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Bay Area anger room idea – where you get to scream, throw and break shit.

I have an idea for a business to set up in California called the Anger Room. This is a franchise idea because the original company exists in Dallas, and I want to carry on Donna Alexander’s work. She died from being beaten by her boyfriend, who injured her so severely that she died of her injuries. Her work needs to be carried on. I want to establish an anger room in the Bay Area. I don’t even know if her old anger room still exists in Dallas. But hey, this could be turned into a franchise. I’m shocked to learn of her death.

She had a great idea. I wanted to try it. I would have gone to Texas to try this anger room thing out for myself. But then again martial arts works just as well for me. I too dealt with violence against women growing up. Her idea was based on the principle that anger needs to be confronted. Gaslighting, domestic violence, and triangulation are things that are done to victims to make sure that they do not know they are being messed with by their abusive narcissist. A narcissist is merely a sociopath who is not in jail. Sociopaths have no empathy towards others, which is why they abuse people the way they do.

This anger room was designed to help people let go of violence done to them. I’d like to start my own room in San Jose, maybe in a warehouse? Donna Alexander had started it in her garage at some point, and then she had to rent a building. This is such a fabulous idea, put a franchise in major cities. It would be cool if I was allowed to carry on her work with this.


Gummy Glucose Tablets

I need a gummy candy mold first of all, which can be found on eBay or Amazon. I already looked because I just need to find one. Also, I’m going to try to make Jigglers. My first attempt turned into juice and Jello and was too weak to qualify as a gummy substance. Gummy bears, or gummy candy in general is a certain consistency. I’m going for the consistency of fruit snacks. Fruit snacks are pretty much solid. What came out of my fridge was not even a Jiggler. I’ve pretty much discovered that I have forgotten how to make Jello.

But then all is not lost, I have to figure out how to make home made gummy candies after I figure out how to make a Jello Jiggler that works. For that I need a cookie cutter. I will be experimenting with this stuff because I’m going to try to make gummy gluose tablets that tastes better than the normal, powdery kinds. Glucose tablets are useful for diabetics but anything else like candy makes your blood sugar go up too fast. Glucose tablets taste nasty though, they are not the best flavor sometimes, so we’d make the Shark Tank judges try a glucose tablet and then try my gummies.

How I Have Had To Come to Have Perfect Diabetes

I was so surprised at my current A1c, which is your three-month average, mine was 7.1% or 157. The thing about WordPress is that you guys are my homies who kick me in the pants. I do all my prewriting on this blog because you guys help me figure out what it really is that the story is about. I love that. You guys are cool for doing stuff like this, being my Muses. I’ve thought about working with the ancient Greek Muses because I need inspiration and a kick in the pants to write DarkDawn, book 1 of the series. I see three books that want me to write them. I have many ideas that need to be written in the next 30 years.

I’m most impatient at my tender age of 38 that I do not look like. My 3-month average was so perfect; that floored me because my glucometer average is 175. I’m working on dropping it. I have figured out a way to control the fiery sensation of my psychokinesis, check my blood sugar before changing my set, and also, try to inflict physical pain like flicking my wrist with a rubber band. For some reason, pain helps me ground myself. For others, pain leads to them becoming ungrounded. I’m not like most people.

I could have a real talent for shamanism, because I feel like I can walk between the worlds, and stay grounded. My average needs to be 135 in my glucometer. I’m asking myself the question: Can a hernia disappear? Could I, Iria, heal a hernia so that it just vanishes? I don’t even know anatomy well enough to answer this question but it is worth asking my internist how this is possible.

It is also worth trying psychic surgery. That is not the crap skeptics think it is. It is merely a dimensional shift thing that can yank out useless body parts one doesn’t need. Some liars use chicken guts to make it look like they tore something out of someone’s body. That’s the fake sort of healer. I’m busy trying to keep my average perfect while losing my infusion sets to psychokinesis. My infusion needles bend when I think of something frustrating, like my diabetes not being perfect when it actually is. I’m a harsh mistress of myself I suppose.

A List of Business Plans I Need To Finish this August-September-October

On my desk, there is a piece of lined paper with all my business plan goals on it. These business plans are something I want to work on this week. Demography Organized is about how to organize demographic information that Google is trying desperately to do so but there is so much floating around, it is hard to keep it straight. It’d also be a work from home job where people get paid 0.05 cents per link. This idea is something I’ve been working on this week. Thursday is business plan day as I try to work on a block schedule but my excuse for avoiding the writing of fiction is to simply work on copy that makes actual money.

I ghost write articles that do not have my name on it. But Deliberate Magazine gives me bylines. My other business ideas are a database that has literature Cliffnotes on it that people who have actually read the book write, so they would be submitting book reports since we’d have a list of major American, Canadian, Australia, and U.K. books. We could expand to include modern authors, kind of like Good Reads. It’s a complicated idea that I want to get started in one day when I have money.

As far as money goes, I’ve calculated what a monthly blog income would be if I get $100,000 a month. It would wind up being 1.2 million dollars a year. But anyway I have another business idea for natural heat packs made of seeds that you sew up. That is one idea I could get myself a kiosk at the mall to sell. It’d be a have my own hours sort of job. I’d be in a crowd a lot at the mall though.

Yes, this is a business plan in my head that I’m going to work on. I also want to go tot the mall to talk to somebody business who knows about this stuff, and what the overhead costs will be. This would have to be something I’d do as an interview kind of situation. I’d have to set up an informational interview with somebody at the mall. My other ideas involve establishing a Bay Area anger room. It’s a company based in Dallas, Texas, where people are into setting up a room with nothing in it aside from items that can shatter when you throw them.

Another idea I plan to work on like crazy this month is my bodyguard service. I’d hire girls who want to protect women from domestically violent situations or when they are going out at night. Having someone with you feels safer than going out alone. I do not go out alone at night at all. My final idea to work on will be a blurb about professional female bodybuilding.

Discussion to Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson is a candidate for U.S. President in 2020, and someone whose books I’d better start reading if there are any left at the library even as I wait for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 1. I have to correct her on some stuff though because as a person with a mental illness or three, as has been talked about on my blog, I need my medication. Antidepressants do help with my OCD a lot. OCD can be a nightmare because of the repetitive thoughts without end. I’m also the sort of person who gets vaccinated against the flu every year because the flu could wipe me out for months after.

The pain in my arm is worth the vaccine, because the flu sucks. It just does, for a type 1 diabetic who infuses, no insulin left, thanks. I’d rather not be put out of commission too long. I have stuff I need to get done in my life like writing my gigantic list of book ideas. See, I also want to run for President in like my 60s when I’ve been a judge for a while. I have certain things I want to do with my life, but first there is the matter of becoming a television producer since I have decided to get an A.A. in film and television from De Anza so I can get enough graduate school-worthy credits. Boy do I ever need to see a counselor.

See, as President, you will have to deal with the fact that science needs funding. I want a medical scientist degree among other things. Vaccines are awesome, as I got my adult MMR and tried to call out the anti-vaxxers on my page. Autism, my dear, is neurobiological, because it is passed down from the genes. I am just your average, neurotypical schizoaffective with multiple kinds of anxiety disorders. See, I want to become a psychiatrist and other mental health professional. I’ve spent years trying to treat my own anxiety, to manage it so that it doesn’t control me, so that I can function. Meds help a lot. So don’t knock me for taking my medication, because in my case, I’m a rapid cycler.

What that means is simply put: I have mood swings that change in seconds if I don’t take my medication, which would never happen. I have pediatric onset schizoaffective, from birth. My anxiety makes me wonder what my untreated family does with their symptoms aside from stuffing it, and feeding it with booze. Booze is a half-assed way of controlling it. I managed to quit drinking in 2010 with the help of a therapist. My caffeine didn’t stop until this year since I was still doing chocolate in milk. Now that my PK is set off by having chocolate as I’ve found, I have to control myself with how much chocolate I have.

I assume most people who understand psychic development know that PK refers to psychokinesis. I mean that stuff causes me real physical pain so I have to be careful. I have to learn how to demonstrate it without undergoing extreme emotional stress. It causes me pain. So I have learned to shut it off before I change my infusion set with causing myself some pain. I stuck myself with an infusion needle before I changed it once, and it didn’t bend. This is how that chance of a discovery happened as all good science is based on a theory. I can’t get worked up about changing my infusion set, which is why I’m relived I have meds because you are reading a piece from someone who didn’t take medication for like 20 years. I guess alcohol is cheaper than school? Lol.

Anyway though, I’m just saying, if you want to relate to disabled people better as part of your campaign, know that for some of us, there is no escaping medication. I find it bizarre that some people refuse to take medication if they are a rapid cycler, only because they feel they are fine using other substances, since some prefer marijuana. I know I need my medication. I can’t function without it. Toodles.

Getting A Transcript

I need to get a Foothill College transcript. To get your transcript, you have to call the school or get it online. I’m wondering why I haven’t given myself the self-discipline to do this yet. I keep wondering when I’m going to find the time to do that. I lost my old copy. I want to get another copy because there are classes I need to retake. I have to start with De Anza though because I get to take the 23 to get there. I still don’t feel like driving. In fact, I refuse to drive right now in general. I’m going to have to pay my own car registration this year but that is me avoiding Zod.

How the Demography Organized Business Plan Is Going

My business plan is just going. Demography Organized is all about making up a system to organize demographic information by topic in a way that makes sense. The thing is, demography is scattered all over the place online. tries to organize it but it is difficult to find any one clearinghouse for demographic information. Google attempts to organize the unorganizable, the majorly disorganized. I would like this company to be a partnership between me and someone with a degree in demography who will be my Vice-President in a distance work environment. I’d make sure all employees worked from home.

The website would pay per demographic link. Demography is the study of statistics, such as births, deaths, income, or illness, in a population. Demographic information is the number of births or deaths found inside a population. Demography studies the information found on that statistical data. Demographic information is also about how people move around the planet also called migration. Another criteria for demography can be education. The U.S. Census attempts to collect demographical information on the population currently residing inside the United States from coast to coast. They want see exactly how much of the population lives in the country. The human population is projected to become 9 billion in the year 2045-50. Now, I want to be around for this but the possibility of what the world will look like does scare me a bit, I mean if the sea levels change the maps.

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