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The Art Bug

August 19, 2018

I have a bunch of old artwork pieces in the house. These pieces are leftover from high school art class since my last art class ever was junior year. I’m now interested in taking actual art classes to see if I can hone my skills. Art is pretty fascinating because I have decided to paint pagan symbols in the form of protection glyphs on canvass so that people can buy my art for the home. I can paint runes and other symbols. I’m not so good at people but I can work on this.

I have colored pencils but I need to buy other mediums such as oil paints, watercolor paints, and pastels. I need to take an art class at De Anza if the money presents itself. I’m also into puff paints. Puff paints are very versatile. They can be used on a variety of supplies such as canvass or paper. I can also sell my paintings on Etsy given I can pay the fee for this. T-shirts are one item I can sell on Etsy, paintings another. Making extra income needs to be done. I cannot continue to be low-income.

The art bug demands I draw, paint and possibly sculpt. I need to flex my creativity some more, or at least I would like to. The art bug is not only good for drawing, but it is good for movie making, script writing, and writing itself. Creativity is necessary for my existence. Art supplies must be forthcoming. I want to paint pictures of emotion, abstract art, other planets, and landscapes. If I can have visions of worlds not our own, then I can draw it. Or future visions of this planet and how it would look like. Art is very calming for me, even adult coloring books.

Art is something that some people choose to do. It means that my talents are escaping from me. I can paint starry skies if I want to. Plants are another subject I can tackle; art is not necessarily about people. I can paint animals. Or train stations and subway stations. I can paint scenes from earth’s past, as anthropology art, or scenes from space pictures, science fiction art. I can paint bridges also. Another option is to paint t-shirt phrases with black ink, stencils, and a white canvass background. Another subject is to paint ancient artifacts or things that haven’t been discovered yet using my seer skills.

Vases with flowers can also be an easy subject to paint. I can have exhibitions all over California. Another painting subject could be environmental problems and their solutions as I write articles on this so why not paint it. Other ideas include illness in art, mental illness, and physical illness. These can be painted as abstract pieces, for example, or actual imagery. The sea with its pollution can be painted as though it didn’t have any pollution. Mermaids and fairies or demons could also be painted along with ascended masters. I’m able to paint many things; it doesn’t always have to be people.

Painting kind of runs in my family as we have an interest in art passed down from my grandma to my uncle, to me. Both used to paint awesome pieces. My aunt was an actual artist with work to her credit. At some point, my family had a lot of her paintings to sell. Yes, I’m pretty much using my talents to make money soon, if I can afford to buy art supplies. Art is interesting to me, making it, not looking at it. I appreciate my talents in art because I want to use it.

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