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A Word to Men or others, Reading This Blog and Why I Hate Valentine’s Day Even When I was With Somebody

February 24, 2019

I’m not interested in anybody right now, sure, dating for fun, that’s cool. But see, I need to get myself sterilized, which is something that should have been done when I was in my irresponsible 20s but that got deferred because of college. Now I’m waiting on a healed left knee and perfect type 1 diabetes to get myself sterilized as I need to eventually go there if I’m ever allowed to have fun. So yes, I’m not exactly on the market right now as I have shit to sort through.

Massive trauma to sort through in fact, that I will eventually need a solid therapist MFT to help me sort through this. Valentine’s Day is something I hate with a searing passion, hated still even when I was with someone. I am livid about this holiday. I stayed home this year, I wasn’t going to be out on the prowl, since I’m just fed up with relationships right now in general. It is nice to stay friends with options, since some have dings like working for a mental health organization that is rude to people. Some have positives like sustaining a full time job and being medication consistent. I’m not into being too specific here. I have to hustle my options. I have to date a bit since I’m only 37, in my last few months of being 37, and last few weeks of not being able to sleep all night. See, that is more of a priority along with taking care of stuff that is going on. I’m not quite healthy enough to be with anybody right now anyway.

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