must be done. According to the Max Bounty FAQ, an advertiser paying for every surfer seeing their advertising, is known as CPM. The definition is not necessarily something making sense when I read it as a copywriter, but the blogger does get paid when the reader takes action by clicking and filling out a web form to get a product. (

Max Bounty’s pay out is at $100 dollars. They pay using Check, Intercash, eCheck, ACH, and Wire. Max Bounty is providing a tracking system to keep track of advertising clicks. As a performance based affiliate network, Max Bounty’s network is made up of 20,000 vetted affiliates. They have a cost-per-action pricing model, featuring over 200 advertisers on the network itself. ( There is a $1,000 bonus if affiliates earn $1,000 per month in their first three months online via the network. Having a cost-per-action going means advertiers pay for more leads and sales. You leave the link copy on your website in an organic manner, rather like I’m leaving the citation links now. As a lead company in the industry, Max Bounty could make me extra income give or take. Yes, early on I tried to leave links but nobody bit. Maybe they sense it is advertising and don’t want to click. I want to experiment with Max Bounty this year.

Max Bounty is interesting in that they pay in the currency of the user’s country. EPC stands for earnings per click, and that is what gets the user paid because of affiliate referrals. Leads are generated through visits to a campaign page when the link is clicked on, and this is a very simple way to generate extra income online. Max Bounty tries to maintain an accurate way of paid clicks. Scrubbing a lead happens when an advertiser doesn’t pay for invalid or duplicate leads that are generated through the clicks. As a Max Bounty user, you are not allowed to rebroker Max Bounty campaigns to other affiliates or sell your account to someone else. You are also not allowed to contact affiliates. They actually have quality assurance per lead so you are likely to make money. I like what I’m reading about. I feel like calling my representative to say I want to take Max Bounty seriously this year. I found it in 2017-2018 while looking for ways of promoting my blog. I had a Clickbank account for the longest time but they tend to terminate your account if you do not make money. I have calculated the fact I need $10,000 a month or more to live in the Bay Area, pay my HOA fee, and also take care of my dental. Come to think of it, factoring in dental I’d have to say I need $12,000 a month. Let’s hope I don’t need too much dental work. I have all my teeth at forty-one, not to mention all my major organs. That’s lucky.

Why I Don’t Have My Psych Degree Yet

Besides some people talking me out of it, I’m going to try to enroll in Foothill College’s psych program because I can no longer get out of taking statistics. I need to take summer Quarter this year because I have taken two quarters off per the semester I had last year. That semester really took a lot out of me. In particular, my root canal on top of a root canal to fix my crown. Then the menorrhea from hell overtook me. So I was like, unable to think straight for awhile. Then it stopped since it was caused by my thyroid. Yes, hypothyroidism is so much fun (sarcasm).

Anyway, I just don’t have degrees I want. I want more than one AA, more than one Masters, and maybe more than one Bachelor’s too. I’m rethinking the Bachelor’s situation. I’ve discovered I’m not a conventional anthropologist or archaeologist since I salivate at Ancient Aliens theory all the time. I mean wow. I can’t ever go through conventional schooling. I am also contemplating a meteorology degree. Yes, an actual B.S. Hey. I just want a job to supplement my SSI income which I need.

I just bent a needle while changing my infusion set. I have pictures I hesitate to reveal. The thickness of the metal totally change too. I had to get another needle from my existing supplies since I survived and got the shipment. Making real money will be interesting. I’ve had income before and saved up back when I attempted to work for a year, while not 100% stable, mid-caffeine addiction. Mid-addiction in general.

My psych degree is going to be followed up by an AA from San Jose City College in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Those with 22q can have addiction problems as well. This is something I have learned throughout my meanderings in the 22q community on Facebook. Many of us have concurrent addiction. Hey, why do I want to be an addiction counselor? Because of my family not wanting treatment for theirs, that’s why. I’ve come to the conclusion that they really want to avoid treatment and will never get help, so okay. I’m not going to bother with begging them anymore. But I hate feeling like I’m enabling people.

I’m just put in this position by my family when I’m forced to enable them or else. I’m done with the or else. I’m just done in general. I want to escape them financially and move to Santa Cruz, and then Los Angeles. I want to severe all ties and live under address protection. Yes, I have to fend off mom thinking she can just have my money. No babe, it is my money. No family is getting it. My half-sisters will get it, if anything. The rest of my family who never reads this blog, are not getting a dime. I’ve already made my decision. I’m not like Warren Buffett here. I’m not a cow you can just milk, eh? It is my money. Everybody who has ever believed any Munchhausen by Proxy lies is not getting a dime.

Realistically I’m Still Low Income

Iria Vasquez-Paez



Realistically I’m Still Low Income

Okay, I’m still low income for now only because that is the case. I worked on my copywriting business plan. I have no idea how they begin to cut you but they do when your account shows a certain amount of money. I’m not ready for this yet. But eventually I will be. They look for steady income. I’m working on my non profit job descriptions because I figured out that I need to have psychiatrists and other doctors on staff. People escaping Munchausen by Proxy family are a hot mess. They don’t know up from down or rightful diagnosis from lie. They are confused. I want to provide clarity and an application for disability should they need one. I’m a lucky person for having the resources I have but the stimulus checks were very helpful. I was told they do count so I spent a certain amount of it. I’m planning on starting internet businesses using Etsy but I’m not going to go all out. Etsy is a huge resource for supplies. In the interests of staying organized I have to get desk drawers for my stuff. I have the paperwork for a pension from the deceased since I need that and to stay covered by my insurance. This blog is a type of record as to how someone dirt poor got off the low income dole. It is part of my non profit only because I’m using it to solidify my ideas in my head. I’m trying to keep up with life without drinking a drop of coffee too. Coffee does not help my brain at all. Period. So I quit it.

My non profit is going to be carved into a warehouse somewhere in San Jose if I can find one that can be zoned into living situations. Next Door Solutions for domestic violence is another example of a domestic violence shelter I need to look at as a clone or something that has already been done. I visited a shelter for women way back when I was looking for alternative living situations just in case the condo mom and dad got didn’t work out. Now that my left knee is recovered as it gets, I’m going to be able to go to more places. Well, given my anxiety doesn’t take me out. Or my infusion set works when I go to wherever. I risk the darn thing going down every time I leave the house. That’s possible but I don’t want to live in fear of this. So off I go this Thursday to drop off my sharps since that needs to be done and otherwise I’m just feeling the clutter putting me on edge.

How To Make $50,000 a Month

In order to pay all my medical bills and the HOA fee with leaving a few thousand left over to set up my businesses, I have to make $50,000 a month. $10,000 to start with, and hope nothing hospital worthy happens to me. I need to pay my own insurance for starters. I know what my expenses are but I have no idea how to make money although I know getting a job as a legal secretary would help me. I got a phone call from Robert Half Legal. They found my very old resume. I need to log into Robert Half Legal and start submitting but I plan on doing this tomorrow.

I’m thrilled I got a phone call at all but I hear they have hybrid options in terms of worksite. I’m going to wait until Tuesday to hear what they have. I think I’m a good fit for whatever it is they have in mind for me. I have got to get a job to finance my other businesses. I have read recently that there is a brain drain of sorts as people leave California for states with a cheaper cost of living. There is a vacuum because companies have had to deal with the Great Resignation. This is something I need to take advantage of big time. I can get and keep a job while taking my medication to stay stable.

I also have other avenues to resort to like publishing a book. I would get sold regular income from that, in terms of royalties but they still say that writing does not make any money. Or so I was told in creative writing school. This blog could make me $1,000 a month, along with Max Bounty which I need to log into. This blog is funny in a certain way, because when I don’t look at it, I get more readership.

I’m trying to figure out ways of paying my credit card bill through becoming a conversational English tutor. Yes, that is one way to make money along with Uedify, a website. I can also make art and I need a job to support my art habit. I want to start painting to earn a living through art sales. My research project file has grown to be quite long. I need to get real Word for this el Capitan-using computer that I upgraded myself.

I managed to get the operating system up and running by myself without outside help or interference. I did use some tech support help but in the end, this computer will last me three years longer than the other one. The one my parents gave me is old, almost to the point of being useless. I keep it off. This one can handle 10.11 El Capitan. I want to set up Medtronic to upload my insulin pump readings in a certain way.

I’m doing well with the insulin pump upgrade I’m using a 770G now, which not surprisingly, has many similar systems to the 630G. I need to go to the post office to drop off the old pump. That has to be sent back soon enough. Excuse me post office. I’m going to have to darken your door again. Yes, going out with schizoaffective is always so much fun. I’m glad I’m treated now give or take. Although by now I seriously want to work at an actual place. The pandemic has been a wild, crazy time and cases are way down. I’m wondering if we will eventually beat this thing. We should make the beginning and end of the pandemic a holiday. It should be a massive holiday. If there ever is an end to the pandemic since they always come to an end eventually.

Franchise Ideas


On this lovely day for PI, I wanted to say that I’ve been doing my research on business ideas. My first major has been lately. I’m also contemplating becoming a conversational English tutor as there are platforms other than Cambly. I installed Cambly on this computer, the Mac, which I upgraded the El Capitan operating system on. I did this work myself despite my incredible don’t f it up anxiety fits of agitation that week.

I managed to do this without help from anybody. Somehow I did it myself. It was work, good work. I am trying to get my work done as I had dental work to get through last month, which messed me up for two weeks give or take. I was recovering from this and now my crown appointment is set for the 24th of March. In March I get my energy back, and the weather isn’t blazing hot summer like yet so I can go out in the afternoons. Like many people in California, I’m praying for rain. Other pieces of information in my research project for franchises to get started include Naturals 2 go, Quickly, and Papa Murphy’s to be used for my non profits as a fundraiser. My idea for a dry bar, as a fundraiser, is an idea that comes out of wanting to establish a safe place for people with disabilities who do not find normal bars comfortable due to the alcohol flowing out of the pores of everybody there engaged in the filthy habit of drinking.

I also want to sell artwork on Etsy. I have ideas coming out of my pores too for this and I want to be able to do this by November since I want to pay my mom’s property taxes by then myself. She’ll be shocked. It takes having my own money to pull out or away from my family situation what with being dependent on them for money. I’ve made a decision this year to make my own way, pay for stuff myself, and in general escape my nest/trap. Starting my non profit for people looking to do the same will be useful. r idea for making extra money is a tutoring franchise. I have Uedify, Itutor Group,, and Wyzant. I dusted off Wyzant, and I managed to work on the vocabulary class I’m writing for Uedify. Itutor group is another one I had to restart my account in. I’m also looking into selling art online on various platforms but today this blog is about my Tutoring jobs because I have to go get prescriptions. When my blood sugar is high, I get agoraphobia symptoms worse. I’m trying to stay stable with the yo-yo my blood sugar has been lately.

My Plan to get a Psychology Masters

While I want an MFA, I also want a Master’s in Psychology because I want to become a researcher and a therapist.  I’m trying to sort through my trauma however, and this is impacting the way I make career choices. My trauma, now that’s a loaded subject.  My blog tends to be about career stuff only but I have to point out that my family caused me immense trauma.  A B+ in psychology while psychotic was frowned upon and I had a B+ in biology. My family didn’t get the memo that medication can help a mentally ill person be stable in order  to get good grades.

They really didn’t get this. They couldn’t put two and two together.  This what happens when you drink, are not right in the head, and do coffee.  Now that my head is on straight but I’m prone to trauma blocking. Yes, I deal with immense trauma. I’m working on finding myself help for that, and how to make $70,000 a year which is $5,000 a month more or less. I’m trying to make streams of income happen.  I’m supposed to be realistic knowing this blog could full well become a stream of income.

I want to become a researcher and therapist. This is but one idea  on what to do with the rest of my life.  I call it the Ooh Shiny effect that bipolar people are very much prone to having to deal with. We get interested in one thing and then we lose interest when something else pops in and tempts us.  I’m someone who in reality, has an average to above average IQ but I can’t stress myself into getting perfect grades. This is a death trap that will bring on stress.

I’m trying to get degrees without getting myself too stressed. I just feel inadequate. All too often companies are willing to take advantage of workaholics. I want to find a least stress causing job. I want to become a therapist, who uses my psychic talent on people but in a therapeutic  context without overdoing it or having bad boundaries. I’m just fed up with my life lacking direction though and I need focus like working as a library page, a job I applied at yesterday.

I’m more than qualified as I have a Bachelors in English with a concentration in creative writing, an AA in the same, and an AA in anthropology. I’m very confused as to what I want at this point and I’m trying to come up with a concrete solution to this confusion. I would think my Tarot reading skills helps me figure stuff out, unblock energy and yadda yadda. As such I need to make some concrete decisions. I also want to use a master’s degree to become a psychiatric technician, maybe. I’m working on the psychology jobs research project.

I’ve got to come up with concrete decision here. I’m struggling to make decisions because according to someone I was speaking with in light of ditching occupational therapy, I am recovering from not being guided by adults in my life. If I can set proper boundaries with people and not get burned out, I could make for being a good therapist.  But right now as it is, I need access to therapists. I also have to take the GRE to get into some master’s programs. I need to continue talking to other therapists who have helped  me because I’m inclined to try to take it easy if I do get a library page job with the degrees I have now.

What Have I Learned About Non-Profits

I took one SCORE nonprofit class. I feel hopeless in getting any kind of job right now even if that’s what SCORE said to do the last time.  I got mentor ship from a mentor and yes, that’s what passes for mentorship I guess because given my chronic illnesses I wasn’t telling him about, I didn’t get good advice.  I was with an Indian male and I’m thinking, wow, that’s totally incompatible with me because what do I have in common with him?  Not much common ground there.  I’d have to call SCORE Instead of going through their automated request system.  I feel like I have no help sometimes.

But anyway, non profits are organizations that are not for profit.  They don’t want to or stand to make much money.  Some organizations may be able to toe the line between profit and non profit though like Palo Alto Medical Foundation when they collect co-pays for insurance companies.  Although, let me stick with the non profit idea I have. I want to start a non profit housed in a warehouse type of building.  I want it to be a safe place for people with chronic illness who want to escape their families of origin.

Family is hard to break away from since there are limited resources that exist for this endeavor to become successful.  Why? Because society is set up to help those who escape abusive partners, by now there is more than enough help available for this goal.  It would seem that when it comes to family, there is limited assistance available.  I’m reading the child abuse sourcebook and there are resources in the back. If I read about a domestic violence situation, no doubt I’d be looking at resources for women who want to escape domestically abusive relationships.

As it is, I’m looking to provide people a means of escaping. My non-profit is a great pre-law school situation to put on my application.  I want more than one advanced degree than the next person.  Non profits are there to help people accomplish something they want to do in their lives but none of the nonprofits I have been to have helped me.  I’m dreaming of setting up mine only because I passionately believe that everybody can have a job if they want to with work life balance. I strongly believe that systems change when the change buster steps in to change them. 

Nonprofits are all about helping others by design and my nonprofit will also be designed to be a meeting place for other non-profit organizations who want to meet there without being in a religious environment not always accepting of diversity.  Diversity is the backbone of many a nonprofit anyway.  I need to set up a board for my nonprofit but I can’t pay anybody just yet.  I ran into an interesting little note on my computer my family left me. This note was simply put that I may not be able to support myself. In 2015, the judge ruled me competent to work someday if my illnesses were all treated, and yes, granted back then nobody knew about the hernia.  So I’m going to ignore this behind my back thing on the part of one of my old doctors and be like, whatever. I keep forging ahead, I don’t look back.