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Resources Needed for We Help

September 8, 2021

In order to get this nonprofit off the ground, I have to start getting my hands on some donations put in a separate account.  But first, I have to publish my books to make real money, while also getting a real job or two, selling $5,000 a month of my artwork.  I want to do this only because I think that my nonprofit could go places.  I want to help abused chronically ill people get away from abusive families or in general, help people escape toxic families if you want to extend the clients to those who want to escape their abusive families. 

I’m working on my schoolwork with CCSF English 1A.  I’m doing this only because I feel the need to make sure my MLA doesn’t totally stink.  I am keeping up although I bombed a quiz big time.  I’m learning how to annotate text, something I didn’t know very well how to do in other lit classes.  It’s something that every other person knows how to do except me and I am learning how to highlight relevant ideas, since in high school I once highlighted a whole health book.  Highlighters are meant to highlight relevant information.

I’m relieved this is fixed.  I’m working on fixing my essays.  We help needs a warehouse so I can build a battered disabled person’s shelter.  We need therapists, and drama-free people in general since I’m trying to plan a drama-free and safe environment.  I mean we need to build a warehouse with separate rooms for different people with different kinds of chronic illness.  We also need to have an infirmary with a doctor set up since our nonprofit is helping those with chronic illness.

 I have a support group of people who are interested in this idea, and I might find business partners in that group.  I need to build my businesses this year, next year, and the years following.  I have so many ideas to start putting together.  I need to start a Kickstarter campaign for the nonprofit.  At the very least this would help me piece together a skeleton staff.

I can find many people across my Facebook support groups who can help.  The key is to raise money so we can build the center I’m envisioning.  Center/shelter that is. I mean it would serve also as a rentable center for people who want meeting space, as one way the nonprofit could make money from donations. So if any of you guys feel like offering input on my ideas, let me know through this blog, Facebook, or any other means you think to contact me by. 

I don’t know enough people in the nonprofit scene in San Jose.  I only know that I do not have a degree in psychology, and I’m screwed out of working for the YWCA as I’ve applied there many times.  My Bachelor’s is in English, so hence my desire for a third Associates, and a second Bachelor’s and a first M.S.  I need to take the GRE for the MS, which is why I feel like getting another Bachelor’s for knowledge’s sake.  But anyway, yes, I need to be able to pay my people salaries, hiring many a chronically ill person who has escaped their family to live on their own and take like good care of themselves.

I also would like to have indoor/outdoor gardening spaces in this nonprofit so that we all can have a way to grow vegetables for long-term residents of the facility since this facility is geared towards helping people escape families in short-term or long-term situations.

We’d also provide a computer lab for people to look for jobs with, and design their own websites with if they want to have an Internet business.  It would be part work from home space/work from the shelter space.  I’m envisioning a safe community for disabled people, chronically ill people and victims of toxic parents who want to escape their toxic families.  This is a way to move forward in life since no battered women’s shelter will take me as I’m escaping family and not a man.  They think family is not as lethal or with potential to become lethal as escaping a domestic violence incident from a man.

Here is my idea.  I only hope I can start recruiting people to help me soon enough because this is actually more important than the social network in my head.  There is a sense of safety with people saying my ideas will never work.  They have no idea that I’m watching them with such greedy future billionaire eyes.  I’d actually pay people decent salaries at all my companies.  Yeah, I need to recruit people.  I need more help than I let on, depending on how many people I can stand to be around.

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