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Job Discrimination

August 30, 2021

Yes, I deal with stigma despite being stable.  I have interviewed for The Cheesecake Factory back when I was not afraid of crowds or open spaces as I’ve gotten back into the agoraphobia swing of things.  I am hitching a ride to my I’m the client-occupational therapy class just because of this agoraphobia.  But I was hitching a ride with the busy very nicely in January 2020 because I was mentally well but my pancreatic insufficiency was playing tricks on me and making me hesitant to take long trips by bus just in case.

While on the bus to Mountain View once, I was asked by this one black guy to marry him and I said no, I’m changing seats. I mean it, and it was bizarre because he saw me as unattached.  I had to break it to him that I wasn’t available or interested. This is why the bus feels unsafe for me.  I get interviews but my knee injury had employers looking askance at it. This knee injury is much better now but I have to worry about my hiatal hernia.

I have only two appointments this month, my internist to make chit chat about the not-pimple on my back which has a much longer name that my dermatologist nailed figuring it out, and my psychiatrist.  Hey, buddies I interview with, hire me for goodness sake. I mean I’m stable, and given it doesn’t rain like crazy this weekend, sticking to raining at night, I can get out of the house more this Fall/Winter season. I am trying to figure out ways of making extra income to add to my current source of government income, copywriting money, and eventually published book money.  The goal is to make $15,000 a month as I told one Facebook group I have to not mention the name of but you know who you are.

I mean if I had that kind of money and insurance, I’d be fine. I can pursue other sources of income. It is demeaning to have a doctor who has known you a while tell me to maintain my benefits when the ELAC people say I have good ideas I need to keep to myself.  I love the legal advice clinic. Soon I will get emails saying it is back  in session for the year. I can’t always pay for SCORE classes but when I do it is useful information that is yielded such as “get separate accounts for everything non profit.”  Considering my ignorance as a 40 year-old, I’m glad that I have SCORE as a free to low-cost resource.

It would be nice to be able to take a bus or a Lyft to get to them. I’m picky about what companies I use, such as using eBay over Amazon.  Let’s see how much stamina I have because the pandemic paranoia wore me out.  Yes, the case total is going down a bit right now since I check it not to make myself paranoid but to be relieved I vaccinated because hospitals are full of the sick who didn’t vaccinate.  This virus is petrifying and I do not want to be sickened by it.  With that said, it might be easy to get a job since I said yes I get SSI and got rejected by the Olive Garden. I know how to keep myself busy as Mrs. Self-Employed though.  I’d may as well stick with writing.

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