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July 6, 2018

Okay, so here’s a word for the wise. I cannot be around untreated people. Hence why I’m going on vacation in November when they show up. As in, I make money: I go on vacation, because I submitted a personal essay to a company. Yes, I’m aware that to get the financial flow going, I have to let go of resentment completely. Untreated people have to stay away from me. I just realized how anxious I get around them only in the last two years I’ve been living by myself. This is why I’m going on a nice, big, fat, vacation to wherever when they show up.

The fact of the matter is that untreated people piss me off. They just do. I mean I’m livid around people with symptoms because they just act like it doesn’t exist or fake being normal, show a symptom, and then shut up if they are doing such outlandish things such as screaming at something they haven no business screaming about, and then the second you realize that somebody has something and the least they could do is take meds, they ditch you. That’s most frenemy as well as unbecoming.

I have to dump or have myself dumped by untreated people because well, they have symptoms. If I’m around them, I absorb it kind of like being able to absorb kryptonite. Their pain becomes my pain. I can’t get rid of it easily. I have way too much sympathy, but I find it impossible to harden my heart. Don’t expect me to talk to you if you are unstable, don’t take medication, don’t screw up your meds, and in general, are a huge fuck-up. Frenemies be gone from my Facebook page. You do not deserve to be there if you are giving me shit about using Western medicine. Nobody wants to be around a manic person with my level of skill, thank you very much because somebody might get hurt as a result of my power. That’s dangerous. If you are untreated, stay away from me.


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