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Why I Need To Kick My Ass Into Going to City Hall

July 26, 2018

I’m waiting until my knee improves some more but seriously, I want to go to City Hall to look into volunteer opportunities, as well as how to get the District 10 City Council Seat. Now that’s one way to generate income for myself, even without my law degree that I’m stalling on getting because I do not have enough money for school. In which case, off I go to City Hall to talk the current District 10 guy in telling me how I run for office. If I succeed at getting votes, I get in. But first I have to start doing more volunteer work for my district.

I would like to teach people how to read. So many people do not have literacy skills. I also want to start a community garden that is easier to get to than the one on Story and King. The whole entire field in front of Kaiser is my visualized location for this garden. I have to start one in my house first, but the thing is, that will take awhile. I have a vested interest in starting and experimenting with my hydroponic garden. I want to make contributions to science with regard to agricultural stuff I’m interested in. My grandpa in Chile was an agricultural scientist/expert who would travel to farmers and give them advice. I have many interests in science because I find this stuff stimulating. Oh for a science degree.


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