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Franchise Ideas

March 14, 2022


On this lovely day for PI, I wanted to say that I’ve been doing my research on business ideas. My first major has been lately. I’m also contemplating becoming a conversational English tutor as there are platforms other than Cambly. I installed Cambly on this computer, the Mac, which I upgraded the El Capitan operating system on. I did this work myself despite my incredible don’t f it up anxiety fits of agitation that week.

I managed to do this without help from anybody. Somehow I did it myself. It was work, good work. I am trying to get my work done as I had dental work to get through last month, which messed me up for two weeks give or take. I was recovering from this and now my crown appointment is set for the 24th of March. In March I get my energy back, and the weather isn’t blazing hot summer like yet so I can go out in the afternoons. Like many people in California, I’m praying for rain. Other pieces of information in my research project for franchises to get started include Naturals 2 go, Quickly, and Papa Murphy’s to be used for my non profits as a fundraiser. My idea for a dry bar, as a fundraiser, is an idea that comes out of wanting to establish a safe place for people with disabilities who do not find normal bars comfortable due to the alcohol flowing out of the pores of everybody there engaged in the filthy habit of drinking.

I also want to sell artwork on Etsy. I have ideas coming out of my pores too for this and I want to be able to do this by November since I want to pay my mom’s property taxes by then myself. She’ll be shocked. It takes having my own money to pull out or away from my family situation what with being dependent on them for money. I’ve made a decision this year to make my own way, pay for stuff myself, and in general escape my nest/trap. Starting my non profit for people looking to do the same will be useful. r idea for making extra money is a tutoring franchise. I have Uedify, Itutor Group,, and Wyzant. I dusted off Wyzant, and I managed to work on the vocabulary class I’m writing for Uedify. Itutor group is another one I had to restart my account in. I’m also looking into selling art online on various platforms but today this blog is about my Tutoring jobs because I have to go get prescriptions. When my blood sugar is high, I get agoraphobia symptoms worse. I’m trying to stay stable with the yo-yo my blood sugar has been lately.

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