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My Interest in Art

June 10, 2018

I need to make extra income to be able to pay for school. I want to sign up for art classes now that I’ve decided I need to paint. I’m even going so far as to try sculpture. Anything to make extra money, so yes, I have a print of the Palace of Fine Arts that I can sell.


If anybody has art selling advice, feel free to give it. I need to sell that print and eventually, my own work in abstract, animals, flowers, buildings, and aura paintings, Deities and I can paint my psychic shield how too. I can get that psychic shield book out of my head by sketching it or painting it. I don’t need a graphic designer’s help for that: I can paint it myself, as I can’t draw worth shit but I might yet be able to use pastels, acrylic, and watercolor, as is my knowledge, is not extensive. I want to buy art supplies as well. I can buy myself an easel and some canvas. I can also enroll in junior college art classes. I was missing art classes in my college years, I quit doing any kind of creative work with art or drawing although that was something I did until I finished high school.


In college, I neglected my art talent. I didn’t take many art classes since I was studying creative writing, which I can do in my sleep although, in junior college, I could have gotten better grades. This is why I need my transcript, to see where I can improve, and what classes I need to retake. I really need an art class too. I just looked at De Anza offerings. They have a huge program available. I mean the art bug has bitten me since I realize I may have talent while looking at my old work from high school. I’m in need of art supplies so I can take donations if possible.


I am looking for an easel, which I’m going to do a Craigslist search for. But eBay yielded more results than Craigslist. So, I prefer eBay by now. I can find better deals too. I do not have to go far north for an easel, I can find it on eBay. I can search eBay for somebody part-time, as I can find stuff on it in my sleep. Art can make real money. I’m looking to sell a piece of the Palace of Fine Arts. It is hanging in my room, but it is worth $300. I suppose I will take a picture and post it eventually. Otherwise, I’m feeling okay and doing well.

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