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Why It’s Best To Cut Narcissists Out of Your Life: Pretend I’m Dead

July 19, 2018

I’m boycotting all family holidays until somebody’s mental health problems are treated, only because I’m going to take off and go to Mt. Shasta to do my first researcher trip. You want me to come back? You need to get somebody on meds. Otherwise, I’m a solitary creature who doesn’t want to put up with curmudgeon or drinking or anybody demanding I drink. I’m going to start just going to other places on my own. I’m done with hypocrites too. I’m busy kicking people out of my life who do not work for me.

I do not want to be a shell of a person because I’m around put-downs. I find family get-togethers aggravating because of this tendency to put me down for being a strong woman. I have resisted my drinking impulses since 2010 when I decided to quit drinking for good. I go to Pagan A.A. groups. People wouldn’t know therapy if it hit them over the head. Therapy is a legitimate science, not a stigma. Latinos are notorious for stigmatizing those who need mental health treatment. I mean, sometimes people don’t talk about politics because it alienates people. I’m freeing myself from this atmosphere too.

Right now, in the United States, there is immense tension because of President Trump. This tension permeates our existence daily, which is why we can’t really talk about this stuff with anybody. People avoid the topic. Medication helps control behavior like that. But since nobody bothers, I’m just going to skip family events. I remove myself from harsh people. If you don’t think you need therapy, you are not doing yourself a favor since therapy can teach you how to change your behavior. You wonder why I’m pissed? Nobody helps me financially. That sucks.

Pretend I’m dead if you want to, because I’m not going to any family events until somebody gets diagnosed and treated. This is my bottom-line as I’m avoiding stress this way. I haven’t touched alcohol in 8-9 years. I go to A.A. groups or pagan A.A. groups every time I feel I need to. You can’t plunge me back into drinking as much as you would like to. Not going to happen ridiculous people. I refuse to drink ever again. I draw the line at drinking. Respect my boundaries, something you people have trouble doing since you don’t bother with therapy, self-improvement or self-help. On top of that you are never wrong, and that has me hot and bothered. So there, not going, period.

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