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What I Have To Say To The New World Order Elite

April 22, 2018

We, humans, try to work on sustainability while rich people can afford a lot of packaged items packaged in plastic that pollute the environment. Rich people can water their green lawns in Los Angeles while their drought-stricken compatriots do not have green lawns in the middle of the drought two years ago. Major income inequalities are arising in the United States while the middle class gets priced out of affluent areas since their income isn’t enough. Those of us who work for a living have to make money somehow while rich people get away with doing nothing for a living or merely investing their money.


Investing can make you lose your money. For the Georgia Guidestones to say the human race should only be 5 million people strong is making sure that the other 99% do not succeed. Equally redistributing wealth and ending the scourge on this planet that is abject poverty means giving up some of your power, and prestige that you get from having a lot of money because of you high net worth individuals. All the wealth goes to the 1%, and only to them. The rest of us suffer under the yoke of having to work for a living.


We, disabled people, are especially screwed over despite work from home being the hottest new trend there is in the workforce. This opens the door for many people who are otherwise limited in getting around if that’s the case. In my situation, I have a knee injury that I’m working on improving. This scenario has improved give or take I work constantly on walking around even if my cane is actually too low apparently? Somebody on the 27 bus line mentioned that. I need a new cane from a big stick.


I just asked my Facebook if they know anybody who can do this for me. I’m still a cane person despite my injury being much better. I practice walking daily. It is much better in some ways. I can walk better now. At any rate, I’m a busy bee. So I don’t feel the pain that much anymore. All I want is to be able to pay my medical care on my own from some job or something and have backup insurance not dependent on working, which is a provision in the original Affordable Care Act.


Jobs provide health insurance. This is a dependency. What if you make money outside of a job? Like from a business? I’m going to refuse to be a pre-existing condition that has to pay out of pocket. You people have to think about the future. We are not going to have extreme poverty someday. I want to become a psychiatrist that can treat homeless people with mental illness. I also want to study drug and alcohol rehabilitation since rich people have problems with drugs that they can afford since they have money. Poor people have to work harder for their cocaine. All I ask is that when I get rich, some of you follow suit and make sure that you follow my generous lead.

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