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What It’s Really Like to Be Psychokinetic

July 28, 2018

It’s a thing those of us who have these talents get to see on a regular basis. Living by myself in the last two years, I have learned to quit being afraid of myself, with either. Psychokinesis is the bending of metals, and the moving of objects with your mind. Also called, telekinesis but psychokinesis is one word as opposed to using two different words to describe it. Bending spoons, forks, and sometimes knives comes on in a rush of flight-or-flight, life and death. The Ex and myself benefited us using psychokinesis and the ability to see the future to manipulate a roulette wheel. But in a life or death situation, PK can arise from my imagining a problem as life or death. I get warm all over.

I mean I won like $241 because I used the PK to manipulate the gambling machine. Then later, at roulette, the Ex headed my advice because I was able to predict moves ahead of time. I want to try this again at Matrix sometime when I have enough disposable income to do this, as well as focus from getting on Lamictal since I felt I needed one more medication two months ago. Psychokinesis refers to being able to change an object on a physical level while telekinesis is only about moving objects at a distance.

Dice throwing can also be influenced by psychokinesis since I think I can do that too. Experiments by Joseph Banks Rhine in 1933 on people who were trying to influence the number 7 to come out in the die. The average score was 5.53 times per run, above the chance expectation, with a slight variation in what would be considered chance. I want to do a statistical data gambling project when I take stats eventually. It has been suggested that my limit on classes taken ought to be one per quarter. This is probably what I need to wind up doing, even if I take only classes.


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