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How Being A Bumbling Idiot Doesn’t Work For Me

May 26, 2019

Yes, it works for Clark Kent, but I’ve tried making excuses as to how I know something. “Lucky Guess” only works for so long. I have a neat trick of sizing up how much weight people have lost. I can make people squirm this way. Sometimes, many find weight loss too difficult to achieve. They then indefinitely put it off. Procrastination is also my problem, but that is because I feel useless and that my business plans have no value. Then again that is the Ex talking. So I have to put this on ignore because selling my business plans can make me a lot of money.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is good at coming up with excuses as to why something happened that people wind up buying, even the Witch Hunter who had the witch hunter gene. I just can’t make excuses, perpetuating the geek act, I feel like a jock and a geek at the same time. I just get exhausted having to lie about stuff. Oh that fork is not bent, I have witnessed insulin needles bend. I have also witnessed infusion set needles bending. I have injected myself with bent infusion needles with the needle still working.

A mix of high blood sugar, more specifically while ranting about my untreated family, and life or death fear triggers my PK. Yes, ranting on a high blood sugar is a huge trigger. Seeing bent metal just scares me more because I think, why can I do this? What is the point of having this talent? I suppose Uri Gellar is like me but I’m not a stage magician trying to fool people.

It scares me and I can’t calm down sometimes. This borders on mania. I have to sleep the whole night or walk up in a calm state to change my infusion set. I really need to get myself into Bridges To Recovery Mental Health Rehabilitation, in the heart of Los Angeles. Yes it is one way to face all my fears, crowds, and rooms full of people. School was hard for me in San Francisco because I had shielding problems. I still have shielding problems. But my medication helps me shield which is why idiots who think I don’t need it can shut up. I know whom I can trust. Then again, I have had my trust violated. So I am wary of anybody who wants to be my friend right now. I’m way too jaded and hurt.

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