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Don’t Believe, I Know You Want to Believe

May 23, 2019

There are many lies told about my IQ, so let me set the record straight. I was never born with a low IQ or “slow,” this is something that has been made up about me. I was not developmentally disabled growing up, for all my St. Joseph friends to read about. That was all a made-up delusion that some teachers were forced to believe. Psychic manipulation is a real talent, which does exist. An empath is a type of psychic who is capable of this. These days, calling yourself an empath is socially acceptable and saying you are psychic really depends on the type of ESP you have.

So yes, please debase yourself of all lies you have heard about me. I’m normal because of my medication, I got treatment for myself. I’m free of the yoke of mental illness. Don’t be afraid of me. Some people are afraid to visit me. Well, that should change, because you are actually fearful of the truth, and ashamed of believing the lie. Quit being ashamed, quit being paranoid, visit me. It gets lonely but I have no shortage of writing to get done even with my oncoming tendonitis in my elbows and arthritis symptoms at my tender age of 38, although I have no looks that age looks.

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