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Rep. Jeff Guice. WTF? Are you insane?

March 13, 2017

You are much loco. I have type 1 diabetes. I’m finally able to get a job or two or three. I’m going to start making money. It has been a long road to stability for me because I’m also schizophrenic. Some people need insulin to stay alive. I’m going to be around for at least 90 years. Insulin prolongs your life span, not shorten it. Am I hearing your idiocy correctly? Some people need extra help. I have plans to be a billionaire who sets a better example for all the other mean ones. I have a B.A. in creative writing and two A.A.s, one in creative writing and one in anthropology with honors. I plan on getting psychology and business done in the next year by the time I’m 38. I want my B.A. in social work and my B.S. in psychology by 40. My law degree by 44. And my Masters by 47 and my PH.D. by 50. I am not quite sure how to work this all out yet. I may also want an M.D. Yes there will be working and going to school. Full time work. I use an insulin pump and medication to keep myself alive. I want to become a private investigator and electrical engineer. 90 years is a long time. I can’t tell you everything but this is a start. I hope you get ousted from power in Mississippi. What kind of cruel and heartless  commentary are you making? You probably have genocide of disabled people in mind if you think this way. I know some people do feel that the Affordable Care Act shouldn’t exist. Without the Affordable Care Act, genocide would happen. It is what some people want. To get rid of people perceived as useless on a World War 2 level. I plan on evading this genocide and living a very long life in revenge. Don’t bother calling me special because my medication gives me humility and I will just tell you to shut up.

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