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Western Marriage Traditions

August 17, 2018

Wedding rings have got to be one of the most ridiculous marriage traditions I have ever heard of. Oh, the ring means something? Really? A band of gold with a diamond on top happens to mean something? Rings are pointless because the ring is only a symbol. Real relationships take work. They take a lot of work. They take both parties being interested in each other long enough to make relationships work out. I’ve noticed that when somebody doesn’t want to hear what I tell them about their situation, it is because they are willing to settle.

Settling with any random guy is not something that makes for a long, happy marriage that works. It is not about any tree in the forest; you have to have requirements. My requirements are that my guy will be a relentless do-gooder like me and academically driven to excel in law school. I need to find somebody who also wants a psychology M.S. as well as an M.D./Ph.D. if nothing else. I have stated my requirements to the universe, and now I have to focus on making enough money to enroll in the junior college of my choice before I get married.

Brides wear white as a means of symbolizing purity. Then they make bridesmaids wear lesser dresses, and make sure that nobody else wears white. Vows are totally meaningless as they can be broken. Some marriages do not work out. I know I’m looking for somebody who wants advanced degrees. Somebody who writes and does something with the day they get to have stuff get done. In short, I need somebody who respects my academic goals. I need somebody with a healthful attitude towards food and a great social life.

Western marriage traditions strike me as silly. Everybody holds out for the all-important wedding day, which many women have been brainwashed to believe that it is the happiest day of your life. Weddings are just a party, a long, drawn out, and annoying party with every friend you have with each other there. Family? Well, at mine, we may not have many of those around. I’m done believing I may never get married because of my disabilities including diabetes. Wow, my family is just plain ridiculous at that point. Marrying any tree in the forest doesn’t necessarily work out. It means that you are stuck with that tree.

You are, in effect, barking up the wrong tree with that in mind. Who wants to marry in a hurry? It is not to be taken lightly. It is not reasonable to marry somebody with alcohol addiction or drugs in the mix. Drugs instead of medication can make a person unstable easily. There is a lot of drama in relationships laced with that. Some people don’t know when to drop a toxic person. They do not necessarily think, oh my, I have to dump this person. No, if they are in the thick of passion with this individual, they cannot see straight. Now, this never happens to me. I’m a level-headed person, at all times, even in high school when I was not on medication.

I’m not in a hurry to get married. I’m more in a hurry to get my advanced degrees. I think I’d rather do that first than get married. There are things I need to do to help others. I want to become a pro-bono mental health lawyer for one, although I think I want to be D.A. someday, wherever I wind up living, such as Los Angeles. Marriage can and often does wait. Don’t go for any tree in the forest. Write down your requirements, and peacefully wait.

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