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Why I want an MBA

I would like an MBA, a real one, not an honorary one, to help people like me who are on SSI, start businesses in order to make real money, but as I know about all the manifestation brou-haha, I wouldn’t be using that approach to coaching so much as I would use science. Then again, in private practice I can get away with the manifestation stuff. The thing is, many people on SSI want to get off SSI, although there are still a great many who are on SSI for reasons that they need the money, as well as the medical care. It was once said by Zod, “why the hell should we get money?” It was bad enough for them to think that I get free medical care.

That goes to show you my family’s general ignorance about many things rational. Shall we say that I have many business ideas, and I’m the sort of person who has many irons in the fire? I cannot break myself of this tendency. Believe me, I have tried. I can’t. I’m just pulled in many different directions and I like this way. An MBA could help me learn a lot of business math among other things. I’m supposed to learn accounting also. Zod is an accountant, and Lady Zod is a real estate broker. They’ve always had money. But anyway, what do I care? This blog could make me $100,000 a month.

I have no idea what it is actually like to have that kind of money. I’ve never had more than $1,000 to $1300 a week from my Heller-Ehrman stint as a law records clerk. So yes, I’m busy trying to make money off of copywriting, and Symmetry Financial when I can pay for the study materials. I need to try at this point, since I’m losing it being low-income. This month I’ve saved quite a bit, so as to roll over to the next month.


Law School Options

Before I start my non-profit and make significant income from my blog, I just wanted to explain why I have decided to go to UCLA for my law degree. I can only consider this because I’m stable in the present. UCLA is the right school, as Los Angeles gets great weather besides, and that’s because I’ve considered schools like Davis or Santa Clara University. What I actually want to do to make money though is to become a television/movie producer while I’m in Law School. I have a creative streak. This streak makes me enjoy having many irons in the fire. It is just the way I am. Not every career counselor understands this.

I’ve thought hard about that A.A. degree in film and television. I also need to get my MFA, which is great for working in Los Angeles as a producer. This is a job that will help me make money while in school. I have movie ideas anyway. One such idea is a documentary on chronic illness and disability. But that I have to keep to myself some more so nobody steals my idea. This is something that crosses my mind on a regular basis.

It’s why my knee is still an excuse to not go to business mixers. *grin, I’m just getting the darn thing back though, daily, it has been weird for three years since I injured myself on March 7th 2016. So yes, UCLA is my first choice, although I will apply to other schools. I need to take a trip to Los Angeles. But the first step is to make enough money, the second is to go to Mental Health rehab, and the third is to try to talk to the Law school department. Two people I really need to see though-are my career counselors at Foothill College, the school I went to, just to finalize things in my head. I decided against a dual degree for Law School and a Public Health masters. Somehow that idea made me stress. I want to have enough money to be a full-time student. This will take awhile because I need my A.A. in film and television first. Then I can move to UCLA and get my MFA. After that, I need my law degree. Or maybe I can get my MFA here in San Jose, as they have screenwriting classes. My life is half over, my ass.

How Your Kid Can Get Damaged

Children who grow up in a violent household are severely damaged by emotional abuse, verbal abuse or psychological abuse. Children who have suffered neglect have smaller brains than that of children in normal households. This gives many new parents cause for concern. There are good definitions available as to what constitutes emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is defined as any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, infantilization, or any other treatment which may diminish” a sense of identity, dignity and self-worth. People who have been emotionally abused have low self-esteem.

They also show personality changes like being withdrawn, while they may even become depressed, anxious or suicidal. When somebody says something mean, it can trigger anybody into suicide. Some people are skilled at being an asshole. They love saying mean things to people. Yet, I can also be quite mean at times, and say mean things back to them to get them to shut up. So if someone tries to shame you, the best response is to get at their shame complex. In someone psychic like me, this is something I can do easily. I can put anybody on the spot.

Emotional abuse can be name-calling, or insults. Mocking somebody openly is also abusive. Making threats or intimidating someone counts as emotional abuse. To the person who almost ran me over on Cahalan and the intersection for Blossom Hill, thanks because you deserved the shit I gave you. I stopped, I looked you in the eye, and I was asking you with my thoughts why the hell you were getting in my way when it was my light? Don’t deny that was abusive to do to a disabled person. Yes, you may get into victim blaming if you want to.

Abusers apologize during the cycle of abuse but then it starts up again. Abusers make people fear they are not going to get the care they need. Abusers socially isolate people by not allowing people to visit. They also withhold important information. Like I don’t know, my hernia, gee. Oh rapture. Real people do not abuse someone. They try to respect them. Projection has been a huge part of my life for a very long time. It means that somebody has something in themselves that they do not like, so they criticize somebody who actually doesn’t have that trait at all, and make them feel like shit for having it. So yes, I’m a free woman these days in more ways than one. The Ex is the Ex. Say no more. My family lives in another Spanish-speaking country. I have a charmed life because I get to go to bed at 8. My Facebook friends, refer to this blog.

When I Get Enough Sleep

If I get enough sleep, I feel like my brain can work properly because my medication helps me sleep well. To be without medication, I felt aggravated going to sleep. Yes, there are many different kinds of psychic attack that could be laid on someone who is asleep. Thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are sent between neurons in our brains. Brainwaves such as alpha, beta, gamma, and delta are produced by the brain in waking life as well as while asleep. Delta is a deep sleep sort of brainwave that I got a lot of tonight.

Beta is the brainwave state I’m in right now while writing, or doing something that requires I use my intellect. Alpha waves come from meditative thoughts or when you are in the flow of all thoughts. Alpha waves are necessary for the brain to generate when you are dealing with things like mental coordination, calm behavior, alertness, and mind/body integration or while you are learning something. Theta brainwaves occur during sleep as well as during meditation. I’m ignorant but theta brainwaves have a lot to do with theta healing techniques as well, I’m guessing anyway. Theta brainwaves come when you drift off to sleep. Delta brainwaves are the source of empathy, as well as healing.

When I get enough sleep, I feel great. I can attribute feeling this good to the fact that I take my medication consistently. Somehow, I feel so much better when Zod isn’t around. I get enough sleep by myself. I can enjoy my own company instead of being driven crazy by someone else’s thoughts. It is why I can’t tolerate a male roommate on top of that because of what men think about that dominates their waking existence. A psychic with a mental illness needs their medication, I’m contemplating starting an Udemy class for people who are psychic and take medication or want proper training. But first, I have to get myself properly trained.

Fundraising Events For My Non-Profit

I have an idea for fundraising events, events where I show supernormal talents in exchange for people making donations to whatever charitable cause, or perhaps my non-profit. The idea I have involves using my chi to push people twice my size. This is something I’d like to go on America’s Got Talent for since nobody would believe that someone 4’10 can push someone bigger than herself. Yes, I’m tiny, but yes, I can hit hard. I found out about my chi in martial arts class. Also, many people at my schools wondered how I could lift heavy luggage, backpacks full of books, and survive on less sleep than I found out I need as we folks with 22q require more sleep than the rest of you.

I need at least 11-12 hours sleep in order to get anything done. It has to be consistent sleep. My fundraisers should also show real psychokinesis. Hell, I’m not like Uri Gellar in that I know how to fake the PK in order to perpetually confuse the shit out of people. I have it happen when I’m stressed. I also have it happen while changing my infusion set as I have type 1 diabetes. I’ve managed to change the shape of hematite in my hands.

What else am I going to have to do with these skills? Sure PK can stop an atomic bomb but how does being able to melt metal become a marketable career skill? Sure, there are other people interested in PK on Facebook whom I’ve met through groups. I hesitate to post in one though because I take medication. The last time I said that in a group full of psychics, they harassed me. I’m wary of this happening again. Get off all your meds and ground yourself? Seriously? This is something I hope somebody reported. I need to keep this stuff in check using my medication.

Idea For Psychic Social Network

This is the main project that is linked to the phone application I want to launch. I want to start an Upwork/ sort of website for psychics, life coaches, writing coaches, and anybody self-employed. The self-employed person would be able to buy a banner. There are options to meet in person for a reading or to work on a collaborative platform online. I would like to provide means of paying my employees a salary, and health insurance, since psychics get none of the above. Psychics never get a salary, you see, we get paid per minute on other networks.

Some of us psychics call ourselves self-employed because we can work our own hours. A psychic person has trouble working a normal job sometimes. This is because we are gifted and other people are rendered unable to handle the talents. We can often guess what will happen or what someone else will say. I can figure out what people are going to tell me before they tell me. Sometimes, this might scare people but at least we are not living in a time where witches are burnt at the stake for having too much of an independent life not dependent on a man.

We psychics are in business for ourselves as we do not get a 401K. We do manage to scrape it together as self-employed people. Then again, wouldn’t it be nice to work for a real company that pays you in addition to the fee that other people will pay you. We would be like a web directory of sorts, although you have to realize I have many business ideas all the time. I have to write down all my ideas still, while basing my to-do list off of my t-shirt idea. I need to at least buy one new t-shirt and wear it. I need to print the Oye Loco t-shirt for example, or others.

My Idea For A Travel TV Show

Back when Anthony Bordaine had his show, I was like, somebody is already doing a travel tv show. I have a love-hate relationship with travel because it makes me manic as shit to travel with my family since they do not take you know what for the you know what. I freak out on airplanes since we are high in the sky and I have immense problems grounding myself. This is why I can’t just take a trip to Tibet with a friend of mine who would like to go. We need to rent a doctor on this trip since I do not want to subject her to my illness at all.

All factors of my health problems have to be factored into the traveling process since throwing up is a dangerous situation for a type 1 diabetic with schizophrenia. But hey, I want to learn some metaphysical things on my travels, talking to witchdoctors, shamans, healers, etc. In particular, I need to learn psychic surgery or somehow find someone who can teach me how to use it.

Yes, traveling is hard for me. I have vomiting fits I do not want filmed. Ew. But on the other hand, it is a great opportunity to prove that a type 1 diabetic can travel. Travelling also triggers my anxiety big time or maybe this is just traveling with my family in general. How they manage to hide their symptoms so well is beyond me but I can’t. Anxiety made me just fidgety in 2014 because my feet hurt inside my shoes. A diabetic can develop circulation problems in the air. But now that I have high blood pressure medication available to me, flying might be different.

See, I had untreated high blood pressure a long time until my endocrinologist noticed it. She was the one who suggested I try to regulate my blood pressure with medication in the first place. High blood pressure makes you feel like crap I might add. You get dizzy, you are anxious, and you put yourself at high risk for a stroke. I’m lucky none-of-the-above came to pass. Now that I’m treated in every possible way, I work hard. I’m wondering if my travel TV show would succeed since I do want to get some traveling done, but at the same time, a trip to China for example would exhaust me.

Long hours on an airplane mess me up. This is why I demand a layover to get my bearings straight. I cannot spend long hours on a plane but my mother likes non-stop. I can’t stand that. This is why future boyfriends I will want to travel with will actually know this. I need long breaks. I get very ill on airplanes since my energy is not tethered to the ground. Anybody I travel with will not be subjected to my vomiting fits, hence Rent-A-Doctor.