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Running for Office

April 20, 2019

Out here in San Jose, I decided I couldn’t run for anything that counts as an office except to volunteer as Parliamentarian for a stint. What really needs to be done is me running for office in Los Angeles when I do wind up moving there to study law and become a television producer if I can get both situations done. The thing is, I’ve decided against a Public health master’s degree. I want to study for a pure law degree only. Then I will get an MBA, and then I will get my M.S. I mean my academic plans are all Southern-California related. I have decided to do Southern Ca because of the warmer weather.

You see, San Francisco made me cold all the time, and I’d be taking warm showers to warm my body up. I’d have to come home for weekends to be in sunlight. Sure, the weather made me calmer. But I had only been treated for my hypothyroidism two years out back then. I was a part-time drinker too because I was sinking knee-deep into alcoholism at the time when I entered State as a junior. I went to San Francisco State, to be more specific.

I want to run for office to serve as mayor of Los Angeles, and then at the State of California Congress as soon as I get my Ph.D. There are many opportunities for writers in Los Angeles. So far as I can tell I need to get an A.A. in film and television along with finishing IGETC requirements. I already know what kinds of classes I need and I definitely have to go see an academic counselor. I mean I also want an MFA, dang it but my college transcript says I do not have graduate student standing yet so I have to go back to junior college in order to earn enough credits for this. I also have to get my Foothill College transcript but the danger exists in overloading myself. I’d plan it out like one online class, and one in person class? My limit could be two classes? I guess I’m just driven by a need to look impressive that I need to let go of. I can only do stuff within my limit because of stress. My time at has taught me that it takes time to get quality work done.

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