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My Medical Directive

March 30, 2019

Here is my Medical Directive, I’m posting it here just in case. My Medical Directive is all about keeping me alive by whatever means possible until all options have been exhausted. I have to have enough time to get my spirit back into my body. If this hasn’t happened yet, it may eventually. If I need extra help from healers who I trust, fine, get a hold of them. Nobody has my power of attorney yet. This is why I’m posting my wishes on here. Reiki healers, witchdoctors and shamans need to be called in if I’m really not doing too well. See, I have few emergencies to none. I know to take my medication, and I know how to manage my diabetes. I know to watch how much insulin I take. If anything, I practically revived myself in Chile, in 2006. That low could have killed me but nobody pressuring me was thinking about that. They wanted to look like the heroes. The gods had a hand in reviving me too. They gave me a jolt. It was a spiritual EKG. I have to buy myself some cheap-ass glucagon on eBay and glucose gel. Glucose tablets will be bought on the 3rd as it is almost the first. My insurance is not paying for my glucagon until May. So I’m going to buy it. The end.

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