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How am I like Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce founded the Association for Research and Enlightenment as a nonprofit founded in 1931, while making sure to do 14,306 readings. I keep to myself, so I do not necessarily have the extreme experience he had in life. Edgar Cayce had no medical background but he did readings on holistic health and how to treat various illnesses that sometimes, some doctors knew nothing about how to fix. Edgar Cayce worked on life purpose readings that also dabbled in how to fix arthritis. Edgar Cayce was see as the “father of holistic” medicine. I feel I share a skill set with him.

He was a medium who could also view the Akashic Records. Edgar Cayce discovered what he could do when his voice went raspy. He went into his first trance, describing in detail what went on with his vocal cord and how to fix it. I’m most like him, and Uri Gellar, because I share a skill set with both of them. I want an actual MD so I can set up a practice. I have my business plan for a professional psychic meets a private investigator, rolled into one. A private investigation firm with a paranormal bent.

This work is part of my life’s work. My business ideas can keep me busy for the next thirty-forty years. I’m looking to start finding business partners, in particular for the psychic business. Cayce made sure to put his medical mediumship as his most intense priority. He had some failures as well as success though, when he didn’t find where oil wells would be drilled. There were also some people who he couldn’t read for. Edgar Cayce had clairvoyance which he used to find doctors and medicines. After reading about him, I feel like a tired person who is not doing anything with her life, to help people or to use my skills. Yes, the psychic crap permeates my existence! Of course, I want to do things with my life, but I have to heal up my knee and keep myself functional despite my hernia.

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Edgar Cayce – Clairvoyant – Super Human Number 15



Xenoglossy– the ability to deconstruct and understand foreign languages using empathy alone to decipher what someone with limited English skills is saying. This can apply to any foreign language. Usually though, Xenoglossy implies that the psychic person exhibiting this talent has not heard the foreign language they are speaking. I once channeled the term “Píca” which is like the English term “cunt,” and that refers to a vagina. Playing Scrabble with me gets interesting as I channel words in foreign languages. The foreign language might have been learned and then forgotten, but Xenoglossy is great for an ESL teacher to have as I want to become one. In my experience I helped someone at a food bank which was in a Catholic Church, communicate in a mixture of English and Chinese that he had eggs on the back of his bike. I managed to figure out what he was saying. ( Xenoglossy is about spontaneous language. Xenoglossy is an interesting phenomenon which has helped me with my Spanish. I’m scared to use it on any other languages though because I do not want to shock people. I will use it in Chinese class, conversational Mandarin and Cantonese. Xenoglossy means the person speaking is able to maintain a conversation with people who speak the foreign language in question. (


I’m willing to date different people but not to get physical with any of them. I need to get myself sterilized which I can get done provided my knee heals all the way and my diabetes gets under control. I’m down to two days before getting my diabetic test strips. I mean seriously, if my hernia doesn’t need surgery, I feel only slightly less useless. You see, I’ve managed to fight my way back from the hernia, since I’m trying to keep myself functional with it. Eventually I will have to stare at hernia surgery, so I’m just saying to ya’ll that I’m trying to do better with everything. Dating anybody without a chaperone is just way too stressful for me.


The ability to read/hear people’s thoughts, also known as extrasensory perception or at least the direct mind-to-mind form of communication that is considered telepathy. I have this skill. In polite circles, we call ourselves “psychic” but a psychic to me is someone who reads for people as a way to make a living. It is a flexible schedule that requires certifications to be earned about multiple different topics. I have decided that all my talents are real, regardless of what skeptics say, regardless of my own skepticism. I’ve run into other telepaths in my day, online and in the real world.

This writing is from an outline of my pamphlet that I’m writing for my Muggle friends, doctors, and any other professionals I must deal with. It is also for my endocrinologist whom I have recently come out of the broom closet to. Sometimes I’m wondering if I shouldn’t infuse right now. I’m trying to learn what I can about my skills. I want to start a psychic private investigation firm where I get to consult for people. I want to help them with paranormal issues, because I want this to make money, real money. I’m working on many different projects too.

Why I’ve Not Been In School For So Long

Claircognizance gives me the skill to see that I’m addicted to school stress, not feeling good about myself and getting the grade. This could plunge me right back into caffeine addiction, staying up late addiction, not getting enough sleep addiction, and alcohol addiction. You see, no one with my skill set should be drinking, pressured into drinking, or forced to drink. I haven’t been in school for that long because I’m pretty much trying to keep my head above water. School is very much a drag for me because I get all, I feel inadequate about myself, and I have to over work myself.

This gets to ridiculous levels. I’m like, to the point where I’m saying to myself, I felt adequate at Work 2 Future, and I didn’t get back into caffeine. I have to be careful with hot chocolate now. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous. But it is true. Being a claircognizant means that I do know things about the future in addition to coming up with various intuitive insights. My Daily Om class says that opening intuition is asking for it. I’ve got it in abundance though. I’m begging for shut down, and I’m trying to shut the damn thing off.

School could stress me out. This is why I need to sell businesses so I can afford to become a full time law student at UCLA. But backtracking to my classes that I have to take at De Anza, I need to take online classes so as to balance my life. I am still working on a degree as a psychic for My major is psychic arts, and healing double major as usual. I’m in the pending level-up payment phase right now. I’m taking my pending-level up break. I do nail the good grades now because of my medication, which is awesome.

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What Is Claircognizance and How to Find If You Possess This Rare Ability

Claircognizance, Making It Work For You

Ahh Claircognizance. It is less of a bitch now that I understand the psychic crap way better. I understand it a lot now compared to how I felt about it in high school being as ignorant as I was back then. See, my family wanted to keep me ignorant. They let loose a lot of destructive behaviors on me back then, but anyway, this is about how I’ve wrapped my brain around what claircognizance actually is. Claircognizance in my experience is a way to have flashes of insight from your brain to your conscious mind.

As a clair, it is an ESP faculty where people are plugged into the universe. It means that I can think about something doing a thought experiment and arrive at an answer in short order. I’m good at finding answers on my own. I can totally do this very easily. I’ve started to see how useful claircognizance will be as a psychic private investigator, and a psychic due diligence researcher (since that business plan is on the business plans 2020 and above list). Claircognizance by the way, says that business plans are almost done to the point where I need to hustle and get business partners.

Claircognizance is my primary talent actually, because somehow I’m always getting medical intuitive answers in my freakin’ head all the time. With regard to my own health problems, I trust my intuition a lot to the point where my endo said to trust my instincts and I’m like, hey she read my emails and possibly my blog. Having all this psychic talent can cause me stress, which is why I need my medication in the first place. I was not on meds until I was 20, so make what you like of that and realize that my life was severely stressful until I realized I was a caffeine addict and quit that. Claircognizance is a worthwhile skill I’ve discovered.

Why I’m Grateful for my Medication

My medication is all about keeping me stable. I have experienced psychokinesis a lot in my ordinary existence. Why? I have managed to bend needles on and off. I have seen forks, spoons, and some knives bend in my presence. I have bent a fork without being in the room for goodness sake. I’m trying to keep my head above water financially. I’m not driving right now because I’m stressed from my improving knee injury. To think I was driving in 2017 when maybe I shouldn’t have been going to class or driving. I need to go to the Work 2 future site and see about getting food for my house although by now I have EBT. I’m looking to make money off of this blog or my own writing. But hey, having medication means the trap is halfway sprung. I can release it all the way now by making extra money. Stigma happens when some of us are not on medication, it means that people enjoy messing with you until you get on medication. Medication helps you sleep and make rational sense, that is all.