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How to Quit Marijuana

June 30, 2018

Marijuana can be a miracle drug, the great healer, but it is not a solution to pain problems. I was getting secondary highs from being around a smoker. Marijuana pretty much crept into my life. I am not sure if I experienced my short-term memory is impaired or not. Medication already does that sometimes although I think I could handle school better now given that I’m calmer. My mood swings are taken care of by my medication, which is why I do not need to self-medicate although I know some people use marijuana to relax even if they do take medication.


Some of my readings say that marijuana ( affects the growth of brain cells but see, I was already in my twenties when I exposed myself to it more. Marijuana can be like cigarettes with the same effects. I have high blood pressure and it is treated only in the present. In the past, I tried to brush treatment under the rug since I was scared my family wouldn’t bother. Now that my health care is under my control, I managed to get myself treated. It isn’t just a medication side effect, I have had high blood pressure since my twenties, and this is perhaps an effect of marijuana exposure on my body?



Cold turkey is one method of quitting but there are withdrawals involved. Marijuana can be a way of self-medicating anxiety or mental illness symptoms in general. Medical aid can help marijuana smokers quit. Some can do a 12-step program. Drug rehab helps heavier smokers, who sometimes have comorbid stuff going on like alcohol use and marijuana rolled into one. Rehab offers medical help for all withdrawal symptoms. While marijuana works for pain, it doesn’t take away all of it. Counseling also offers a low-intensity setting, unlike rehab, as a way of quitting smoking marijuana. Exercise may help withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, depression, insomnia, restlessness, and headaches. Water and coffee can treat lethargy brought on by not smoking marijuana. Finding a healthy replacement activity can help you with quitting as can going on vacation, while reducing the amount you smoke in an exact manner. Sometimes withdrawing from marijuana also causes stomach pain although the munchies are what keep smokers fat. Withdrawal can affect your appetite. But quitting is what is the most beneficial to your health.

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