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Time Management My Way

August 28, 2021

I manage my time by setting aside one hour to two-hour blocks.  The younger kids always got the advantage over us older kids back in Catholic elementary school.  They had parents who were better advocates.  They got the block schedule over our class schedule being at least 20 minutes to half an hour. I had a useful education don’t get me wrong, the benefits of private school were many, but I feel like I’m still trying to play catch up in my English 1A class.

I do my best to finish stuff when I need to finish it. I’m planning ahead with my first paper for English 1A.  We read a story called the Girl in the Cave. I managed to finish my paper in one hour today.  I got up early to really finish my paper. I also managed to fix Carelink for my CGM.

I’m keeping up with school. Stress is a matter of perspective.  I’ve always wanted to work a real job.  But see, they don’t hire those on SSI because I put that as a yes answer when I worked on my Olive Garden application.  With the Great Resignation, they are looking for willing employees. Eventually companies are going to crack.  I have a root canal on Tuesday. I’m planning on keeping my appointment since I faith healed my low-grade fever.

But I need to keep my appointment this Tuesday, and managed to arrange for a ride with a friend.   Today is a hot August day in the Bay Area.  I’m pretty much staying home all day but I can tolerate 90-91.  See, those of us with 22q get heatstroke. We get very bad heatstroke. I have to plan my book tours around hot weather and my avoidance of hot weather. Standing on a hot street corner anywhere on this planet causes me heatstroke. Symptoms are running a fever, puking my guts out and possibly having high blood sugar from my type 1.

Managing my time is something I have learned to do despite my health problems.  I mean I’m in class having to inject my long acting insulin on occasion.   I may have to go change my infusion set also.  I’m doing the best I can to manage my diabetes, which is really a difficult form to manage but I succeed somehow. Time management will be this way with this week. 1) wrote on paper some main ideas 2) worked on rough draft of outline on computer, 3) wrote first draft of paper.  I have a rough draft and class on Monday at noon.   I also have class Friday at noon too.  I’m going to work on a rough draft edit this Sunday, and I’m going to be in class Monday at noon. Online class is really easy.

For however long this pandemic lasts, schools cannot stay shut forever.  But anyway, this blog is about the reality of life with chronic illness while also having unique talents. I’ve been working hard today.

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