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Non Profit We Help What’s It About ?

August 31, 2021

Why do I want to start a Non-profit called We Help? Only because I want to have a way for chronically ill people stuck living with toxic family to afford a chance to get away from them. Most people say there are resources for leaving an abusive partner but not family.  With family you are stuck with them because “blood is thicker than water,” and the establishment assumes family is safe.  Non profits take care of problems that come from another angel altogether.  This sort of problem is coming from the perspective of the person with chronic illness stuck dealing with their families.

Family bonds are destroyed through narcissistic abuse tactics enacted on the disabled person trying to escape.  I’ve been trying to line up my own financial resources for years with limited luck aside from how I’ve managed to send out my books for the last 9 weeks.  I’m looking to start publishing my books as I had one doctor tell me that makes money.  I had a doctor tell me to stay on my benefits, which I felt was really rude. I have some good ideas I need to talk to ELAC about and do more free legal advise sessions to get them put together.

I have gotten to the point where my psychic network idea is where it is and I need to file articles of incorporation.  Given I find myself with extra income, I can do that. As it is, I need to buy new pajama shorts so that I have clothing.  I also need new t-shirts as many of my t-shirts have holes in it.  It is getting to be a bad scenario. I need to buy new clothing.

Anyway, though, I’m working on this here blog because suddenly some ideas are flowing.  I came up with my September 2021 ideas list.  At any rate, my non profit is supposed to be a way to help people figure out ways of making money. I envision a warehouse with partitioned rooms as it would be a shelter with an infirmary so that those who have limited ways of accessing medical care can access medical care.  We’d have computers so as to help people access technology.

Why is there so much help for people escaping abusers in terms of partners but not enough help when people want to escape family? I don’t get this. I’ve thought this over very carefully.  I want to make this into a non profit network of shelters in every major US city.  Its because people with chronic illness need a place to go.  They’ve got to have a safe place. What sucks is when they don’t have a safe place, because the family friends are unreliable at best.  Why? Because they can’t trust them. That’s why.  Narcissists love having flying monkeys doing their bidding. 

A flying monkey is described as an enabler.

Many people in my hometown are enablers.  I just couldn’t get away from my family even if I was trying to write books that I seek to publish.  I don’t lack resources.  I want to create more resources on this planet even if people tell me my ideas won’t work.  I think they can work give or take I think them through.

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