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Why I Practice Witchcraft

January 9, 2019

I take personal responsibility for bringing justice onto yourself very seriously. It is why I want to start a personal responsibility course on Udemy. I want to teach people how to be responsible. In high school, I quote myself as saying that I want to be responsible for my mental health. I wanted to take personal responsibility for it but I wasn’t allowed to take medication for this stuff. I have to make income for myself right now though even if that will render me having to pay up the ass for medical care.

Witchcraft for me, is about serving the greater good although in real life, personal gain is okay. It is something pagans simply do, is use magick for personal gain because using magick to affect public policy doesn’t always work. On the other hand talking to politicians about public policy is something that can bring about social change. I have real trauma issues to work through as well, that I need more of a therapist for than I have. I am not starting therapy until February 12th at San Jose State. I practice witchcraft without using candles. Candles could burn the house down. This is a running joke in the pagan community.

I practice witchcraft with taking my medication daily since it is the only way to control my power, period. Nothing else works. My power could burn a hole inside of me as I’m awaiting a gastritis test results and that could eventually cause me an ulcer, which is literally a hole inside my body. What is going on with the government shutdown is not helping my stress levels at all, much less what is going on with health care. Having to stay low-income to qualify for free medical care scares me. My use of energy to heal myself helps a lot though.

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