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To the woman who slurred me at Palo Alto Medical Foundation Mountain View.

March 6, 2019

Yes you called me crazy with your finger to your head. Your companion complained to you but you said “Well she is!” Loud enough for me to confirm that you dug your own grave with that. I’m Old Testament. Do not fuck with Old Testament people. You are mean to everybody around you who tries to be your friend. You must be a sad, desperate person who likes inflicting suffering on innocents. I had a big radiology appointment today and I was tired but I still managed to be civil to you. How shady you are for not being able to contain your jealousy of me. Wow. You must be miserable to have to inflict suffering on somebody who is already fighting a new health problem, and way less terrified of dealing with the big three on my own. Wow. Yes, you keep digging your own grave. I’m good at making you do that for yourself.

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