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Working As A Telephone Psychic

July 2, 2018


I work for a psychic hotline, which I’m keeping to myself the name of but I guarantee you I work for them. I have managed to make some extra income give or take that I deal with paid minutes not promotional minutes. I’m learning as I go along that I’m able to tell people the truth, not what they need to hear. I do not often capitulate to telling people what they need to hear. That is bullshit. I do not stoop so low. Some people get upset while others manage to hear about it.


I’m trying my best to make extra income. There is a whole lot of nothing on websites I use. I have a long list of websites that hire people including stuff like blogs that hire freelancers. I’m applying at this one part-time gig I found. But anyway, yes, I work as a phone psychic and I can make extra income this way, with weekly payments. I give people love advice, as well as career advice. I got this job back because I decided that I needed an extra source of income. I try to give people pointers on where to head with their lives but I wonder why they ask me instead of a therapist.


Peer counseling is free, as a friend of mine reminded me recently. Peer counseling is what I can do right now even if I need a peer counselor for myself. I’m looking for volunteer opportunities given that I want to expand my resume a bit. It will look very different once I make it through at least one master’s degree program since I’m seriously contemplating an M.F.A., which will be easy. Today’s shopping trip involves going to Target as that cleared. I want to publish a piece for one website accepting personal essays.


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