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The Spiritual Syndromes

September 3, 2018

“But helping others to the point of having no life or energy of your own isn’t good or noble.” (44). I have a major paper doll thing going. I can’t find a job except for scams, I can’t seem to publish my work by hearing back from companies that have websites to publish my work on, and I feel perpetually stuck. I left my phone at school, which I need to pick up on Tuesday. Three-day weekends make me feel bored. I prefer the 5-day workweek to weekends as I have trouble relaxing. I’m addicted to my own stress.

I get really stressed out when I forget my stuff too. The Paper Doll Syndrome is an “I’m stuck in a rut” sort of situation. My patterns don’t go away no matter what I do. I feel I’m mistreated a lot. Like when I went to a store and had a clerk who was mumbling, “retard” under her breath. I’m busy trying to sleep at night but I’m plagued with guilt over how healthy I am in the now. The clerk went so far as to say “that’s really special,” but see, I walked away. I sabotage myself but I don’t inflict negative or harmful treatment on myself.

Well, save the voices that call me names and taunt me. Just because I have a genetic disability called 22q doesn’t make me retarded. Some people need to get that through their heads. Not every disability causes that to begin with. I feel my life patterns are going around way too much. Next comes the vampire victim scenario. Being a vampire victim (from my mother to me) means that I feel drained a lot, my energy bleeds out to others. I have difficulty motivating myself since my family is the vampiric system draining me.

I often feel rage and frustration at the unconscious vamping. I feel like a zombie at times. When mom texts me or sends me a “What’s App” at me, I feel like I get the chills, I get cold, and I lose body heat. Living in my condo, I feel like there is an invisible force that steals energy from me. Sometimes I feel obligated to let mom feed off of me. Yes, I fear her getting unstable if I don’t feed her my energy. The Mule Syndrome is next. Why the hell should I do emotional labor for ex-friends?

I’m done doing other people’s emotional labor, be it mental, spiritual, or physical. I’m done doing my mother’s work for her. I’m done doing work for ex-friends who have a snowball’s chance in hell of being my friend. I’m going to make other people feel their feelings. Why the hell do I care? Deal with it on your own. As a mule, I work hard. I’m always plagued by the thought that “more needs to be done.” I have to wonder why I do the energetic work for others. I have trouble detaching from their pain versus my pain.

Even if I sleep, I feel mental and physical exhaustion, and sometimes I do get depressed that my life is not going anywhere. I can’t start to work with a mule complex. My to-do list can’t be longer than everybody else’s. I have to get over the Mule concept. The solution to this stuff, as presented by Cyndi Dale, is to set up a stream of grace, accepting the gift, and overcoming the need to do everything for everybody. At least I’m no longer a psychic-sensitive who knows too much. Environ also hardly affects me anymore since I learned how to shield against EMFs. I also deal with being a healer who doesn’t know when to quit healing. I get other people’s illness. I feel like I’m there for others but they are never “there” for me. I also deal with the no-boundary thing too, of which the cure is to know your feelings. I have to work on my self-esteem problems this year and work on my lack of boundaries.

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Dale, Cyndi, Energetic Boundaries, How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life. Sounds True, Inc. 2011. Boulder, CO.

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