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Psychic Protection For My Living Situation

June 6, 2019

I need to get psychic protection tools online such as black tourmaline for the house, as black tourmaline because it absorbs the energy of other people. Blue kayanite requires no clearing the gemstone though. I also need some of that, but I’m not sure how much money I’m willing to spend. I also need a lovely Sekhmet statue to put in the house. The liquor cabinet would make a fabulous altar. This is because I have to spend a certain amount of my windfall, so I stay low-income. I have never known what its like to have money, this is the most money I have seen in my life aside from when I was working at Heller-Ehrman with Venturi Staffing Partners as this temp agency was then called.

I would like to enhance my psychic protection grids as the one in my bedroom is a tad compromised. I use citrine and black tourmaline to make sure my bedroom shields are working. I have a tiny Atlantean Crystal that works overtime because of Zod. (code word for my family). My living room needs more of a grid than it has, and I have worked on making sure that my condo is protected psychically. I have to make sure it works. My house protection is my responsibility. I have a lot books on this stuff. I’ve even designed my own grids, it’s enough so that I could write a book on this. I could make a great living writing pagan books or eBooks on many a psychic topic. I’m working on a pamphlet for my community, which talks about why I need my mediation. I’m pretty much a rapid cycling bipolar who needs medication. I’m trying to stay stable, here, and it is difficult, but well worth the effort. My house needs to protect me in more ways than one.

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