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The Prime Directive Doesn’t Exist

February 27, 2018

The Prime Directive does not actually work. Many alien races have been to earth, who influence us even now to this day. If they trance channel through somebody willing to hear what they have to say, that is having an undue influence on the human race when new agers put out their writings. They do not have good intentions toward us. They have the power to destroy major cities or the whole planet altogether. With the rise of modern fascism, this gives them a good reason to stop us from getting out there to cause trouble in a peaceful Galactic Federation where everybody coexists together.


If you watch Ancient Aliens at all, you will notice that they came to us to start farming as part of human civilization. Maybe they really have had an influence in our evolution. This is not a fun prospect to think about. Many ET races have an investment on the planet such as the Draco and the Orion greys. The Zeta Reticulans are only here to study us by abducting humans? That whole scenario barely makes sense because really, since the greys are 39 light years away from earth, coming from the constellation of Reticulum. They are four feet tall, have almond shaped eyes, and are telepathic with humans and themselves.


The Annunaki supposedly live on Nibiru and look like us. We were made in their image anyway, according all major world religions. They came to Earth to mine for gold to help their planet’s atmosphere. Assuming that this problem has been fixed, along with Nibiru’s orbit, shall we say that Nibiru crashing into Earth or causing problems like massive floods is not going to happen ever again. If it hasn’t happened in thousands of years, think about it, this will not happen again.


Fear of stuff like that is ridiculous because they probably have their planet’s issues under control. Most civilizations that learn how to fix the problems on their planet know that. This planet is buzzing with problems. It will always have them though, since problems keep life interesting. Threats of nuclear war concern the real Galactic Federation because if anybody drops the bomb, they might have to directly intervene. They also have the technology to push asteroids away from nearly hitting us with close flybys. We are not the most non-judgmental people on this planet. Many of us have problems judging others. So you imagine how we will treat people from other planets?


Many will treat them with resentment, since they have spent thousands of years behind the scenes. They are quiet manipulators who have provided us with technology for computer parts through the reverse engineering of downed UFOs. This is why aliens make me suspicious. The bottom-line is that I do not trust them as far as I could throw them. Knowing they think of us as primitive species, they will seek to give us advice we will not want. Even if we already have a secret space program that some people do know about thanks to Youtube videos on the subject. Getting warp technology to the commoner will take thousands of years. Maybe the rest of this century, in particular if there are off-world officers somewhere in our solar system and beyond? We have been interfered with, since the modern human evolved, and if they have tampered with our genes, then that is interference. The prime directive is a myth from Star Trek to make us feel better because we have been completely interfered with. It is worse than money laundering in Congress. This is why we can’t trust many aliens, since there are good and bad aliens out there anyway. They have spent thousands of years watching us. When they actually try to come up to us to have coffee with us, well, this will be monumental and we might not be so kind to some of them because of prejudice that is hard to unlearn.




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