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Kicking the Narcissist to the Curb

July 20, 2019

Telling a narcissist the truth is bizarre. I just did this, right now, this morning. In Spain it is dinner time, but hey, confronting the bizarre bullshit that goes around about me. Hey, 22q doesn’t make me retarded. It gives me health problems, a fucked up immune system, and tiny feet. I was jokingly via text message, telling Zod about how some people believe I’m a retard who will never amount to anything. Lol. I confronted her via text. I also said that a certain person with no respect for me as a witch is allowed to come over. I don’t have the energy to bend down.

I have a little self help book to send Zod all about narcissism, histrionic personality and borderline. Its designed for people with serious personality issues. I mean I’m admitting that I’ve gotten to the point where I say “learn to be wrong,” or I’m done. They already do not take medication. So what more damage could be done to me than has already been done? I mean seriously, making shit up about my IQ? How high do you think my true IQ is dear reader? There are a lot of things I keep to myself.

So if I ever get a real IQ test, and the truth comes out, their house of cards will crumble. People will be like, WTF? Seriously? She has a high IQ the whole time and nobody told her? I need to file for VIPQ Enterprises to become a fictitious name. I also need an EIN number. Telling a narcissist off is fun. I made Zod squirm. Yes, she squirmed. That is an obnoxious talent of mine, making folks squirm. I’ve gotten terribly good at that.

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