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The Non-Profit We Help – Where Did this Idea Come from?

September 2, 2021

When I call domestic violence organizations for help, they assume that I’m calling about leaving an abusive partner.  They have limited resources for people trying to escape toxic families to none at all. If it’s your family, its like, bah, why should we help you? I’m a member of various Facebook groups I’m not going to mention here since my family never reads this blog anyway. See what I deal with? I have family on three continents and they think the problems are my fault.  Nobody helps me financially either.

My organization is going to try to help people financially. I envision buying and taking over a huge warehouse as our base of operations.  How many chronically ill and disabled people are stuck with their families?  How much abuse do we have to tolerate? Quite a lot.  I’m looking to start fundraising in the near future.  I’ve done at least one SCORE class on non-profits. The most useful advice I got was put everything in a separate account. 

What advice I get from SCORE is to get a real job.  But then again I’m a writer who wants to publish books.  That’s a real enough job for me considering how much money books can make?  It is easy to get a bestseller status,  which is 100,000 copies.  See, I work hard most days, but it goes unsung and unrecognized.  I keep trying to find a job but I feel honestly like I’m under a curse. 

You see, some people tell lies about my capabilities that my community believes.  I mean if my family worked in that community but no one from major companies is willing to hire me because of my disability that oh I’m not supposed to talk about but it unfortunately impacts my life.  Am I supposed to move about sight unseen, hidden, lurking and hiding my disability in plain sight, which would get me into serious trouble as some have suggested?

Is all of Mountain View aware that what they believe about me is a false narrative?  I was never retarded or on the autism spectrum, period.  I took a psychological test that proves I’m not ADD at all much less on the spectrum, and as it is I’m way more educated than both parents. I’m actually quite hard to frak with, take advantage of and I can spot a liar very quickly.  Why today I wasn’t necessarily hiding my psychic talent either? But apparently my local metaphysical shops believe bad things about me too.

Or maybe its just my own belief system screwing with my self-confidence because I’m under a don’t you dare get a job kind of psychic attack.  I have sent out so many applications and at times I don’t even get non-paid internships.  I mean I need to see a hypnotist to get rid of this crap.  Honestly, since my family apparently wants my money without earning it.  Out of the sheer goodness of my heart, wow, yeah, okay, nobody gets a dime until everybody gets tested for 22q.

You will be bribed into a blood test.  Yes, I mean from my mother to my father and everybody else in between.  You just never know which kid will be born schizoaffective next.  It could be my cousin’s children when they have children.  Yes, I think that far ahead.  I mean if some people got lucky with their daughter, it does not mean that someday she might have a child with the deletion.

I’d rest easier if I knew who carries the deletion and who doesn’t.  In 2014, I laid groundwork for eventually getting this project done, while putting it on film.  Not that I want to go to Spain right now, I have a hiatal hernia, which means my traveling options are limited.  I might run into massive complications.  We don’t want to be the sick passenger, ever because I can indefinitely keep my shit together.  I’m not setting foot in Spain without an entourage, including a huge security detail.  Since no family helps me financially, how the hell are they just going to help themselves to my money?  Some have said in private it isn’t necessary.  K, freeloaders?

Even when I make real money, it is not about give it to mommy and daddy syndrome yeah?  It is about me paying the HOA fee and the property taxes that’s what.  That’s all the mula you’ll be getting dumbasses. I’m not made of money? What makes you think I’m rich beehach?  What I want to do is impress the crap out of this planet and people who assume things are impossible for someone with 22q/Velocardiofacial syndrome to do. And a word, I know about the Ex’s situations, and I would like it if he stay away from me because he’s decompensating yeah?  He ain’t getting a freakin dime either. The siblings of the Ex ignore this blog and me also, and I’m really sick to death of not having real money around but hey I’ve got to keep plugging away stuff. 

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