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What is “skyclad?”

August 15, 2018

In the great tradition of an old friend who has passed, whose house we used for many a ritual while she was alive, nudity was more than allowed. Nakedness is not seen as a shameful thing amongst pagans. I’m only into naked rituals at home though. I do not join “skyclad” groups. “Skyclad” really does mean “naked.” In that sense, I know groups to avoid when they talk about this term. Pagans enjoy just letting it all hang out since we don’t view the body as sinful. Nakedness is a time-honored tradition. In modern life, we are busy shaming our bodies all the time because of pop culture, and advertising.

Back in the old days, with regard to this old friend, at 3:00 p.m. she would say “it is five o’clock,” which means its okay to get naked. If I ever do manage to buy a mansion near UCLA, I would have pool parties and say this exact line when there is permission given. Of course we’d have rules like no groping towards any gender, no peeing in the pool etc. I’d move close to UCLA. I’d like to be roommates with other disabled billionaires. But with what money? None? I’d really like to earn what I’m worth soon.

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