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The Use of Magick

July 2, 2018


Free will means that every person has choices. We get to make choices that govern our lives daily. Taking medication is as much a deliberate act as not taking a medication. Thoughtform insertion is merely a thing psychic manipulators like cult leaders use to control other people. No cult leader or abuser can fully control somebody else. The control is imagined but can seem very real to the victim. In abusive relationships, the same issue presents itself. Free will is something that each human has, so no curses, or psychic energy manipulation tactics can work. Psychic manipulators are emotional manipulators; they know how to tie your energy up into knots.


They manipulate you because of the way they act like they care about you. I had to dump one of those without full warning. My energy snapped. I had had enough. I was like; you don’t follow my advice, why the hell should I care? I mean some people are just that disconnected from reality when their man teaches them how to be meaning to people. I am shocked. I have no reason to hang out in the North Bay anymore. Thoughtforms may work in the short term but everybody has free will even if our government, in the past, has had black budget programs that try to figure out how to subvert this will using LSD, and this project was called MK Ultra. LSD is somewhat effective. But not really, not ever.


I’m telling you that nothing can take away your free will. It is why my curses do not work. I’ve quit cursing anybody because they are ineffective. I’m working healing spells, which may have helped my calluses somewhat. I have tough calluses that are not going away from my diabetes. Unstable people are on my avoid list. I can’t be around them because I’ll just be busy taking their pain away but see, they need to face their pain instead of having it taken away. Pain doesn’t necessarily vanish. It lingers. I’m working on bending my knee. Being in constant pain is detrimental to your mental health, which is why on occasion I take a Tylenol. I’m busy trying to make extra money.

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