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My Life Is Awesome

July 30, 2018

I’m enjoying living by myself, I really am. Avoiding my family over the holidays makes me feel so much better. I mean seriously, I take good care of myself. I’m on the verge of sleeping the whole night, which means I will not wake up at all. I love that. My whole life changes because of a full night’s sleep. Less paranoia to none, less anxiety, to none, which will give me immense stamina. You have to understand, I grew up exhausted from age 11-20. Pediatric schizoaffective works the same way as adult schizoaffective. It would have been nice to know about my schizophrenia as a child.

There is such thing as a child psychiatrist but I wasn’t sent to one. Sleep deprivation does harm on focus, ability to put together things coherently, and makes you at risk for colds and flus. I grew up constantly sick. Even today I was exposed to a flu but granted, the last time somebody had a cold, I washed my hands. I managed to not get sick from her cold. Stress makes your immune system dysfunctional. It really does affect your body. I’m feeling marginally less stressed in my adult life. Constant anxiety or mania wears you down.

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