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Marriage Doesn’t Mix with Advanced Degrees?

August 18, 2018

So I’ve heard it time and again that marriage doesn’t mix with advanced degrees, as in, if you get more than a Bachelor’s, it will just cement your difficulty with getting married some more. Excuse me if I want to find a guy that is more of a do-gooder than the other one. I’d rather get an advanced degree than get married at this point, if I can avoid bad dates though, and stick with good ones, that is. I’m not saying who put this idea in my head, but I’m saying that somebody did, a long time ago, which is why I decided to end a relationship with the person whose family says this.

I’m busy trying to stay afloat with low-income. I mean, seriously, I’m doing great, but still; I need more income than I let on. I leave affiliate links in my blog writing with the hope somebody will click on it. Nothing. Marriage is no cure for my income problems, as I want to make my own money. I’m not the sort of person who marries for the money to get out of my tight spot. No, I prefer to fight for the money I want to make.

I feel like I can break away from the family income eventually because I can. I know I can. But that can’t happen just yet. Why on earth does an advanced degree get in the way of marriage? If the right guy truly exists, he won’t care about my advanced degrees, not even when he’s not a Ph.D. himself. The right guy won’t care that I worked hard for those degrees, and he’d be a person who likes helping people on top of that. My future guy is pagan, and he’s at UCLA? I will meet him when I go to school there? Whatever, all I know is I’m willing to wait around, and I have options in the meantime but seriously, I’m not looking to commit to any one person right now. Like hell my advanced degrees will intimidate men. I naturally intimidate men. Don’t be too smart, whatever. I’m so done with people who think like this.

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