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Relational Bullies

August 2, 2018

Relational bullies spread rumors, backstab, and reveal secrets that were meant to be secret, all while maintaining the appearance of friendship. Some relational bullies will forget to take their meds for three days, even as they lie to their mother about this intentionally, and being manic is no excuse. Lowering your medication dose without your doctor’s permission, that’s a way to make me worry. Relational bullies harm others by making sure their social standing is adversely affected by what they say. Even if this bullying occurred in the past, I do not like the way some treat their friends in the present.

Some bullying can be planned ahead of time in proactive mode, and some are reactive as a response to perceived threats, hostility or anger. Sometimes I assume people like this have a hostile intent even as in my own community we had somebody telling someone’s secrets all over the place to anybody who would listen. This was an act of direct hostility due to the person’s lack of participation in a ritual. She was angry about something. Beats me what but seriously, grow up already. I felt I was set up for this in another situation where somebody had tried to deliberately have me tell somebody had a mental health diagnosis. I felt set up after I revealed it and realized the whole look at my resume thing, had been a set up. Another bully just habitually reveals information to people but the perpetual victim does nothing to stop it. She just lets herself be mistreated. This is the main reason why I exited that friendship in the first place, not taking my advice, not standing up for herself, and in general, not being straight with people. I prefer people who have personalities and are straight with people.

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