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The word “Retard”

August 9, 2016

It fills me with homicidal rage. Never use it on me. Never use it about somebody else. Don’t fucking say that. It’s mean. No disabled person uses the word anyway on each other or about somebody else. Of course South Park is crude when they say the disabled person uses it on himself and about other people. I thought that was actually funny. Tropic Thunder didn’t piss me off either. When he used it on Ben Stiller’s character, it was part of the comedic farce. It wasn’t meant as a serious assault. But mark my words, I have been assaulted with this word. I’m disabled and good-looking, of course they will dislike my pure heart too and assault that without realizing I can’t return the same. The word retard makes me a homicidal maniac. Don’t ever say it. You don’t want me manic and pissed off. I can hear it once, and it sets off mania too. I get a massive adrenalin rush from the rage. I’m vile when I rapid cycle too.  Caffeine makes me rapid cycle. So I had to commit to never drinking coffee again.

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