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Beach Body: How It Works for Me

August 4, 2018

It curbs my appetite for one, and also helps me release sugar cravings, which I’m working on. I have trouble with sugar addiction. Sugar addiction is real. Sugar addiction means that a person who overdoes sugar will also have an alcohol problem, as alcohol is a form of sugar, but fermented. Beach Body has helped me lose 4 pounds at least, given that is a rough estimate. Beach Body is amazing because I have a small dose, at 0.3, instead of having the entire package. I’m small, at 4’10, you see, so this means that I have to cut down on something with a mild dose of caffeine in it.

I also have Shakeology in the morning. It does work. It works great. In fact, I feel better having it around. I have less stress now as I have a means to lose weight without necessarily walking a lot. The thing is, I have to cut back on calories. As in, no sugary anything since I quit the Chewy Chocolate granola bars in the last two weeks or so without having them around. Anyway, the Beach Body boxes to put food so you can measure your portions inside, really do work. The thing is, one fact you learn as a diabetic is measure your food, eat exactly one cup of whatever. That is your legal limit of food intake. Meat must be the size of your fist as you measure portions of chicken, steak, pork, and fish. This is also a part of healthy eating.


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