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Work 2 Future

June 3, 2019

I take classes at an organization out here in San Jose called Work 2 Future. The organization is all about training people for jobs or small business ownership. I wanted to enroll in a two week class for how to start a business but I might not have the stamina. I have a hernia. This is why I need an endoscopy at the end of this month. I mean it isn’t at high risk for anything bad. Or so my doctor says but my brain would tell you a different story given the premonitions I get. So we can all place bets. I can feel my hernia in my upper intestine.

Fun that, because I only feel it when sitting still or lying down, and class will be a welcome distraction from this bullshit. I’m working towards establishing multiple sources of income. I have an unexpected windfall going on right now. I did the May books/budget. I now have extra spending money. But I have to be careful and set limits with myself give or take. I also have to spend a certain amount. I’m debating what to do with the money, like pay my entire Sprint bill. I have to sit on it; I have to be careful with it. I can’t just spend it in one shot.

Oh and btw, class on 6/4/19 was cancelled. We didn’t have enough people enrolled in Powerpoint Advanced. So yeah, I get the week to myself. I need the rest time anyway.

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