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Class and Race

We are all trapped in petty income brackets. Unless you have a side-gig going like art, making money online, or other businesses going for you, you have no hope of releasing yourself from paycheck to paycheck prison. Race has a lot to with this. You can leave a foreign country to come to the United State where you had power and prestige, only to fade into being a big nobody because here you start off on the bottom with people from your home country helping you out. Some of this makes people lazy to learn English.

On Ally McBeal, there was a storyline where Nell broke up with John Cage who was stuck in an elevator. She told him that she would never date a janitor who she considered in a lower class than she was. She was doing that to make sure she made partner and when she couldn’t, she left the firm. The Middle class uses college to get ahead. But college does not guarantee an ability to move up in social class. It is a way to forge through the class barriers on this planet but not necessarily the only way. To be middle class is nice because you can upgrade to upper class if you make money while finishing your residency for an M.D., and finding a better job.

You could start off cleaning houses but then move up through finishing your residency. There is a reason foreign doctors are expected to plough through class barriers. They succeed at this, sometimes. I used to live in Mission Excelsior in San Francisco. I did this because it was on the line 29 bus to get to San Francisco State. I lived in a neighborhood where people were definitely trapped in their social class. I lived with a nurse in a house owned by my roommates in that district, close to restaurants. I’d do the dishes for their daughter without complaint but she rarely did the dishes. I’ve had roommates who have been mean to me non-stop back then so I don’t live with anybody today because I feel I can’t trust anybody. I trusted two people who betrayed me, so I feel like I’m damaged and can’t trust any of my friends, people who are in my social class. I’m the lowest of the low, being low-income.


Real Witchcraft Versus Fictional Witchcraft

Fictional witchcraft shows the lights, while in real witchcraft you do not see the lights at all, only on the astral. The lights and auras are all in your pretty little head. No spark flies out of your finger like on Sabrina. Real witches have to keep their mouths shut in heavily Christian situations as well as areas. Some hide their religion in these times of great openness about everything so unlike the Dark Ages when many went underground. The history of witchcraft based on the real thing would make an awesome TV show. Seriously, I need to get my AA in film and television and my MFA. My transcript claims I need more work to even maintain a graduate standing at all so off I go to make significant income in unconventional ways until my knee situation is all the way better.

They Wiggle their way Out

Sometimes magick doesn’t work, as in, on somebody like my family because it doesn’t work, period. Magick does not work on self-righteous people who really do not have a conscience. Curses are supposed to activate the energy body into creating feelings. People who have been cursed are overwhelmed by it. Divine protection does work except for those who are completely defeated, who have given up on even the gods caring about them. This is a dangerous sign that somebody is suicidal. You do realize that people who have survived a suicide of a loved one they are related to go through hard times.

Magick cannot cure a person’s desire to kill themselves but you see curses cannot work if you are an innocent since they go back onto the sender anyway. Curses do not always work for me, because mirror shields work better anyway. I’m surviving my usual low-income state, and I’m trying my best to survive here. The thing is, I pretty much want to sleep at night but certain forces in my family known as the powers that be are frightened by my success. Sleeping the whole night means that my family will fall apart as my energy will no longer service theirs as I’m mentally stable while they are not.

Renting Out My Car

Renting my car using this company may be a great way to get an income flow going. I need to pay a visit to them anyway soon enough because I have to bring my filed taxes. My California state return was not accepted so I sent it again. Hopefully this time it will get through. Satan doesn’t have to know about things like renting my car out. Apparently I could make $321 per month. There is such thing as making too much money while being low income. I also have to go activate my phone when I get a SIM card for it sent by mail. All things will happen as I see magickal numbers everywhere. The goal is for me to make enough money to put myself into mental health rehab. I need to get myself treatment for all mental illnesses, which by now are treated with medication just fine. I want to get my anxiety under control. I can even get childhood trauma treated at this facility.

I’ve had work from home on-call experience before. I knew just from a feeling that the grant-writing people weren’t going to hire me. Sigh. Yes, I’m stressing over money but I am still copywriting on Textbroker and will look for more work from home online jobs. Flexjobs didn’t really work well for me. My job situation is part of a repetitive life pattern. As in, I keep not getting hired because of stuff in my own head. I’m a great candidate on paper. Hopefully someone will see that.

The Bully Who Called Me Retard Face, Continued

That bully caught me on a low-energy day, first of all since one huge X in my energy field screamed at him to kick me while I was down. (per psychic Cyndi Dale in a book called energetic boundaries). I realize now that not everything is my fault. I’m usually not at fault for shit that other people do to me anyway. I’m a truly innocent victim. There are extreme karmic consequences for harming an innocent person. I do not habitually wrong people on top of that. I don’t spend my whole life being a sadist who tries to hurt people for pleasure or personal gain.

In real life, and during the modern age, you see, witchcraft is all about personal gain. I’m an expert in unpacking bullying or abusive behavior as I can read someone’s intent as a psychic. I pick up on stuff immediately. I had teachers at Work 2 Future who knew that I was gifted last September. Eventually, my intestinal obstruction got painful so I couldn’t even go to class by bus. So I had to blow them off as me in pain is never a good mix with class stress although my left knee certainly gave me a lot to have pain for.

So that bully, I dare you to come to the classroom I go to occupational therapy in. Your reparations will be to pay me a check for $50 and put up with me grabbing your ankle and knocking you over as well as pushing you with my Chi. No big black guy with dreadlocks enjoys being pushed around. I’m going to hunt you down and make you pay. I will find you eventually, and you will have to put up with somebody much smaller than you pushing you around.

Maybe Narcissists Can Change, Maybe

I once had a therapist who felt that narcissists could change. Narcissists may act like the therapy works but they could be lying to you as they are skilled liars. Narcissists do not necessarily change because they mean the people around them harm. So if you thought they could change, April Fool’s. I accept that my family would not change. I have to pretty much preserve my mental health by staying away from them as their multitude of lies can confuse me. They had everybody believing I have a low I.Q. Not everybody is as brainwashed by this as you would imagine. They pretend to believe them, maybe but nothing is more dangerous than a psychic narcissist who can manipulate people into believing something using their energy to do so. Psychic narcissists can talk people into or out of anything. I realize I’m not narcissistic but have inherited their psychic manipulative ability. I only use mine for good but they like using it to manipulate people into thinking things. And hey, I will eventually have money. So I’m going to trust fate, faith, and the Goddess in giving me an opportunity to make money.

How to Get A Bond

I want to buy a $25 bond with Treasury Direct. According to Savings and Investment Information for Teens by Karen Bellenir, a lovely book I found at the library, an EE bond is an electronic amount that will eventually mature. Certain bonds pay you at designated intervals, with a fixed interest rate. When a bond matures, you are paid the rest of the interest (245). You can get a bond through Treasury Direct, banks or other institutions. I have to pay a visit to the credit union to see if they would have these bonds. I’m ignorant about money, just plain ignorant. I know how to budget while living pay check to pay check but I do not know enough about money.

Apparently my social security number is required to buy a bond. I have to pay a visit to the SSI office so as to chat about making more money than I have right now. Yes, I live paycheck to paycheck. When a bond matures, it is worth $1,000 although you can buy at a discount. Above the face value, means you are buying a premium. You want to get your full money back when the bond matures. If I had gotten a bond in high school, it would have matured by now.

Investing in a bond means you have to hold it to maturity. The bond issuer can be the government or a corporation. A bond is a gift that can be passed to someone else using his or her social security number. Paying existing debt can result from having a bond but I had a Pell Grant in college so I have no debt. My goal is no debt at all even if my credit card has a high bill right now. I’m still ignorant on bonds after watching YouTube videos and reading books. But one thing is clear, I need to set myself up for financial security and quit living paycheck to paycheck even if I’m good at managing my money.